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Kitchen Remodel Checklist

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A checklist of things to consider before a kitchen remodel and also things to avoid for a kitchen remodel.

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Kitchen Remodel Checklist

  1. 1. WHAT TO CONSIDER FOR A KITCHEN REMODEL oo Plan for the space you have, including any you might take from other rooms. oo Imagine the traffic flow for guests — an L-shaped kitchen can keep traffic out of the main prep area, for example. oo Plan the layout based on your cooking or entertaining habits — imagine how you will prepare meals in the layout and note any potential problems. DON’T skimp on counter space — you’ll miss it. DON’T forget to plan for enough electrical outlets. DON’T change your mind after selecting finishes and materials; it can ruin your budget. DON’T forget an out-of-the-way space for garbage and recycling bins. DON’T wait until the end to choose appliances. DON’T assume you can redesign and remodel your kitchen by yourself — get professional assistance. Ò MISTAKES TO AVOID: ✔ BEFORE YOU START: oo Make note of where electrical or plumbing infrastructure is to avoid having to relocate it. oo Set a realistic budget, typically between 10 and 15 percent of your home’s total value for a complete kitchen remodel. oo Choose fixtures before setting the layout (e.g., a faucet must fit where the sink has to go). oo Choose flooring durable enough for the level of usage. oo Be sure new lighting fixtures supply enough light for each work area. oo Think ahead space-wise, especially if your family is still growing. www.NEkitchenandflooring.com