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Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Vanshika Vignesh Kumar Vikram Agarwal Sakthi Nivashan Venkat Shyamsundar
  2. 2. Agenda Executive Summary Vision Mission Situation Analysis Segmentation Strategy Pricing Strategy Marketing Program
  3. 3. Executive Summary  Growth in the Car Market in India over the last decade.  Express Car Wash Inc – Together we add the finishing touch!  Value added service.  Fast paced, Easy & more Productive.
  4. 4. Executive Summary  Niche Market Group.  Our Goal.  Using Technology for Simplifying Human needs.  Generating Revenue through our Advertising Strategy.
  5. 5. Vision Our vision is to become market leader in the car service arena, by changing the very way in which it is perceived, thereby adding superior value to every single pie that we receive from each of our respectful customer and investor, in our own unique and value centric approach, building trust and confidence all the way !
  6. 6. Mission & Company Objectives  Our Mission is to be a Customer Centric organization with a strong Technological base that is governed by the tenets of Value Addition and Quality.  Aspired Growth Rate 20% in < 3 years.  Aim to service around 200,000 cars per year by 2013.  Using latest in Car wash technologies.  Employing High Quality Personnel, Safety of vehicles.  Strive for Perfection, Unparallel Customer Service and Experience.  Spotlight on the use of Bio-Degradable products.
  7. 7. Analyzing Current Trends Managing the Environment SWOT Analysis about the Offering
  8. 8. Trend Analysis Emerging • Increased frequency of car wash observed opinions on car • Willingness to pay a ‘little more’ for a good car wash wash • Keen about the idea of ‘Auto Car preferences Wash’ • Substantiate Increase in the number of cars sold in Chennai over the Emerging Trends recent years • Many luxury car manufacturing in Car Sales units that have come into Chennai indicate a burgeoning customer base and a prospective car market
  9. 9. Trend Analysis Consumer market based on Car wash interests among car type individual consumers
  10. 10. Trend Analysis / Market Research Current modes of car wash Frequency of car wash
  11. 11. Trend Analysis / Market Research Current levels of Time consumed for a car Satisfaction wash Amount of money The Missing factor in their consumer is willing to current car wash pay for a ‘good’ wash experience
  12. 12. Trend Analysis / Market Research Percentage of people who will try Conclusion the auto car wash option is about 86% !
  13. 13. Managing Environment Demographic  The data on the increasing car sales only proves the point that the appetite for future car service is bound to rise 2009 2008 Total No of cars sold per month in India 801336 669380 Total No of cars sold per month in Chennai 40067 33469  Car sales Year by Year data is present here
  14. 14. Demographic 20% increase in car sales year by year Total No of cars sold per month in India Cars Sold in 2008 & 2009 Total No of cars sold per month in Chennai 450000 801336 400000 350000 669380 300000 250000 200000 150000 100000 50000 0 Entry Hatch B Segment C Segment C+ Segment D Segment Luxury Cars Segment Hatchback Sedan sedans 40067 33469 2009 2008 1 2
  15. 15. Managing Environment • Chennai as a • Economic Business Hub Impact • Increase in • Well Received Investment Communication SOCIAL- ECONOMIC CULTURAL TECHNO- POLITICAL LOGICAL & LEGAL • Overseas • Environmental Technology Safeguard • Better • Reuse, Reduce Sustainability & Recycle
  16. 16. Managing Environment Competitive Environment Solution to Competition Existing competition :  Automatic Carwash is  Local labor Professional  Service stations and garages  Quick & Feasible for Consumer  Chauffeurs  Value for money  Owners themselves  Quality, Efficiency and Simplicity  No waiting period- Just visit a Petrol Bunk !
  18. 18. Product Type Market Segment Target Customer Consumer Behavior
  19. 19. Product Type It is a speciality service that focuses on enhancing quality of car wash by using rollers that go over the exterior body of the car and clean the vehicle. A Pressure Touch less, Automatic Car Wash System that wash relies on high-powered jets of water and strong detergents to clean the car. Only the water and cleaning solutions actually come in physical contact with the car. Sub Components - Under chassis ,Blowers, Water Recycle system, Chemical dosing pumps
  20. 20. Graphical Top View
  21. 21. Market Segment Urban Market, Chennai is the destination as it will be easy to manage environment Affordability and demand for quality and a fast paced lifestyle Approach - Niche service that has arisen out of a latent demand
  22. 22. Target Customer Individual consumers are the target customer market for this service This customer base is made up of professionals who are novelty seeking, have the interest in trying out new ideas They are also a bunch of people who own and drive their cars themselves and possess the purchasing capability as well
  23. 23. Consumer Behavior  Reference group – Most part of the Target consumers are individuals/working professionals. This group is likely to experience a lot of Peer Influence in terms of new service exposure. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the communication reaches such common influence centers  Superior Quality at Affordable Rates.  Convenience and Location is a strong Motivation for a Consumer  Occurrence of Routinized Behavior.  Product Alternatives are totally Inferior and Incompetent to that of the Product Offering.  Focus on Time, Money & Effort.  Belief that Existing system is Inefficient and Unproductive.  Unique and Innovative offering to the target market results in Enhanced customer experience.
  24. 24. Expenditure INR/month Financial data 2 labour premise rent 8000 15000 current 3000 soap liquid 3000 Miscellaneous 4000 Marketing & Advertisement 10000 interest to be paid to bank 10000 principle per month 20000 Expenditure/Month Total Expenditure 73000 20000 15000 10000 10000 8000 3000 3000 4000
  25. 25. Pricing Strategy Profit split 35% 38% Expenditure per month interest to be paid to bank principle per month 18% 9% Break Even Point is in 17 months Take away from the business Series1 112500 59500 43000 10000 Revenue Expenditure per interest to be paid principle paid/ month to bank / month month
  26. 26. Break Even Point 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Unit sales 18250 20075 22082.5 24290.75 26719.83(Increase in 10 percent) Unit Cost 75 80 85 90 95(Increase in 5 INR per year) Total Sale Amount 1368750 1606000 1877013 2186168 2538383 Expenditre 516000 567600 624360 686796 755475.6(Increase in 10 percent) Interest to Bank 120000 120000 120000 120000 120000 Principal to Bank 240000 240000 240000 240000 240000 Take Away 492750 678400 892652.5 1139372 1422908 % Take Away 36 42.24159 47.55709 52.1173 56.05567 Repay Achieved % 24 48 72 96 120 Break Even Point Principal to Bank 732750 918400 1132653 1379372 1662908 Break event achieved % 73.275 165.115
  27. 27. Comparative Pricing The following are the existing competition :  Local labor who are engaged into manual car wash  Service stations and garages that do it when they do the regular service  Chauffeurs who double in to wash the car  Owners spend time on doing it themselves local labor service station chauffeur owner Car Wash System No of washes / month 30 1 30 5 2 amount spend on it 400 200 salary waste of time 150 Time spend 30 min 60 min 20 min 60 min 5 min
  28. 28. Promotional Campaign Image Building Product Campaign Positioning Differentiation Direct Response
  29. 29. Promotion Strategy  Push/Pull promotion strategy: Express car wash will be promoting its service directly to the customers without any intermediaries.  Unique selling proposition: Quality and innovation in car wash.  Collaborations:  A tie up with the petrol pump will be done where express car wash plant is being set up.  A tie up will be done with the city auto dealers to provide its customers a 1st free car wash at express car wash.  Service Launch: Launch will be done with promotion in locality and car wash will be given to cars @ 50 % for first 2 days.
  30. 30. Promotion Techniques  Coupons: 3 car wash coupon for 180 and 5 car wash coupon for 275.  Garage promotion: Commission will be given to garages recommending express car wash.  Pamphlets: Pamphlets will be distributed in nearby societies via newspaper boys and gatekeepers.  Radio: Express car wash will be promoted via radio.  Door to Door: Express car wash representative will visit homes in nearby societies and explain advantages of auto car wash.  Schemes:  Special scheme for car owners of a society with substantial number of cars requiring car wash.  Special scheme will be given to offices.
  31. 31. Engage smart people in smart work Gone are those DAYS
  32. 32. Value added Services  All vehicles are checked comprehensively before and after the car wash for any imperfections  Car Wash Express and its members of staff are fully insured  For Security purposes all vehicle keys are kept in secure safes  Card payments are accepted at Car Wash Express  All cleaning products used at Car Wash Express are fully bio- degradable  Internal Vacuum, External Polish and Internal Valeting is part of the car wash.
  33. 33. Assumptions  The sample used for market research represents the whole population targeted  Pricing numbers - derived from prediction based on margin targeted  Percentages for customer satisfaction based on industry average  Opportunity for potential growth validated from Industry statistics  Estimation of number of car washes daily chalked out from the maximum turnaround time per unit  Location chosen for launching is well connected and can draw the right customers  Smooth availability of machines/equipment at all times  Maintenance/ Repair of any part of equipment - readily available  Provision for safe disposal of cleaning remnants and recycling of water
  34. 34. References  http://www.kkeindia.com/vehicle_wash_systems/  http://money.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?90024  http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-car-scene/2797-automatic- car-wash-3.html  http://www.morebusiness.com/templates_worksheets/bplans/printpre .brc  http://www.carwashexpressuk.com/price-list.html  http://www.docstoc.com/docs/26056793/Car-Wash-Business-Plan
  35. 35. Vanshika Vignesh Kumar Vikram Agarwal Sakthi Nivashan Venkat Shyamsundar