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logo design developement، فرآیند طراحی لوگو

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logo design developement process

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logo design developement، فرآیند طراحی لوگو

  1. 1. My method in By :Mohammad Logo design Ghazizadeh development : Mhmd_ghazizadeh@yahoo.com : ir.linkedin.com/pub/Mohammad-Ghazizadeh/33/60/9b8/
  2. 2. 1 Talk,Talk,Talk 2
  3. 3. Main Business idea This process starts with a meeting with owners or top level managers of a company. In this meeting the designer team representative will gather all needed information about the business scope, target market, mission, vision, company values, culture and such things. Distributor, producer, service provider ?
  4. 4. Example: Company X Company values : •Responsibility •Loyalty •Profitability •Consistency & congruity •Team work •Being Protective Main business area: Technology Importing computing systems Distributing computers
  5. 5. ‫بازار هدف زینو‬ Target Market Retailers in IT complexes
  6. 6. 2 The brain storming ! 6
  7. 7. The Brain Storming Session In part two, the designer/s will have a brain storming session with top level managers of the company. In this session the designing team leader will write one of key words mentioned in first meeting about the company , values and etc., and engage all participant to think about that word and describe what that word remind them of ? What if that word was an object? An such questions
  8. 8. Team Work: Chain, War, Team Young: Color, Spring, Jeans, Sports Commitment, Hand Shake Smart: Carrot, Japan, Eyeglass Responsibility : Family, Pioneer: Speed, Horse,Arrow Key words and out puts of brain storming session Credit Rating: Cheque, Contract, Credit Social: Network, Internet, Group
  9. 9. 3 Extended mood boards 9
  10. 10. Disciplined: Army, Iron, Frame Smart: Carrot, Japan, Eyeglasses Pioneer: Speed, Horse, Arrow
  11. 11. Young: Color, Spring, Jeans, Sport
  12. 12. Social: Internet, Group, Network
  13. 13. Logical: Scale, Teacher, Math
  14. 14. Loyalty: Ring, Lifeguard,Nurse Responsibility: family, Commitment, Handshake
  15. 15. Protective: Father,Umbrella,H and
  16. 16. Teamwork: Team, Chain, War Profitable: Coin , Caw, Drop, Coordination
  17. 17. Consistent: Turtle , Train Road Credit Rating: Cheque , Contract, Credit
  18. 18. 4 Shape Analysis 19
  19. 19. In part four, by using any designing software (Photoshop, corel draw or etc.), designer/s will turn the selected pictures/photos to line drawings to start the shape analysis step.
  20. 20. Shape Analysis
  21. 21. 5 Extraction 22
  22. 22. In part five, putting aside those line drawings, the designer/s will be face with some similar shapes and curves . So in this phase those similar shapes will be drawn out to give them(designing team) main curves and shapes to use for final logo design.
  23. 23. Extraction
  24. 24. Extraction
  25. 25. Extraction
  26. 26. Logo production
  27. 27. The Result