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  1. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS TravelifeCollection TravelifeHotels Certification: a driver for sustainable development 7 October 2016
  2. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS THE PRODUCT Travelife is an international sustainable tourism certification scheme It helps its 1,400 accommodation members and tour operators around the world improve their environmental, social and economic performance cost-effectively. Accommodation members meeting Travelife’s standard are formally recognised with an award to promote their sustainability achievements © Travelife 2015 The industry solution for responsible businesses
  3. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS OUR VISION “Inspiring and supporting businesses and their customers to transform tourism for a better future.”
  4. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS THREE PILLARS OF SUSTAINABILITY ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIALECONOMIC Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations: all 3 areas of sustainability
  5. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS THE ISSUES  Egypt: Discrimination; employment contracts;  Caribbean: Impact on communities; labour conditions;  Turkey: Freedom of association; employment contracts and overtime;  Thailand: Migrant workers, trafficking, child protection;  Sri Lanka: Post-conflict destination; local communities.
  6. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS TRAVELIFE CRITERIA: THEMES, TOPICS AND CHECKLIST Travelife criteria are organised under four ‘Themes’ and within each theme are a series of ‘Topics’ Management Environment Community Supply Chain Business policies Energy Employee welfare Suppliers Legislation Water Human rights Guests Communicating progress Waste Local community Staff and budget Harmful substances Wildlife © Travelife 2016
  9. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS OVERVIEW OF TRAVELIFE CERTIFICATION PROCESS Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations has a simple certification process, designed to support its members.
  10. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS TRAVELIFE CERTIFICATION PROCESS – AUDIT  The auditor visits your property, spending up to 1 day with you.  Audit begins with an opening meeting which will include key members of staff, where the auditor will confirm: – What documentation they want to review. – Which members of staff they want to speak to. – What parts of the property they want to visit.  Audit is designed to be a two-way conversation with the auditor, so properties are encouraged to ask questions.  Audit ends with a closing meeting where the auditor discusses the matters arising from their visit and requests further information. © Travelife 2016
  11. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS BENEFITS OF TRAVELIFE CERTIFICATION Reduced costs – Helps cut costs on overheads like energy, water and waste management. Improved customer experience – Tour operator research shows customers rate Travelife properties higher than others. Comprehensive, practical support – Help to prepare for audit and achieve certification status. – Case studies and training seminars. Supports the local economy – Supports local people, culture and economy by ‘buying, employing and promoting local’.  Increased publicity
  12. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS CONSUMERS ARE LOOKING FOR AUTHENTIC HOLIDAYS Increasing demand for sustainable accommodation ABTA Consumer Trends 71% of customers will make eco-friendly travel choices in next 12 months TripAdvisor Holidaymakers feel better for choosing environmentally and socially aware hotels LA Times
  13. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS BENEFITS FOR TOURISM COMPANIES & ORGANISATIONS Reduces the administrative and financial burden of managing the issue in-house. Risk and reputational management: Assurance that properties – Have sound environmental management practices – Treat their employees, local community and suppliers fairly; safeguard the rights of children and other vulnerable groups (UK Modern Slavery Act) – Stimulate the local economy; preserve and promote the cultural heritage of destinations. Demonstrates to your customers, suppliers and wider stakeholders that you are taking responsibility. – Opportunity to use Travelife logos in brochures and marketing. Use of a credible system: Externally accredited, run by ABTA. – Robust response when issues arise; Travelife a solution that can protect your business. © Travelife 2015
  14. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS TRAVELIFE HOTEL MEMBERS  Over 1,400 members in 54 countries worldwide, Including: – Spain: 414 – Greece: 207 – Cyprus: 67 – Portugal: 59 – Mexico: 59 – Croatia: 39 – Dominican Republic: 29 – Italy: 28  15 million+ holidaymakers stay in Travelife certified hotels  800 audits in the last 12 months  And you? © Travelife 2016
  15. HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONS MORE INFORMATION To learn more about Travelife Visit: Stay connected TravelifeCollection TravelifeHotels Contact us +44 (0)20 3693 0160

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  1. To build confidence at the heart of travel. Confidence for companies to trade and invest; confidence for consumers to book; confidence that the industry is building a sustainable future.
  2. This has been included to explain to delegates that Travelife is here to provide support to the tourism industry as well as the properties who work towards certification. Additionally, Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations was developed by the travel industry for the travel industry, so it’s a perfect fit for properties who are working with tour operators like Thomas Cook.
  3. Please give a brief explanation of the triple bottom line of sustainability and why it makes good business sense to manage all three together. Emphasise that many of Travelife’s competitors do not cover all of these, therefore we are a stronger system than Green Key, ISO14001 or the European Eco-Label for Tourism, as well as being favoured by tour operator partners.
  4. As a result we have a checklist we use to inspect hotels, 163 criteria covering all of those areas.
  5. European Parliament and Commission Endorsement in new EU Tourism Framework Funding throughout Travelife’s development – TourCert, INTOUR and CSR-TOUR Associations ECTAA tool of choice Strong support from ANVR and others… Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Ljubljana – preferred certification scheme to support their status as Green Capital of Europe 2016 Rainforest Alliance – in partnerships with Travelife to mutually recognise each other’s certifications
  6. Please briefly explain the certification process, including: Register: either on the website or by completing the application form that can be sent to hotels after the event. Once registered on the website, hotels receive an email confirming their username and password, allowing them to log into the website. Subscribe: either by requesting an invoice on the website by logging in or by emailing the Travelife office Support: once subscribed, hotels are required to fill out the online self-assessment checklist. The checklist will help them to understand what parts of the Travelife criteria they do not meet. To support hotels, Travelife offers members a set of materials to help them to prepare for their audit. The materials include briefing notes on how to prepare for audit, factsheets on the main areas of the checklist, as well as forms and templates – all of which will help them to understand the specific Travelife requirements, such as energy management or child protection Audit: once a hotel has completed and submitted their online checklist and provided the mandatory documentation, then they can be audited. An auditor will contact them to discuss an appropriate date for their audit and will then visit them for 4-6 hours. At the audit, they will meet with the Travelife team, senior management and staff, as well as reviewing documentation and front- / back-of-house areas of the hotel, such as reception, guest rooms, the kitchens and the pools. Once the auditor has finished their visit, they submit a report to Travelife which is then reviewed and verified Award: once the report has been verified, Travelife will contact the hotel to explain the outcome of their audit. If they have met the requirements of the Travelife criteria, they will achieve a Gold certification. If not, they will have 30 days to improvements in place and provide evidence that they have met the criteria requirements You can also mention the briefing note that gives a much more detailed overview to the certification process. Please emphasise that this material is only available once a hotel is a member of Travelife.
  7. 800 audits the last 12 months, 2,2 every day of the year, we build capacity locally with 40+ auditors based all around the world, local experts, speaking the local language, etc. – Audits every 2 years and always onsite.
  8. Reducing costs: when you start to understand how much you are spending on your energy and water use and the potential you may have to save, you will probably save money that can either be reinvested in improvements or simply added to your business profits Improved customer experience: you will find that once you have involved your staff in TL, they will become more committed to helping your property to achieve its business objectives. Often staff that work for TL properties feel more valued because they feel involved. This reflects in the way they deal with guests, meaning that they get a much better service Comprehensive, practical support: you have already seen the online checklist, together with our support materials and the auditor feedback, giving you personalised information on how you can enhance your sustainability activities
  9. Guests / consumers are becoming more interested in sustainability and want to stay in accommodations that are managing their environmental and social performance.
  10. You can also just
  11. 716 Gold certified properties across the world, most of which are in Europe