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The New World of Marketing and Sales

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This presentation summarizes how to do effective demand generation for content management solutions.

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The New World of Marketing and Sales

  1. 1. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  #AIIM  The  Global  Community  of  Informa6on  Professionals  The  New  World  of  Marke6ng  and  Sales  How  to  grow  your  business?  New  research  from  AIIM’s  100,000  community  members    Atle  Skjekkeland  Chief  Opera6ng  Officer  AIIM    
  2. 2. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  The  Educated  Buyer  “A  recent  Corporate  Execu8ve  Board  study  of  more  than  1,400  B2B  customers  found  that  those  customers  completed,  on  average,  nearly  60%  of  a  typical  purchasing  decision—researching  solu8ons,  ranking  op8ons,  seHng  requirements,  benchmarking  pricing,  and  so  on—before  even  having  a  conversa6on  with  a  supplier”    Implica8ons?  You  need  to  engage  new  customers  before  the  requirements  are  set.  Source:  hPp://hbr.org/2012/07/the-­‐end-­‐of-­‐solu8on-­‐sales/ar/1  
  3. 3. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  The  Importance  of  Business  Leaders  “While  overall  corporate  tech  spending  is  up  by  17  to  20%  in  our  latest  data,  spending  by  IT  departments  is  flat  at  best.”  “Its  business  leaders,  not  their  IT  colleagues,  who  are  driving  purchasing  decisions”  Ensure  your  solu8on  is…  •  Simple  •  Scalable  •  Safe  •  Secure  •  Sustainable    •  Sexy  Source:  hPp://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/07coming_to_terms_with_the_consu.html  
  4. 4. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Provide  New  or  Unique  Insights  Provoca6on-­‐Based  Selling:  – Compels  project  investments  outside  an  exis8ng  budget  – Challenges  the  prevailing  point  of  view  – Addresses  unacknowledged  angst  – Targets  strategic  problems  – Begins  with  the  business  case  and  then  provides  technical  proof  – Starts  an  execu8ve-­‐level  dialogue  – Uses  an  insigh]ul  hypothesis  to  provoke  a  response  – Is  proac8ve  in  leading,  and  forcing  issues  out  Source:  hPp://hbr.org/2009/03/in-­‐a-­‐downturn-­‐provoke-­‐your-­‐customers/ar/1  
  5. 5. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Four  Changes  in  Marke6ng  1.  The  Buyer’s  Journey  is  what  counts  –  Understanding  buying  roles  and  stages  cri8cal  § Step  1:  First  awareness:  Educa8onal  whitepapers,  case  studies,  etc.  § Step  2:  Possible  technologies  and  features:  Checklists,  templates,  etc.  § Step  3:  Iden6fy  possible  providers:  Vendor  comparisons,  solu8on  briefs,  etc.  2.  The  technology  has  changed  –  In-­‐bound  marke8ng,  nurturing,  mul8-­‐touch.  3.  Exploding  op6ons  for  content  delivery  –  Videos,  podcasts,  blogs,  TwiPer.    4.  Thought  leadership  counts  –  It’s  more  than  selling.      Source:  Sirius  Decisions  
  6. 6. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  The  Old  vs  New  World  of  Marke6ng  Old   New  Prospects  get  their  informa8on  from  you  Prospects  get  most  of  their  informa8on  before  they  even  talk  to  you  Focus  groups   Analy8cs  One-­‐to-­‐many   One-­‐to-­‐one  Trade  shows   Niched  conferences  Presenta8ons  describe  YOU   Presenta8ons  that  educate  THEM  Single  use  analyst  white  papers   Mul8-­‐use  content  assets  Product  leadership   Thought  leadership  Mass  e-­‐mail   Segmented  and  automated  drip  Print  or  print-­‐like  delivery   Videos,  podcasts,  blogs,  ebooks  
  7. 7. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Step  1:  First  Awareness  What  informa6on  sources  do  you/did  you  use  for  becoming  aware  of  the  opportuni6es  with  content  management?  0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%  Blogs  and  press  ar8cles  AIIM  website  and  publica8ons  AIIM  webinars  and  events  Trade  shows  Industry-­‐specific  associa8ons  AIIM  training  Vendor    sales  rep(s)  Analysts  Vendor  websites  Social  media  recommenda8ons  Consultants  N=213  non-­‐trade  •  88%  of  buyers  think  educa8onal  content  from  solu8on  providers  tell  the  buyer  what  they  offer,  not  necessarily  what  is  right  for  the  buyer  •  Only  4%  of  buyers  think  their  industry-­‐specific  associa8on  providers  them  more  useful  informa8on  than  AIIM    
  8. 8. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Step 2: Necessary Technologies and Features  What  informa6on  sources  do  you/did  you  use  for  becoming  aware  of  necessary  technologies  and  features?  N=213  non-­‐trade  0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   70%   80%  Vendor  websites  Vendor    sales  rep(s)  AIIM  website  and  publica8ons  AIIM  webinars  and  events  Trade  shows  Consultants  Blogs  and  press  ar8cles  Analysts  Industry-­‐specific  associa8ons  AIIM  training  Social  media  recommenda8ons  •  66%  of  buyers  admit  that  they  never  respond  to  cold  calls  or  voicemails  from  sales  reps  wan8ng  to  sell  them  a  new  product  •  67%  would  be  more  likely  to  talk  to  a  sales  rep  a  friend  or  colleague  recommended  I  talk  to  them  
  9. 9. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Engage  and  educate  buyers  early  in  the  buying  cycle  Conclusions for Marketing Professionals?1.  First  awareness:    – Change  the  game  by  engaging  new  customers  at  the  beginning  of  the  buying  cycle  – Use  AIIM  as  a  neutral  3rd  party  for  brand  awareness  and  name  acquisi8on.    – Educate  the  customer  with  real  educa8onal  content,  not  sales  pitches  2.  Possible  technologies  and  features:  – Nurture  the  leads  with  educa8onal  webinars,  whitepapers,  etc.  3.  Iden6fy  possible  providers  – Document  how  your  solu8on  meets  the  customers  requirements  with  solu8on  briefs,  vendor  comparisons,  etc.  
  10. 10. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Engage  and  educate  buyers  early  in  the  buying  cycle  Conclusions for Marketing Professionals?0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   70%   80%   90%  General  educa8on  about  opportuni8es  with  content  management  Understand  possible  solu8ons  Determine  our  requirements  Formal  training  in  ECM  techniques  Implement  a  solu8on  Procure  a  solu8on  None  of  these  Do  you  use  AIIM  to  help  you  with  the  following?    (check  those  that  are  significant)  N=213  non-­‐trade  •  81%  of  buyers  are  looking  to  AIIM  for  educa8on  about  opportuni8es  with  content  management,  and  68%  are  looking  to  AIIM  to  understand  possible  solu8ons  •  Don’t  just  rely  on  your  own  educa8onal  content!  57%  of  buyers  think  educa8onal  content  from  solu8on  providers  are  sales  pitches,  not  really  educa8onal.    
  11. 11. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  The  New  Role  of  Sales  Professionals  According  to  a  global  study  of  sales  rep  produc8vity  among  6,000  reps  across  nearly  100  companies  by  the  Sales  Execu8ve  Council:    Every  sales  professional  falls  into  one  of  five  dis8nct  profiles.  •  Rela8onship  Builders    •  Hard  Workers    •  Lone  Wolves  •  Reac8ve  Problem  Solvers  •  Challengers  The  best  sales  professionals  are  Challengers,  not  Rela8onship  Builders.  Source:  hPp://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/09/selling_is_not_about_rela8o.html  
  12. 12. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Provide  New  and  Unique  Insights  What  are  the  two  biggest  factors  that  would  make  you  amenable  to  a  discussion  with  a  sales  representa8ve  from  a  non-­‐incumbent  at  any  8me  in  the  cycle?  (Max  TWO)  
  13. 13. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  The  Educa6onal  Sale  Source:  Sirius  Decisions  /  AIIM  1.    Iden8fy  and  Engage  Prospect  2.    Provide  New  or  Unique  Insights  3.  Demonstrate  Importance  4.    Educate  Customer  About  Their  Needs  5.    Show  How  Your  Solu8on  Meets  Their  Reqs  Sales  role  Domain  Expert   Strategic  Orchestrator   Risk  Alleviator  Sales  phase  
  14. 14. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Engage  and  educate  buyers  early  in  the  buying  cycle  Conclusions for Sales Professionals?• Turn  sales  professionals  into  domain  experts  – The  entry-­‐level  should  be  the  AIIM  ECM  Prac88oner  program  and  examina8on  www.aiim.org/training    – Start  the  journey  towards  the  Cer8fied  Informa8on  Professional  designa8on  www.aiim.org/cer8fica8on    • Provide  customers  with  new  and  unique  insights    – Leverage  AIIM  research  to  engage  customers  www.aiim.org/research    – Use  AIIM  Sales  Enablement  training  for  proac8ve  solu8on  selling  www.aiim.org/training    
  15. 15. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Feedback  “Kofax  uses  AIIM  as  a  strategic  partner  for  assessing  the  market,  crea8ng  customer-­‐facing  content  and  engaging  prospec8ve  and  exis8ng  users  of  content  technologies  and  solu8ons  worldwide.  As  the  market  moves  towards  smart  process  and  content  solu8ons,  it  is  essen8al  that  we  be  closely  associated  with  the  opinion  leaders  in  the  area  of  content  and  related  systems  of  engagement.  AIIM’s  staff  provide  us  with  that  insight,  and  their  programs  support  our  corporate  and  product  strategy”.  Martyn  Chris6an,  Chief  Marke6ng  Officer,  Kofax,  Inc.  "AIIM  has  a  unique  perspec8ve  on  all  things  Content.  Technology,  trends  and  customer  adop8on  paPerns  are  changing  so  rapidly  that  it  is  becoming  impossible  to  keep  on  top  of  what  is  important  to  us  -­‐  how  will  our  customers  adopt  new  technology  in  applying  content  to  their  business.  AIIM  has  the  community  reach,  interac8on  with  vendors  and  ability  to  ask  the  ques8ons  that  maPer,  which  has  allowed  us  to  understand  how  content  will  be  deployed,  who  will  be  responsible  and  how  does  it  apply  to  cri8cal  business  processes  in  the  enterprise.  No  one  else  has  been  able  to  provide  this  industry  perspec8ve”.  John  Newton,  Chairman  and  CTO,  Alfresco    “AIIM  is  a  highly  respected  leading  source  of  informa8on  and  a  great  organisa8on  that  can  be  used  to  build  out  your  network  in  the  informa8on  management  space.  Workshare  relies  on  AIIM  for  qualita8ve  and  quan8ta8ve  data  on  trends  in  the  market  based  on  comprehensive  research  among  end  users  that  we  know  we  can  trust.  The  AIIM  event  series  con8nues  to  help  us  build  a  tangible  sales  funnel  as  it  is  aPended  by  end  users  that  are  looking  for  solu8ons,  advice  and  best  prac8ces.”  Ali  Moinuddin,  CMO,  WorkShare  
  16. 16. aiim.org   ©  AIIM  2013  Want  more  informa6on?  §  For  North  America:  §  Joe  Ryan  at  jryan@aiim.org  §  Amy  Michalski  at  amichalski@aiim.org    §  For  Europe:  §  Chris  Fenton  at  cfenton@aiim.org        "If  you  work  with  your  organiza8on’s  informa8on  or  collabora8on  resources  and  technologies,  you’ll  surely  find  AIIM  a  treasure  trove  of  resources."  Andrew  McAfee,  Professor  and  author,  Enterprise  2.0  and  Race  Against  the  Machine