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Engaging with todays automotive consumers

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Great analysys on Automotive market by Klaus Paur (Ipsos) 15 November 2012

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Engaging with todays automotive consumers

  1. 1. Engaging with today’s automotive consumersKlaus PAURGlobal Head of AutomotiveHong Kong, 15th November 2012 Nobody’s Unpredictable
  2. 2. Motor vehicle industry is growingDespite economic woes in various parts of the world, production of motor vehicles (passenger-and commercial vehicles) is expected to grow in 2012. Motor Vehicle Production Europe (millions) Americas (millions) Asia Pacific (millions) Global (millions) 100 2012: Millions 80 80 ~84 million 62 (~5%) 60 40 32 41 21 20 17 18 13 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 -20 Source: International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 2
  3. 3. Cars remain a high involvement category in the various marketsIn the various market places, demand for new passenger vehicles shows different modes andspeed of development: Developing economies: growing, due to huge pent-up demand in car ownership United States: recovering, reaching ~14.5 millions Europe: declining, but still ~12 million new PV sales All markets have one thing in common: A shift in needs assessment and expectations towards vehicles! Rapid consumer maturation in emerging economies Gradual shift of attitudes towards the role of cars in mature countries In essence, consumers become more critical towards the value proposition of cars, and expect better offerings to match their individual needs. Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 3
  4. 4. Consumers have an ever growing choice to find the right vehicleOver time, the automotive market has developed from a simple and straightforward modeloffering into a vast and complex, and for consumers rather unmanageable market proposition.This development is ongoing. Various cross-over body types with countless models and model versions in all markets! The sophistication of market offer allows the car makers to cater to individual needs, but makes it more difficult to stand out of the crowd, and catch the attention of potential buyers. Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 4
  5. 5. Increasing information need for consumers is facilitated by digital world Number of car consumers researching online Internet has become the dominant information tool for car buyers, offering a series of online research platforms (websites, social media sites, automotive forum, networking sites, etc.) Source: CapGemini Cars Online Report 2012In a world – mature markets and emerging economies alike – where information about most things becomes freely available, car consumers remain constantly connected!The abundance of information is filtered by the search for relevance, enjoyment, and benefit. Internet is an opportunity for car makers to connect with their clientele, but they need to engage them and interact with them on an individual level. Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 5
  6. 6. Consumer behaviour is shifting Consumer New autonomy and technologies independence in a digital world THE EMPOWERED CONSUMER Intensified automotive competitive landscape Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 6
  7. 7. The consumer is not only better informed, but also has higher expectationsThe traditional “marketing funnel” has become a “consumer journey” with a series of loops.Instead of systematically narrowing down a large number of brands , consumers evaluate arange of constantly shifting options. Communications Initial “I want to Dealer Consideration buy a new Short Experience Brand Fit Set car” List Purchase Brand Association s $ “needs wants and Status Quality desires” Safety Dealer performance Performance Trigger remains extremely Event critical Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 7
  8. 8. Evolution, not revolutionThis change within the market has profound implications for our quest to understand andanticipate consumer behaviour. Methods used so far are just not as engaging and relevant intoday’s world, and sometimes even risk to miss out critical aspects. Our task is to find the missing links to better comprehend the driving forces behind consumer behaviour It is no longer only about understanding consumer needs and purchase motivations, but about knowing what excites consumers. Design perception  Brand image  Perceived quality  Dealer performance  Post purchase experience Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 8
  9. 9. Example: ”Audi City“ – first digital showroomIn a virtual environment, customers can choose all possible colour- and vehicle options, anddisplay the cars on digital screens. Leveraging modern technology to focus on individual consumer needs Experiencing life-sized 1:1 vehicle display Marketing mobility services Bridging online product presentation and personal dealer visit Nevertheless! However important the virtual excitement, real-life experience cannot be fully compensated  seeing, touching, feeling and smelling the new car are supposed to remain critical triggers for deciding on a car purchase in the next future Formidable opportunity to engage in personal dialogue with prospective customers Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 9
  10. 10. Car purchase is a big decision and an important investment – customers expect to be treated accordinglyInformation gathering: Dealer visit:• Website is easy to navigate • Visitor is expected• Relevant information is easy to find • Product experience is supplemented• Appointment can be easily made with digital content• … • … After sales: • Service visit reminder is sent out • Product experience is supplemented with digital content • … Required: Visibility about how well dealer service fits customer expectations! Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 10
  11. 11. We are living in a socially networked mobile world Everyone and everything is connected Things change quickly Contents (information, opinions, etc.) are constantly produced and exchanged Transparency increases Demand levels rise Action and reaction times shorten Good and notably bad news travels fast Continuous update and speed are more than ever vital qualities! Engagement and interaction are key! Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 11
  12. 12. Shifting focus to socialised research traditional socialized People Communities of people Averaged out Individualized Survey data Non-survey data Long-time Right-time Monologue Dialogue Linear Immersive Pre-determined Dynamic Structured Non-reflected Active Interactive Data reporting Storytelling Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 12
  13. 13. Knowing the consumers better Survey based and passive data collection Mobile in the center of market research Fast turnaround, in real-time and engaging Lots of data help us to generate better insights Ipsos Automotive Center of Excellence – Engaging with today’s automotive consumers 13
  14. 14. Nobody’s UnpredictableThank you!
  15. 15. Experience the Voice of the Customer!Multi Touch Point Feedback Solutionsfor the Automotive Industry © 2012 Ipsos. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Confidential and Proprietary information and may not bedisclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos.
  16. 16. WELCOME TO THE NEW NORMALWhere consumers are constantlyconnected and “always on” is theirdefault setting 16
  17. 17. TODAY’S DIGITALLY CONNECTED CONSUMERS ARE DIFFERENTWe have to engage them in waysthat capitalise on and mimictheir expectations in a digitalworld. They want to feel thatwhat they are doing is relevant.What’s more, they want toenjoy and benefit fromthe experience. 17
  18. 18. This has profoundimplications for traditionalmarket research:Old methods just aren’t asengaging and relevant intoday’s new world
  19. 19. NEW REALITIES BRING NEW NEEDSDisruptive market realitiesare stimulating needs for CONTEXTUALmore agile research processes. ACTIONABLE REPORTS INSIGHTS CONTINOUS FEEDBACK INTEGRATED DATA
  21. 21. SMARTPHONE = EVERYWHERE 93% 90% 90% 85% 85% 80% 80% 75% 2012 2015 EST 53% 83% 85% 78% 79% 80% 40% 40% 70% 40% 69% 37% 51%26% 34% 39% 28% 30% 23%10%
  24. 24. REVOLUTIONARY BUT SIMPLEThis is game changing. Our exhibitors and sponsorscould engage with consumers like never before.We could influence crowd movements and madethe event even more fun for our visitors. James Goode, Event Director Golf Live 24
  25. 25. THE FUTURE OF RESEARCH IS NO LONGER ABOUTGENERATING REPORTS It’s about driving precise, informed decisions by sharing insights and encouraging conversations around them…. 25
  26. 26. Why customerexperience matters in the Auto-Industry 26 2
  27. 27. The Influence of Marketing and Customer Experience Shifts Over TimeSTRONG Poor service experiences are a risk for your dealership! Influence of Marketing Communications Influence of Customer Experience Customer Experience matters!WEAK Problem Motivated Evaluation Purchase Ownership Service Recognition Search TIME 27
  28. 28. Why customer experience matters!The Car Trade is currently confronted by changing consumerbehaviour as well as increasing Inter-/Intra-Brand competition.Consequently, car dealers are under pressure to constantly enhancetheir customer service levels to differentiate themselves fromcompetitor dealers.To monitor service quality on a 24/7 basis,an automobile dealer requires an automatedcustomer feedback system.Dealer loyalty100 93% 95 89% 90 85 2007 2011 80 75 Will buy next vehicle at same dealerIpsos 28
  29. 29. Multi Touch Point Feedback 29 2
  30. 30. ViewsCast – The Voice of the Customer  Full service Voice of the Customer solution  Automated customer feedback collected online, via IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS (text) or mobile devices.  Enterprise class reporting and dashboard designed for various functions throughout the organization, from Operations to Senior Executives  Real time online report and customer comments  Imports of customer data from other sources as background variables is a standard functionality.  Actionable analytics to promote best practice across the business and improve the bottom line  Cloud based solution requires no investment in hardware or software
  31. 31. ViewsCast Key Business BenefitsViewsCast directly impacts your Bottom Line, by improving both customer loyalty andoperational efficiency Improve Customer Loyalty  Improve Customer Engagement  Minimize Customer Loss  Increase Repurchase Intention  Rectify Strategic Goals Improve Operational Efficiency  Focused and Smart Budget Spending  Service Level Target Optimisation  Improve Employee Compliance  Enhance Coaching Effort
  32. 32. Feedback from multiple touch points Roadside What to survey? Contact Centre Showroom E-channels Website Service Assistance IVR, SMS, IVR, E-mail, Online slide-up, SMS, E-mail, SMS, E-mail, How to invite? SMS E-mail Online slide-up E-mail Invite Card Invite Card IVR IVR IVR IVR How to survey? SMS SMS (Mobile) online (Mobile) Online SMS SMS (Mobile) Online (Mobile) online Mobile onlinePer tracker an onlinereporting tool and e-mail reports to allstakeholdersMonthly evaluation Monthly evaluation of study performance, interpretation of results and recommendations from Ipsos.Quarterly: • Dashboard Quarterly management dashboard and on site workshop to discuss progress (scores, verbatims, benchmark, • Analysis analysis) and set targets to achieve best in class performance • Workshop
  33. 33. Feedback from multiple touch pointsViewsCast is an automatic Sales und Service customer feedback-systemThroughout the Sales and Service Process, there are many customer contact points.At all of these „Customer Touchpoints“ there exists a danger that dealer staff do notprovide the customer with optimal quality service.As part of the ViewsCast automatic customer feedback system, negative feedback iscollected and provides dealer management with the information required to guideimprovments at the dealership and through to action resolution
  34. 34. ViewsCast – The automated customer feedback system on the service side Service or Repair  Notification of feedback opportunity directly after the vehicle handover (E.g. on Rearview mirror) More than just a dealer We have commited ourselves to continually improve our customer service. As part of this undertaking, we would be delighted if you phoned the following free-of- charge Feedback Hotline and answered 3 questions about our service levels . Wir haben uns zur Aufgabe gesetzt unseren Kunden-servic e kontinuierlich zu verbessern. Wir würden uns daher sehr freuen, wenn Sie unsere kostenloseBeside telephone feedback also online Feedback Hotline Free-of-charge Hotline anrufen und uns drei Fragen zu Ihrer 0800 – 99 600 460(www.audifeedbacknow.com) and SMS Betreuung beantworten.feedback would be possible. Kostenlose Hotline 0800 – 99 600 460 Thank you! Besten Dank!
  35. 35. ViewsCast – The automated customer feedback system on the sales sideSales (Reception / Advice) Notification of feedback possibility prominently placed in Showroom / at the salesmens desk / at the front desk or on brochures. Beside telephone feedback also online (www.audifeedbacknow.com) and SMS feedback would be possible.
  36. 36. Taking back control of online research! We will not be able to control the way our customers access online content, such as customer feedback surveys Customers should be able to complete our questionnaires on the device that they choose. ViewsCast automatically detect the device of the customer and adapts. The respondent will not need to do anything to have the best user experience possible.
  37. 37. Actionable reporting - ViewsSummary Real-time graphs, tables and raw data Digitally recorded IVR verbatim comments Export charts into PowerPoint, Excel, Word or Outlook Automated recurring push e-mail reporting Empowering your employees
  38. 38. ViewsSummary; Automated email reporting Create and save key graphs (queries) that are automatically sent to a specific e-mail address user on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis Scheduled e- mail example. Tables can be pushed as well. 39
  39. 39. Tag Clouds Use tag clouds to identify key topics within open ends then drilldown and examine those verbatim by clicking the target word 40
  40. 40. Closed feedback loops In any modern day business it is not simply enough to identify that a customer is unhappy or that a problem has occurred ViewsCast has developed the ability to allow the organisation to close the loop on identified problem areas Any red flags that have occurred as a result of dissatisfied customer feedback can now be fed back into the organisation so that customer service reps can be assigned and take appropriate actions This is all done through the ViewsCast reporting portal so that our clients can quickly see where and how remedial action has been taken As well as seeing if that action has been successful
  41. 41. Case Study (1)ChallengeOur client wanted to understand the quality of service customers received in the sales andafter-sales environment and take action by providing immediate solutions for dissatisfiedcustomersViewsCast ApproachOEM provided contacts of customers who had been through a brand touchpointexperience. Through a combination of SMS and Online, ViewsCast contacted customers ina relevant and simple mannerOutcomeViewsCast was able to conduct surveys straight after the customer experience and feedresults real-time back into the business at a dealer level allowing the dealer to takeremedial action with unhappy customers. This is a continuous study done on a daily basis
  42. 42. Case Study (2)ChallengeOur client hosts an annual motorshow with industry and retail customers participating.This event takes place over a number of days and our client wanted to get feedback onspecific elements of the show and be able to modify them in a live event environment tothe benefit of attendeesViewsCast ApproachTablets were distributed around the event location and attendees were able to participatein a short online study asking them about their experience with different elements of theevent. This was then reported ‘live’ to our client who could take immediate actionOutcomeViewsCast was able to conduct surveys straight after the customer experience and feedresults real-time to event organisers. They then changed elements of the event to makethe attendee experience more rewarding
  43. 43. ENGAGING TODAY’S CONSUMERS THROUGH NEW APPROACHES GIVES US GREAT OPPORTUNITYThrough relevant, interesting and inthe moment research we can achievedeeper insight and real time feedbackBy layering multiple sourceswe open a new era for research 45
  44. 44. For any further information or questions please feel free to contact usBen Llewellynben.llewellyn@ipsos.com+60 (129) 737 547Richard Kornrichard.korn@ipsos.com852-6650 3062 © 2012 Ipsos. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Confidential and Proprietary information 46 and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos.