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Overview of lotus notes/domino 8.5

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Overview of lotus notes/domino 8.5

  1. 1. An Overview of Lotus Notes/ Domino 8.5 by Nilabh Verma (Assistant Manager - IT)
  2. 2. General Purpose Applications• Mailing (Exchange, Qmail, Zimbra..)• IM (AIM, Gtalk, Skype..)• Database (SQL, Oracle..)• Word Processor (MS-Office, Open Office..)• Programming (Visual Studio, Java..)• Website Hosting• Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin..)• Conferencing• Mobile Integration (iPhone, Blackberry..)• Templates
  3. 3. Here are the Notes Lotus Notes/Domino is bundle of all of them. Works on Server-Client technology.  Domino: Server Notes: Client  Notes has three applications:  Administrator  Designer  Notes
  4. 4. History of Lotus Notes/Domino Start development from 1984 by IRIS Associates. Release 1 (1989): 25 users, Encryption, Signing, Dial-up, Lotus 123 spreadsheet, email, DocLink, ACL, Replica. Release 2 (1991): 200 users, Rich text, Multiple address books & lookup in mail, Forwarding documents, Large database. Release 3 (1993): Hierarchical format, Background/ Selective replication, support for Apple/Mac, Server for Windows. Release 4 (1996): Lotus acquired IRIS, Programming, GUI for server admin, Built in Internet, Enhance security.
  5. 5.  Release 4.5 (1996): IBM acquired Lotus, Domino came in,Messaging, Calendering, Scheduling, To do, POP/SMTPsupport, CC mail, HTML, Clustering, ECL, JAVA support, Websupport. Release 5 (1999): Directory services, Windows IIS support, Unixsupport. Release 6 (2002): Welcome page, Agents, Better navigation/GUI,Linux support. Release 6.5 (2003): Sametime, QuickPlace, iNotes, IMAP, SSL. Release 7 (2005): Websphare, 128 bit encryption, URL support inchat. Release 8 (2007): Build on eclipse, Integrated word processing,Integrated with Tivoli, Full web support.