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The core attention skill we use
to focus for long periods
Keeping focus when faced with
competing di...
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Microsoft attention infographic

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Can we have your Attention please?
Attention is evolving in the digital age.
How brands think about it needs to evolve as well...

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Microsoft attention infographic

  1. 1. SELECTIVE ALTERNATING The core attention skill we use to focus for long periods Keeping focus when faced with competing distractions Switching quickly between different tasks at once “I don’t like to switch tasks until I’ve completed one or the other.” ATTENTION SPANS ARE EVOLVING IN A DIGITAL AGE Advertisers need to provide the right content for the right contexts in people’s everyday lives. PRIORITISEALTERNATINGATTENTIONPRIORITISESELECTIVEATTENTION How to advertise to Ninjas: Immersive narratives Engaging and attention grabbing Out of the ordinary and unexpected How to advertise to Pragmatists: Interactive and entertaining Direct, clear and interesting Original, quality content How to advertise to Ambidextrous: Cross-platform Short and to the point Sequential narratives To explore attention in more detail visit our site at www.microsoftattentionspans.co.uk To get in touch email MSAStudy@Microsoft.com Research and design by Sparkler www.sparkler.co.uk Attention: A day in the life Our natural attention abilities and the demands of everyday life determine which attention mode we will be in at any given time: 09:35 Hard at work 86% of people now have one eye on another screen when watching TV, gaming or surfing the Web SUSTAINED In a multi-screen world, Selective and Alternating Attentions are increasingly important. We use three types of attention every day: ATTENTION PRAGMATIST: Fluid between tasks, but maintaining priorities ATTENTION AMBIDEXTROUS: Juggling tasks, flexible with attention “When I need to get things done, I can get my head into it, but I also know when to let my attention slide a little” “I like splitting my attention across several things - it makes me feel more productive” ATTENTION NINJA: Compartmentalizing tasks, “in the zone” 13:07 – Quick social break 18:45 – Dinner with the family