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CNC machining

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CNC machining

  2. 2. CONTENTS  What are NC and CNC?  CNC system elements  Properties of CNC machines  Point-to-point tool movements  Continuous-Path tool movements  Feedback system for controlling tool movements  Types of CNC machines  Application of CNC machines
  3. 3. What are NC & CNC ? Numerical control (NC) is a method of automatically operating a manufacturing machine based on a code letters, numbers and special characters. The numerical data required to produce a part is provided to a machine in the form of program, called part program or CNC (computer numerical control).
  4. 4. The program is translated into the appropriate electrical signals for input to motors that run the machine. A CNC machine is an numerical control machine with the added feature of an on board computer. The computer is referred to as the machine control unit (MCU).
  5. 5. CNC SYSTEM ELEMENTS A typical CNC system consists of the following six elements  Part program  Program input device  Machine control unit  Drive system  Machine tool  Feedback system Figure 1. Schematic illustration of the major components of a numerical control machine tool
  6. 6. Properties of CNC machines  Based on Motion Type: Motion control -the heart of CNC. Point-to-Point or Continuous path.  Based on Control Loops: Open loop or Closed Loop.  Based on Power Supply: Electric or Hydraulic Or Pneumatic.  Based on Positioning System: Incremental or Absolute.
  7. 7. Point-to-Point Tool Movements  Point-to-point control systems cause the tool to move to a point on the part and execute an operation at that point only.  The tool is not in continuous contact with the part while it is moving.  Examples: drilling, reaming, punching, boring and tapping.
  8. 8. Continuous-Path Tool Movements  Continuous-path controllers cause the tool to Maintain continuous contact with the part as the tool cuts a contour shape.  These operations include milling along any lines at any angle, milling arcs and lathe turning.
  9. 9. Feedback Systems for Controlling Tool Movement  OPEN LOOP SYSTEM CONTROL  CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM CONTROL
  10. 10. Open loop system
  11. 11. Closed loop system
  12. 12. Types of CNC Machines  Vertical Turning Lathes(6-AXIS AND 2-AXIS)
  13. 13. •CNC Roll Turning & Centre Lathes
  14. 14. •CNC Deep Hole Boring Machine
  15. 15. APPLICATION of CNC MACHINES  Cutting  Drilling  Milling  Welding  Boring  Bending  Spinning  Pinning  Gluing  Sewing  Routing