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Ted talks ppt

  1. 1. TED TALKS : The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. These slides are just samples. You can download full version of these PPT files at : www.HR-management-slides.com
  4. 4. TED TALKS is a book guide on how to deliver a remarkable presentation.
  5. 5. 5 This book is written by Chris Anderson – the legendary figure behind TED Talk. TED Talk is a media organization that posts talks online for free distribution under the slogan "ideas worth spreading".
  6. 6. 6 The book outlined various tips to deliver the stunning session of presentation, consisting of the 3 element main, which are: interesting content, cool design presentation, and memorable presentation delivery method.
  7. 7. Great Content + Great Design + Great Delivery = AMAZING PRESENTATION
  8. 8. Remarkable Content 8 Cool Presentation Design Superb Delivery Skills
  9. 9. Great CONTENT. A brilliant presentation always starts with “wow” content.
  10. 10. 10 The key to creating good content is actually simple: your insight into the theme of the presentation is broad and deep.
  11. 11. You really master the topic you want to present; and able to provide an interesting insight to the audience
  12. 12. Presentation content style options: • Problems and Solutions : the presentation begins with an explanation of the problem; then describe the solution • Explanation : a presentation explains a topic in a coherent and systematic way, covering the key points of the topic presented
  13. 13. Presentation content style options: • Story telling: the presentation is delivered through an evocative story (story); and then convey the lesson (moral story) of the story. • Fact-finding : the presentation is delivered by explaining facts, research findings and insightful data about a topic being discussed
  14. 14. Presentation content style options: • Persuasive Style: a presentation outlining the reasons why an idea/product is better; and its advantages and benefits. • Tips and Tricks : the presentation conveys a number of applicable tips and tricks, along with examples of their application
  15. 15. Choose the style of presentation content that best suits the purpose of your presentation 15
  16. 16. Great DESIGN. Content may be good. But it is not enough, if it's not crafted with great VISUAL DESIGN
  17. 17. BAD Slides = Sentences in slides that are too long (and too small). There are no charming illustrations and graphics.
  18. 18. 18 Slides should be designed with good visual sensitivity. Every sentence and image in the slides must be designed artistically.
  19. 19. If needed, display attractive images prominently 19
  20. 20. When explaining about a restaurant business, for example, present relevant images
  21. 21. When conveying the advantages of a product, display an attractive image
  22. 22. Picture can also be in the form of infographic and illustration
  23. 23. The key : don't make slides that are boring. Always include eye-catching images to explain the content of your presentation.
  24. 24. 24 Great DELIVERY. Presentation is great because of remarkable delivery method.
  25. 25. Great Delivery Formula: • The intonation of the voice must reflects confidence and clarity. • Displays intonation variations to emphasize important points. So it's not flat during all sessins of your presentation.
  26. 26. Great Delivery Formula: • Optimal speaking speed when delivering presentation material – not too fast, and not too slow • Eyes that are proportional to the audience (eyes don't stare at just one point monotonously).
  27. 27. Great Delivery Formula: • Interactive body moves (but also not too many motions, that can reduce the viewers focus)
  28. 28. 28 To make delivery interesting, include lots of interesting and relevant stories to the topic being discussed. Stories are proven to stick in the brain longer, than just a mere description of the concept.
  29. 29. Ddon't forget to include storytelling in each of your presentations.
  30. 30. Great Content + Great Design + Great Delivery = AMAZING PRESENTATION.
  31. 31. 3 Fatal Mistakes in Making Presentation Slides
  32. 32. "...using PowerPoint is like putting an AK-47 on a table: we can do really bad things with this tool." Peter Norvig, Google Research Director.
  33. 33. Ugly Presentation MAKE Viewers Sleepy
  34. 34. Error #1 : Move word to powerpoint.
  35. 35. Bad sample of presentation slides
  36. 36. The solution: just write key points of your presentation.
  37. 37. Write only the main points that you want to convey. Avoid displaying too long sentences (and boring) on a slide.
  39. 39. Because long sentences that all use CAPITAL LETTERS prove to be difficult to read.
  40. 40. In digital mediums such as computer screens, typefaces such as Arial and Calibri are easier to read than Times New Roman.
  41. 41. Error #3 : Display image that is ugly and arranged haphazardly.
  42. 42. Examples of Bad Presentation Slides
  43. 43. A More Interesting Presentation Design
  44. 44. A More Interesting Presentation Design
  45. 45. A More Interesting Presentation Design
  46. 46. To make the slides more artistic, we need put the image (image) that is relevant and artistic.
  47. 47. Good pictures can support the content of the presentation
  48. 48. As a recap, the three fatal mistakes that we should avoid when we want to make presentation slides : 1. Move word text to slides 2. ALL TEXT USE CAPITAL LETTERS 3. Don't have a good image design
  49. 49. 49 FINISH