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Checking in is the least popular smartphone activity

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Checking in is the least popular smartphone activity

  1. 1. Welcome to Mashable! Sign in with or to get started!Checking In Is the Least Popular Smartphone Activity [STUDY] September 6, 2011 by Sarah Kessler Checking in to locations with geosocial services likeFoursquare is the least popular activity among smartphone users,finds a recent survey by the Pew Research Center.While more than half of the smartphone owners in the survey of 2,277adults report accessing social networks, sending photos and viewingemail, just 12% of smartphone owners say they use checkinservices.Geotagging updates to social media sites like Twitter and Facebookare also fairly uncommon. Just 9% of Internet users and 14% ofsocial media users say they include their location with their socialposts.Smartphone users are much more likely to find directions or search for recommendations, with 55% of respondentssaying they use similar services.The relatively shallow market penetration of checkin services is not surprising. In November, Pew released surveyresults showing 4% of online adults use location-based services and only 1% use these services on a given day.Even though the new study focused exclusively on mobile checkins, as opposed to including online checkins thatmay occur without a mobile device, the percentage of users didn’t jump. Five percent of mobile owners (including
  2. 2. smartphone owners) say they check in.Checkin services are not mainstream, but does that make them all hype? Or could there be a twist — like location-based gaming — that could win them a spot on the average smartphone?Let us know what you think in the comments.Images courtesy of Flickr, Ed Yourdon0 Comments