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The Future Of IA

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This is a 15-20 minute presentation I gave at ASIS&T 2006 in Vancouver BC. The idea was to cover emergency trends related to information architecture, that is the art of expressing a model or concept of information used in activities that require explicit details of complex systems.

Eyes on the Future: Trends in Information Technology
Jeannette Kopak, Nick Finck, Sandra Hirsh, and Brian Fling

This panel session will engage industry leaders in a discussion about their views on future trends in information technology. Speakers will represent diverse sectors, specifically Internet and New Media Technology, Information Architecture, Social Media, and Mobile. Some key questions the panel will address include:

• What exciting new technologies and products are on the horizon?

• What user-oriented issues should we be aware of?

• What social and ethical concerns may impact people and companies?

• What are the growth areas for the next decade?

The session will be interactive and the audience will be encouraged to contribute their own thoughts on the future of IT and its potential impact on researchers and professionals in the field.

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