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Agile SEO - Optimizing in Real-Time - BOLO 2012

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My presentation on "Agile SEO" given at the BOLO 2012 conference in Scottsdale, AZ. The presentation discusses how to apply agile methodology to SEO and marketing more broadly to help agencies and brands be more fluid & responsive in optimizing their assets. Image credit and resource links are given within the slide and appendix where appropriate.

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Agile SEO - Optimizing in Real-Time - BOLO 2012

  1. AGILE SEO Optimizing in Real-TimeNick RoshonSr. SEO Strategist, iCrossing@nickroshon
  3. The typical lifespan of a post… @nickroshon | #BOLO 3
  4. Social-only vs. SEO-only vs. Both SOCIAL SEO BOTH @nickroshon | #BOLO 4
  5. ATTENTION IS SCARCE @nickroshon | #BOLO
  6. 1,000,000,000,000Web pages indexed by Google @nickroshon | #BOLO
  7. 42,000,000Facebook Pages * Pages with more than 10 likes; as of March 31, 2012 @nickroshon | #BOLO
  8. 181,000,000Active Blogs @nickroshon | #BOLO
  9. BUY ITEARN ITOWN IT @nickroshon | #BOLO
  10. Blog post with social visibilitySOCIALNEEDS Blog post with search visibilitySEARCH @nickroshon | #BOLO
  12. SEO + Social Together Photo credit: http://www.petgeekery.com/tag/cuddling/ @nickroshon | #BOLO 12
  13. AGILE SEO(what are we even talking about?)
  14. What is Agile? Source: http://www.geekherocomic.com/2009/02/21/agile- development-explained/ @nickroshon | #BOLO 14
  15. What is Agile? Bringing everyone together An iterative approach Short cycle times Showing instead of telling Objective measurement Frequent, open communication Minimal bureaucracy Source: http://searchengineland.com/agile-marketing-for-conversion- optimization-37902 @nickroshon | #BOLO 15
  16. It’s all about speed andresponsiveness, withoutsacrificing coordination orquality Source: http://searchengineland.com/agile-marketing-for-conversion- optimization-37902 @nickroshon | #BOLO 16
  17. So what doesthis have to do with SEO? @nickroshon | #BOLO 17
  18. SEO is three things Technical Keywords Magic Stuff & Copy & Luck (copywriters) (PR & outreach) (developers) PROCESSES performed by PEOPLE @nickroshon | #BOLO 18
  19. FRAMEWORK FOR AGILE SEO (How YOU and YOUR CLIENTS can implement) 19
  20. Agile SEO is not this…COPY TECH PR SEO @nickroshon | #BOLO 20
  21. Agile SEO is this… TECHCOPY OUTREACH SEO ANALYTICS @nickroshon | #BOLO 21
  22. Agile SEO – Avoiding waterfalls Source: http://www.commonplaces.com/inspiring-conversation/team- posts/agile-vs-waterfall-how-approach-your-web-development-project @nickroshon | #BOLO 22
  23. Agile SEO - Timing & Priority Organize in short sprints – Include SEO in each sprint – Keep each sprint focused on S.M.A.R.T. goals – Create “Epic” stories with bigger picture goal, user stories with various steps to achieve the Epic – User stories focus on users – Strong project management helps – Avoid “waterfall” project style @nickroshon | #BOLO 23
  24. Agile SEO - GoalsGuiding principles of Agile include: – Focus on USERS first – Create transparency, collaboration, accountability – Avoid meetings, siloing, wasted time – Keep shipping – smaller increments but constant output of work Photo credit: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2012/10/01/agile- @nickroshon | #BOLO 24 marketing-guide
  25. PROCESSES FOR AGILE SEO (or any kind of SEO, for that matter)
  26. TechnicalStuff @nickroshon | #BOLO 26
  27. Agile SEO for Web Development • SEO requirements for each sprint • SEO as part of QA for new launches • SEO training for web team • SEO analysis for each page template Technical • Accountable for SEO friendly design Stuff (developers) • SEO as part of developers job @nickroshon | #BOLO 27
  28. Example: Agile SEO in Web Dev Audit new pages for:  H1 tags  Social Sharing Buttons  Microformats  No text in images  Body text placeholder  Breadcrumbs  Internal links  Site Nav. Elements  Loading Speed @nickroshon | #BOLO 28
  29. ContentCreators @nickroshon | #BOLO 29
  30. Agile SEO for Content Creators • SEO as part of content brainstorming • SEO as part of content calendar • SEO performed before content is published Keywords • SEO as part of content QA process & Copy • Accountable for SEO-friendly copy (copywriters) • SEO as part of copywriters job @nickroshon | #BOLO 30
  31. Example: Agile SEO in Copy Keyword Presence in:  Page Title  Meta Description  Image Name / Text  1st Paragraph  Taglines / H2  Internal Links  URL  External Links @nickroshon | #BOLO 31
  32. PR &Marketing @nickroshon | #BOLO 32
  33. Agile SEO for PR & Marketing • Influencer outreach for new content • Social media outreach for new content • Internal outreach for new content & ideas Magic • Bridge builder between departments & Luck (PR & outreach) • Accountable for SEO-friendly social • SEO as part of marketing’s job @nickroshon | #BOLO 33
  34. Example: Agile SEO in PR Link to website/owned media in:  Email Marketing  Social Media  Internal Emails  Client/Partner Outreach  Blog Posts  Press Releases  Videos  Printed Media @nickroshon | #BOLO 34
  35. ROADBLOCKS TO AGILE SEO (or any kind of SEO, for that matter)
  36. Roadblock 1: Bad for Users SEO is spam and bad for users. @nickroshon | #BOLO 36
  37. SEO is GOOD for users • SEO helps users find what they’re looking for • SEO ensures content speaks same language as customers • SEO encourages efficient & accessible coding • SEO emphasizes good user experience & creating like/link- worthy content @nickroshon | #BOLO 37
  38. Roadblock 2: No Time We don’t have time for SEO… @nickroshon | #BOLO 38
  39. You have time for MARKETING If you have time to proofrad copy AND <b>you have time to QA code</br> AND you have time to do marketing THEN you have time to do (Agile, efficient) SEO @nickroshon | #BOLO 39
  40. Roadblock 3: SEO is unnecessary Search Engines can find content on their own – good content doesn’t need “SEO” @nickroshon | #BOLO 40
  41. Poor logic is poor By that same logic, great products don’t need ANY marketing – consumers will simply find your products and buy them based on quality alone @nickroshon | #BOLO 41
  42. Roadblock 4: No budget We don’t have money for this… @nickroshon | #BOLO 42
  43. SEO is a skillset, not a cost • Very little fixed cost involved with SEO (tools & reporting) • SEO is part of items that DO have budget (copy, web dev., etc.) • SEO is a highly efficient marketing channel • SEO can be done for “free” with right people & processes in place @nickroshon | #BOLO 43
  45. SEO isn’t a step in the process, it’s part of EACH STEP in the process @nickroshon | #BOLO 45
  46. Once taught and integrated, SEO pays for itself @nickroshon | #BOLO 46
  47. Search and Social Media is like 1+1=3 @nickroshon | #BOLO 47
  48. Optimization is mindset, Not a finite task
  49. What to do tomorrow• Web Developers – add SEO to your development sprints• Copywriters – add SEO into your proofreading/editorial process• PR & Marketers – add SEO into your outreach• SEOs – start integrating into the above• Agency owners/directors – make this happen! @nickroshon | #BOLO 49
  50. About Me / iCrossing iCrossing, Inc.: • Owned by Hearst Corporation • 19 Offices Worldwide • 850 Professionals • 40+ Fortune 500 Clients • iCrossing.com Nick Roshon: • Sr. SEO Strategist • Blogger / Race Car Driver • Tempe Resident • NickRoshon.com @nickroshon | #BOLO
  52. Quick Wins for Developers1. Implement Facebook OGP Tags2. Add Social Sharing Buttons3. Make Page Speed Enhancements4. Optimize Page Templates5. Create Dynamic Titles & Meta Data6. Add Rel=canonical tags7. Upload XML Sitemaps8. Review Google & Bing Webmaster Tools9. Build SEO tools into your CMS (Keyword Research, Title Tags, Microformats Markup, etc) @nickroshon | #BOLO 52
  53. Quick Wins for Copywriters 1. Use AdWords Keyword Tool 2. Article/Content Ideas: 1. Ubersuggest 2. Soovle 3. Topix 4. Bottlenose 5. Google Insights / Trends 3. Ensure keywords use in: 1. Page Titles 2. Meta Description 3. Article Name/H1 Tag 4. First Paragraph More Content Tools for SEO: http://marketingland.com/12-content-research- tools-you-should-be-using-21773 @nickroshon | #BOLO 53
  54. Quick Wins for PR & Marketing1. Influencer prospecting – Klout, Google, Blogs, Books2. Influencer outreach – Google+, Twitter, Facebook Page Data3. Social Sharing – use canonical URLs4. Internal Marketing – leverage employees to help market important news/content5. Don’t neglect your blog! @nickroshon | #BOLO 54
  55. Additional Wins for All… • Leveraged Paid Social + Paid Search to amplify content marketing & SEO • Practice Social Reciprocation (give to receive) • Algorithm-proof SEO – Always put users first! – Personas = great way to marry SEO & user behavior • Utilize Google+ for improved visibility (in Google) – Brand page – Authorship markup @nickroshon | #BOLO 55
  56. DISCLAIMER• All photos, charts & media are copywrite their respective owners – credit was given where available/possible• No celebrities are affiliated or have endorsed this presentation• Please contact the author with any concerns over the fair use of media in this presentation: nick.roshon@gmail.com• Thank you! @nickroshon | #BOLO 56