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React native in the wild @ Codemotion 2016 in Rome

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Examples used in the talk: https://github.com/odino/react-native-codemotion

Ever since it launched, RN has gained lots of interest since it opens a new door to web developers: mobile development, with the added of bonus of being able to re-use a substantial chunk of code for both ios and android.

Follow me on this step by step tutorial on how to build a simple mobile app with the latest version of React Native, understanding the concepts behind it, the differences between React and its native version and seeing how you can debug a native app directly in your browser.

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React native in the wild @ Codemotion 2016 in Rome

  1. 1. React Native In the wild Alex Nadalin - Namshi.com
  2. 2. 2013
  3. 3. component-based
  4. 4. unidirectional data-flow
  5. 5. some more BS
  6. 6. 2015
  7. 7. “Most of the core React Native team are actually native iOS and Android developers, so it's definitely not that we prefer JavaScript over native code.“
  8. 8. “Building and maintaining wholly separate apps for each platform is hugely inefficient [...]. And the actual native development process of write/compile/deploy/debug is also slow compared the web approach.“
  9. 9. JS runtimehttp://trac.webkit.org/wiki/JavaScriptCore
  10. 10. No HTML
  11. 11. Really nativehttp://tadeuzagallo.com/blog/react-native-bridge/
  12. 12. “We're not promising to give you One Weird Trick that allows you to change nothing about your development philosophy/practices and yet automatically create excellent mobile experiences.“
  13. 13. Trash everything
  14. 14. Trash everything but JavaScript
  15. 15. Timeto Ridicule Myself
  16. 16. NERDADVICE Animations might be tricky, be cautious https://goo.gl/xnfSFq https://goo.gl/qeTX4E
  17. 17. NERDADVICE Be aware of prons and cons of using Redux http://redux.js.org/
  18. 18. NERDADVICE The Chrome debugger is not 100% reliable https://goo.gl/iaBV0N
  19. 19. NERDADVICE Almost everything is documented, but docs lack of depth https://goo.gl/mtVUyC
  20. 20. NERDADVICE du -hs . /node_modules 225M
  21. 21. NERDADVICE Error reporting is still not there yet http://goo.gl/ds97rY
  22. 22. NERDADVICE Error reporting is still not there yet http://goo.gl/ds97rY
  23. 23. NERDADVICE Loads of things still in the works https://goo.gl/tcKvN6 https://goo.gl/HjQro8
  24. 24. “We already have React Native inside the Facebook app (on iOS and Android), and using it for some features. But it's still in the experimental phase for now, we hope to ship some bigger.“
  25. 25. Alessandro Nadalin
  26. 26. Alessandro Nadalin @_odino_
  27. 27. Alessandro Nadalin @_odino_ Namshi
  28. 28. Alessandro Nadalin @_odino_ Namshi VP Technology
  29. 29. Alessandro Nadalin @_odino_ Namshi VP Technology odino.org
  30. 30. Thanks! Alessandro Nadalin @_odino_ Namshi VP Technology odino.org
  31. 31. we are hiring! tech.namshi.com/join-us github.com/namshi twitter.com/TechNamshi tech.namshi.com