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Poster anaylsis 2

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black swan

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Poster anaylsis 2

  1. 1. Technical codes The image is a medium close up shot, as an audience we can view the her clear skin but pale . Although the image covers the whole background the most important bits are at the top and the writing is primarily at the bottom. The fact that the image is stick quite intact apart from the image have a crack, the producer may be emphasising on the actor, so audience would want to view the trailer, or movie because they are familiar with the actor The editing is sharp, and her faces has been retouch to look ghost like. The are numerous about of indication to show that the main character become corrupt e.g. the crack on the imagine indicates danger or change, also the props and costumes, the flower earring she wear show innocents, showing possible manipulation in the film, her eyes and lip are the most Anchorage vibrant colour in the scene, but thehand side is a review a statue. This The anchorage is on the right image almost looks like of the indicates possible features of the film film which says, “ an extraordinary intoxicating masterpiece” by empire, a big media company. Intertextual references other media in the text is made referenced in the image e.g., www.blackswanthemove.co.uk indicating other media platforms offering more information about the film. This intertextual references may then reveal the trailer and other exclusive clipsPurpose/message and images which promotes the movie trailer/filmThe purpose of this poster, is that is Denotation/connotationdoes represent the trailer black swan, The colour scheme used includes white, red and black. White denotesits dark yet light and intriguing, purity, cleanliness and innocence; this is juxtaposition against the blackbecause the poster isnt so intense it which denotes mystery. The white also denotes the youth of thegives of the sense off a psychological character. The deep red used in her eyes and lips has connotations withthriller. The crack empasies the a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love topsychological area in the poster violence and evil. It is suggested that her passion for her role in the ballet turns her evil, hence the red in her eyes
  2. 2. Audience The target audience for this film is varied. Whereas dancers would take an interest in the film the psychological thriller side of the movie attracts older teenagers and people up to their sixties Representation The mise en scene of this poster includes the fur on the shoulder of the girl. She is blinded by her passion and evil in order to get to the „top‟- illustrated by the tiara on her head. Tiaras have connotations with femininity, innocence however this one is notably spikier and darker than a conventional tiara and it denotes a darker and perhaps evil princess figureThe effectiveness indicating a mixture of the filmThe poster is effectively in the sense that its simplistic withpowerful colours and conation that would help the audience toremember what the main theme of the film is about, the blackand white with spurges of colour represent the normaleveryday life and the spurges of colour represent the push toget to the top, the differences
  3. 3. Main photo shotimage This is the movie review, which isName of the actors done by one ofare displayed more the biggest movielargely, compared to companies, thisdrag me to hell, would granteeshowing emphasis on publicitybig name charactersThe font used in themovie title is fairlysimple and is blackto contrast against other media inher pale skin. It is the text is made referenced in thesmall, minimalistic image e.g.,and classical- www.dragmetohesignifying the nature ll.co.ukof ballet. The rest of indicating other media platformsthe text used is a lot offering moresmaller and simple. information