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How to improve processes - what you need to know in 2 min

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This presentation summarizes how to analyze, standardize, mobilize, and automate information intensive processes.

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How to improve processes - what you need to know in 2 min

  1. 1. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved. #AIIM The Global Community of Information Professionals aiim.org How to improve business processes? The “CliffsNotes” Version
  2. 2. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved. Your Industry Association  AIIM is the global community for information professionals  Founded in 1943  80,000 active community members  We do research and task forces analyzing trends and opportunities  Forbes Magazine called our research with author Geoffrey Moore the "Best social media idea of 2011”  AIIM published last year #OccupyIT – a manifesto about how business leaders must reclaim IT  AIIM is a also leading provider of training and standards
  3. 3. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.3 How much more productive do you think the administrative staff in your organization would be (or are) if their processes were work-flowed, using scanned forms and documents, with automated data capture?33.5% more productive (average) Identify Business Objectives - 1
  4. 4. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.4 By how much do you think customer service levels and response times could be (or have been) improved if all of your customer-facing staff could immediately access and share all of the customer related and case- related information that you hold. 32.2% more responsive (average) Identify Business Objectives - 2
  5. 5. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.5 Map Current State
  6. 6. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.6 Mobilize Information  67% of organizations consider mobile technologies to be important or extremely important to improving their business processes (source: AIIM) • 45% of young professionals would accept a lower paying job with more flexibility rather than a higher-paying job with less (Source: Cisco) • 30% of young professionals feel that the ability to work remotely with a flexible schedule is a "right.” (Source: Cisco) • We check our cell phone every six and half minute (Source: Tom Ahonen) • 28% of cell owners used their phone while inside a store to look up reviews of a product to help decide if they should purchase it or not (Source: Pew Internet)
  7. 7. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.7 Design New Processes  Reason to standardize and automate processes  Legal, industry, and regulatory compliance  Controlled and consistent processes  Repeatable, audited, and defensible  Operational Benefits  Lower operational costs  Increase operating efficiency and effectiveness  Reduce errors, and exception processing
  8. 8. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.8 Identify New Process Apps - 1 Transactional Apps to Smart Process Apps
  9. 9. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.9  Attributes of a Smart Process App  Imported or embedded awareness data relevant to the business activity  Document capture, document output, and document management  Embedded analytical tools designed for the business activity  A collaboration platform for people to create content needed for the activity  BPM tools for executing the steps involved in the activity Identify New Process Apps - 2
  10. 10. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.10 Plan the Change  Executive involvement  Training  Communication  Incentives  Documentation  Support  Measurement  Continuous improvement
  11. 11. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.11 AIIM BPM Training AIIM – the leading training provider for information professionals  25,000+ course attendees  Self-paced or live courses  Courses can be customized for your organization  Pass the online exam to earn the designation
  12. 12. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.12 BPM Practitioner  How to Choose Between BPM and ECM for a Process Management Initiative  How to Conduct Business Analysis  How to Get Started with Flowcharting  How to Improve Business Processes  How to Model Processes  How to Select the Right BPM Approach  How to Select the Right BPM Solution  How to Use BPM Tools and Technologies BPM Practitioner - Learn how to map, design, and automate operational processes using a combination of strategies, change management, and technologies.
  13. 13. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.13 BPM Specialist  How to Begin a BPM Project  How to Make the Business Case for BPM  How to Build the BPM Project Team  How to Gather Requirements for a BPM Project  How to Analyze and Improve Existing Business Processes  How to Improve Routing and Workload Balancing Using BPM  How to Select and Implement a BPM Solution  How to Manage Change for a BPM Initiative  How to Improve Business Processes Using Process Monitoring  How to Improve BPM Maturity and Capabilities BPM Specialist - Learn how to plan and execute a BPM initiative, how to select the right BPM tool, and how to improve the organization’s capabilities.
  14. 14. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.14 Some AIIM Training Attendees  "The class was truly the best training class I have ever taken!”,  Attendee from Chicago, IL  "I have been working towards my Project Management Professional certification and I see the AIIM Master programs as being just as vital to our industry as the PMP are to project management now."  Attendee from Jacksonville, FL  "I see AIIM as a leading resource of knowledge in the industry of electronic records and ways to manage them. It will continue to be a source I turn to for future educational opportunities and growth."  Attendee from Tumwater, WA  "Excellent balance of instruction, debate and workshops. Suitable for organizations at all stages of development."  Attendee from London, UK