classification uses energetics pathway glycogen glycogen metabolic disease sp2 hybridization in alkenes sp3 hybrididzation in alkanes uses of olefins preparation reaction alkenes type of isomerism geometrical isomerism structural isomerism hmp shunt pathway energetics glycolysis citric acid cycle coulson moffitt theory sachse-mohr theory bayer's theory stabilities theory sodium benzoate epedrine hcl type of non-aqueous titrtaion definition of non- aqueous titration hydrochloric acid sodium hydroxide potassium permanganate oxalic acid mole errors significant figures impurities sources technique type of acid base titration. base acid indian pharmacopoeia pharmacopoeia deaminbation transamination starch salivary amylase ph temperature vitamine coenzyme q10 coenzyme regulation gmp guidelinesr manufacturing diagnosis type glycogen storage disease tranquillizers glaucoma pilocarpine opioids mutual prodrug potassium chloride sodium chloride electrolyte basic acidic buffers antihistaminic drug
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