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Campus landscaping iitk

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Review of landscaping of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

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Campus landscaping iitk

  1. 1. Campus Landscaping 80
  2. 2.  Landscape planning is a branch of landscape architecture.  According to Erv Zube (1931–2002) landscape planning is defined as an activity concerned with developing landscaping amongst competing land uses while protecting natural processes and significant cultural and natural resources. Elements of Landscape Color Form TextureScale Line Landscape Hardscape Softscape LANDSCAPE PLANNING 81
  3. 3. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 82
  4. 4. Location:Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Location of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 83
  5. 5. Features • The IITK campus occupies a 1055 acre area. • The Academic Complex is located centrally at the site and free from traffic noise. • Academic buildings: 13 departments, PK Kelkar Library, Computer Centers faculty offices, laboratories and administrative buildings • Around 7000 students, 390 faculty, and 1000 staff members (and their families) reside on campus • No. of buildings: 108. • 10 boys hostel and 2 girls hostel. • With Sports complex • The site is flat with the canal on one side and transportation route on the other side. • Pedestrian and vehicular traffic are completely segregated. 84
  6. 6. A review on Architecture of IIT Kanpur DESIGN CONCEPT • The architect of IIT, Kanpur is ACHUYT KANVINDE • He treated his building with VASTUSHASTRA. The Bauhaus style: Studying under Ar.Walter Gropius, kanvind developed a whole new outlook towards architecture. He was greatly influenced by the Bauhaus style, which later on was adopted in his various buildings that is : • Asymmetry • Blocky • Cubic shapes • Smooth, flat plain, undecorated surfaces • Flat roofs • Adoption of steel-framed or reinforced-concrete Post-and-slab. 85
  7. 7. 86
  8. 8. Hardscape 40% 60% Percentage of Landscape Hardscape Softscape Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Percentage of Hardscape & Softscape in IIT Kanpur Hardscape Percentage of Hardscape & Softscape in IIT Kanpur 87
  9. 9. Academic Area Institute's Academic Area comprises academic buildings and facilities including: • The PK Kelkar Library; • Computer Centre; • National Wind Tunnel Facility; • SIDBI Innovation; • Incubation Centre. • Advanced center for electronic system; • Advanced center for material science; • Atmospheric monitoring station; • Bio science and Bio engineering • Center for environment and science engineering • Industrial and management engineering. It also houses faculty offices laboratories and administrative buildings. The academic area is connected by a long corridor which links all the major buildings. 88
  10. 10. Lecture Halls Faculty Office and Library Computer Dept. and Labs Departments and Labs Canteen 89
  11. 11. P.K. KELKAR LIBRARY • It is a framed structure based on grid. • The whole building is built in R.C.C with a brick facade. Exposed brickwork: enhances aesthetic appeal. Water body enhancing the natural beauty Shading trees at the entrance providing an welcoming nature Fountains Brick built Pathway Connecting corridors of P.K. Kelkar library Greeneries surrounding the corridor Floor material: * Cement * Sand Stone Turfing Shrubs 90
  12. 12. Computer Center Exposed brickwork: enhances aesthetic appeal. Shading trees (Tecoma Arcenia) at the entrance of CC Conifer Turfing ParkingOpen seating placesPlantation of small shrubs bounded by rod frames Light post 91
  13. 13. Academic Building Shading tree enhancing natural beauty Conifer tree Artificial fountain as focal point Turfing Exposed brickworks Cement blocks Light post ParkingHerbs planted in a lined sequence Brick made seats Plantation of small herbs 92
  14. 14. Lecture Halls Turfing/Open space in front of lecture hall Linkage/Threshold connecting lecture halls Lamp post Cement block Pathway in corridor 93
  15. 15. SIDBI Innovation Pathway which finished material is: cement Grass lawn Cement blocks are used as finished materials Shading tree enhancing natural beauty Turfing Light post Conifer Acacia tree Planter Box Planter Box Thai glass made window Pergola shades 94
  16. 16. ACMS, IIT Kanpur Exposed brickwork: enhances aesthetic appeal. Cycas tree IME, IIT Kanpur Fountain Stairs of artificial stone Cement blocks are used as finished materials Light post Lawn of herbs along with stairs TurfingPathway Benches 95
  17. 17. ACES, IIT Kanpur Exposed brickwork and colorful cement blocks Turfing surrounding with small crotons Pergola shades made of concrete Lamp post as foci Thai glass Pathway Benches made of brick and concrete Repetition & rhythm 96
  18. 18. Incubation Center Cement blocks are used as finished materials CrotonsGlass made door and windows Shading tree enhancing natural beauty Tamarisk treeHerbs Planter box Pergola shadesSeating places Pavements 97
  19. 19. Center for Environment and Science Engineering Shading trees Turfing Seating arrangements through staircases Lake Pathway Pergola Shades 98
  20. 20. Pedestrian kerb ( walkway) Conifer FLOOR MATERIALS * Cement * Sand Stone Vehicular circulation The Approach Road Shading trees Traffic Cone 99
  21. 21. • The students' gymkhana is the students' government organization of IIT Kanpur. • Established in 1962. GYMKHANA Shading trees Grass lawn in a round shape RCC buildings which finished materials are cement with colorful wallConifer Turfing PathwaySculpture Light Post PlaygroundShaded seating arrangements 100
  22. 22. HALL OF RESIDENCE • Landscape of Halls and hostels are same as the academic buildings by material. Turfing Hanging stairs Night view of hall Turfing Planter boxBrick made retaining wall Lamp post 101
  23. 23. HALL OF RESIDENCE Turfing Planter box Pathway Cement blocks White colored exposed brick works Cycas tree Pathway Light post 102
  24. 24. National Wind Tunnel Facility Cement and sand stone as finished material Ashoka tree at entrance of NWTF THE NATIONAL WIND TUNNEL FACILITY(NWTF) established in 1999 at IITK . It has various simulation and measurement systems, is capable of testing at wind speed up to 80 m/s Open space Greeneries 103
  25. 25. Other Elements of Landscaping Parking Sculpture Fountain and water features Amphitheatre Curved seating arrangement in amphitheater 104
  26. 26. Play Grounds & Swimming Pool Badminton court Swimming pool Colorful Basketball Court Play ground (football) 105
  27. 27. Aerial view of CampusAir Strip Cafeteria 106
  28. 28. IIT Kanpur Nursery 107
  29. 29. SPLIT LEVEL CORRIDOR SYSTEM •Minimize the walking distance, improving connectivity •Create spatial expansion •Give the impression of one large space hence space is used as a tool • Elevated pedestrian walkway • Sheltered and yet openness • Protection from hot sun yet allowing breezes 108
  30. 30. Kinds of trees Academic Area Hostels Open Area Residences Total trees Shady trees 2171 3299 12840 4327 22637 Shurbs trees 1079 1481 2822 3828 9210 Jungle area in whole campus Approx. Total plants 18000 Gr. Total 60155 Summary of Softscape (plants) in IIT Kanpur This includes shrubs like Acalypha, Crotons, Hemelia, Kanair, Musandana, Chaandani and many more across the academic area, hostels, open area and residences summing up to a total of over 9,000. Among the fruits in the campus, Mango and Guava are the most planted ones(a total of 2700 and 1700 trees respectively) together with large numbers of mulberry, Indian plum, lemon, blackberry and more than 30 others varieties. 109
  31. 31. Summary of Softscape (others) in IIT Kanpur Turfing (Grass lawn) Artificially made fountains 110
  32. 32. • Lamp posts; • Seating elements, benches, stadium; • Amphitheatre; • Sculpture. • Reinforced concrete for Structural frames and brick as infill's . • Glass; • Sand stone and cement; • Artificial stones. • Sandstone and cement made pavements; • Corridors connecting buildings etc. List of Construction Materials & Hardscapes in IIT, Kanpur 111
  33. 33. Principles of Campus Landscaping • Integrating and articulating architectural and site design in conjunction with landscape. • Maximum preservation of existing trees. • Focal or interest plantings. • Foundation planting for buildings. • Reinforcement of pedestrian access ways. • Establishment of sufficient open spaces including track, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming pool, tennis, racquetball and multipurpose fields. • Retention of unique or particularly attractive natural features. • Planning for a variety of natural spaces, from large, open lawns or meadows to secluded • Sensitively located seating and bench/table arrangements to enhance areas for study, eating and conversation. • Consideration for noise in the outdoors. 127
  34. 34. Thank You