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Gamifying Motivation

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Invited Talk for the Colloquium Voice of Customer 2018 by Nokia and the University of Aveiro, 29 Novembro 2018.

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Gamifying Motivation

  1. 1. @nzagalo Gamifying Motivation Nelson Zagalo, University of Aveiro Aveiro, 29 November 2018 Colloquium Voice of Customer 2018
  2. 2. @nzagalo Do Something Do Something Do Something Do Something Do Something Do Something Do Something Do Something Do Something Do Something Do Something Do Something Do SomethingDo Something Do SomethingDo Something What means playing a game?
  3. 3. @nzagalo Gamification is not game development for specific contexts. Gamification is not the gameshing an activity. Gamification is the design of an activity in order to persuade people to do.
  4. 4. @nzagalo According to BJ Fogg, to model user’s behavior in order to take them “to do” we need 3 things: https://www.behaviormodel.org/ Motivation & Ability Prompts (triggers)
  5. 5. @nzagalo Motivation & Ability
  6. 6. @nzagalo Motivation Self-Determination Theory, by Deci and Ryan
  7. 7. @nzagalo The most important element to motivate and take people to do is the Autonomy
  8. 8. @nzagalo Competences: ZPD
  9. 9. @nzagalo Triggers? Relatedness Progress Scaffolding Feedback (points, badges, leaderboards) Cliffhangers Scarcity Reciprocity Conformity Grounded in the work of Roberto Cialdini, Adam Alter, Jonah Berger, and others
  10. 10. @nzagalo Relatedness I like them, I’ll do it to please them.
  11. 11. @nzagalo Progress Small Wins — Breakthroughs — Forward Movement — Goal completion I keep advancing, I’m doing it right. “Progress Principle” by Teresa Amabile
  12. 12. @nzagalo Scaffolding I don’t know, but they are showing me how.
  13. 13. @nzagalo Feedback Monitoring I’m winning, I’m loving it…
  14. 14. @nzagalo Feedback with Progress and Relatedness The Leaderboards I’m almost on the Top 5 of the best of...
  15. 15. @nzagalo Cliffhangers Will this guy fall? I want, I need, to know what happened.
  16. 16. @nzagalo Scarcity I want, I need, to get it.
  17. 17. @nzagalo Reciprocity Free-to-play games I can play free, I’ll pay back.
  18. 18. @nzagalo Conformity Don’t understand why, but if they say so…
  19. 19. @nzagalo Case: Fortnite Relatedness Progress Scaffolding Feedback Cliffhangers Scarcity Reciprocity Conformity Look just at the HUD information being given.
  20. 20. @nzagalo Gamifying Motivation Nelson Zagalo, University of Aveiro http://nelsonzagalo.googlepages.com