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How to Automate Records Management

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This presentation summarizes some of the research we have done for how to automate records management.

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How to Automate Records Management

  1. 1. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved. #AIIM The Global Community of Information Professionals aiim.org How to Automate Records Management - Let the machines do the work, not users Atle Skjekkeland Chief Operating Officer, AIIM askjekkeland@aiim.org @skjekkeland
  2. 2. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.2 Are You Prepared?  The analyst company Gartner claims that we will have 50 times more information by 2020  Smart phones will in 2020 have the capability of IBM Watson  And the growth of internet connected devices will grow from 400 million to 50 billion
  3. 3. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.3 What many users prefer: - Don’t make me read.. - Don’t make me think… Volume Kills Manual Processes What we often tell users: - Evaluate everything to identify, capture and classify electronic records
  4. 4. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved. Velocity Kills Manual Processes Which of the following apply to your organization’s overall philosophy regarding email? 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% We delete emails as and when we run out of… We delete all emails older than 3/6/12 months We delete all emails older than 2/3/4 years Employees are expected to manually declare or… We automatically classify important emails as… User clients (eg. Outlook) archive to network PST… We archive to a dedicated email archive and run… We keep everything – just in case It’s likely that multiple copies exist on desktops,… We use outsource/cloud for email archiving We have no policy National Government Local Government What users prefer: - Let me do real work, not paperwork
  5. 5. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved. Variety Kills Manual Processes How would you best describe your organization’s overall philosophy regarding social content? 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% We don’t do social We don’t consider it necessary to save social activities as records We realize that there are social interactions that could be important but we are not currently… We don’t know how to get access to social records to store and manage them We are saving internal social activities as records but not external We are saving external social activities as records but not internal We are saving both as records Nobody is looking at this National Government Local Government Use whatever tool the customers prefer
  6. 6. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.6Image from the movie WALL-E by Pixar/Disney Let The Machines Do The Work  More scalable than humans  Often more accurate than humans  Can be significantly more consistent than humans  Demonstrates a programmatic and transparent approach to identification
  7. 7. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved. Era Years Typical thing managed Best known company Content mgmt focus Mainframe 1960-1975 A batch transaction IBM Microfilm Mini 1975-1992 A dept process Digital Equipment Image Mgmt PC 1992-2001 A document Microsoft Document Mgmt Internet 2001-2009 A web page Google Content Mgmt Social, Cloud, Mobile, & Big Data 2010-2015 An interaction Facebook Digital Business Systems of Record Systems of Engagement Automate Electronic Records Management (ERM)
  8. 8. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.8 Opportunities for Automating ERM - 1  Identifying and capturing records  User-driven based on content templates  User-driven based on document folder or site  User-driven but with auto-classification, auto- categorization, and/or entity extraction to assist  Analytics-driven based on rules, algorithms, and semantics to identify and capture records  Securing records  Analytics-driven security classification, redaction and/or expungement
  9. 9. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.9 Opportunities for Automating ERM - 2  Managing records  Inherit retention based on file plan and metadata  CMIS and connectors to manage-in-place  Accessing records  Improve search and recommendations with auto- classification, auto-categorization, summarization, and entity extraction to add more index information  Records disposition or transfer  Workflow with approval by records staff  Analytics-driven based on rules & algorithms
  10. 10. Copyright © AIIM | All rights reserved.10 Learn How to Do It Become an AIIM Professional Member for $169