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Keywords for 21st century class class 4

Presentation for the main points of class 4. Ends with the final iteration that we had to do for our keywords and the key questions which need to be asked.
From here on, you have enough resources to actually start working towards the final draft; as a class we are now going to think about a final structure on how all these keywords can be arranged and published digitally.

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Keywords for 21st century class class 4

  1. 1. Keywords for the 21st Century Nishant Shah Leuphana University
  2. 2. What is a Hipster?
  3. 3. Irony as a form of reading
  4. 4. Centre & Periphery
  5. 5. Simultaneous vs Contemporary
  6. 6. The Hipster can’t care about not caring
  7. 7. Conforming to non-conformity
  8. 8. The paradox of paradoxes
  9. 9. Hipster as Creature of Irony Neither – Not / But - Also
  10. 10. Keywords Rescue old meanings
  11. 11. Keywords Reuse Old Meanings
  12. 12. Keywords Rearrange Old Meanings
  13. 13. Keywords create reality
  14. 14. Keywords generate crises
  15. 15. What does your keyword do? Rescue, Reuse, Rearrange
  16. 16. What reality does your keyword create? What crisis does it signal to?