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2Bhk flat with an area of 734sqft available at Kestopur

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Uttoron is a residential project developed by Red Ant Realty & it is a perfect combination of living near the city but enjoying the silence of serene ambience. With 16 budget residential apartments & 19 strategically located shops. This project is situated in one of the best connected places off VIP Road, equidistant from Kestopur & Baguiati. Close Proximity to market & well connectivity to other parts of the city are two main USPs of this project. It offers skillfully planned & designed 2 BHK & 3 BHK apartments with all the basic amenities like lift, car & two-wheeler parking, inverter provision for each flat to cater the needs of its residents.

Location Advantages:
Besides Baguihati Police Phari.
Stone through distance from Jagatpur Market.
VIP Road- 1.4 kms
Ultodanga/Bidhannagar Station- 5 kms
Airport & DPS- 6 kms
Sector V- 10 km
Very well connected to VIP Road as well as to the New town Expressway near Narkelbagan.
Rs. 3200/- per sq ft

December 2016

About Us:
Red ant realty is one of the leading real estate developers in Kolkata specializing in superior quality residential as well as commercial developments within Kolkata city. At red ant realty, we believe in providing quality, breakthrough real estate products and services that home buyers most want and need.
In a short span Red Ant Realty has developed into an established brand in delivering comprehensive professional solutions to real estate development across all industry verticals Residential, Commercial, Retail and Township.

Contact Details:

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2Bhk flat with an area of 734sqft available at Kestopur

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