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Storyful's Malachy Browne at news:rewired

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Searching social media presentation

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Storyful's Malachy Browne at news:rewired

  1. 1. The storyful guide to SOCIAL SEARCH @malachybrowne
  2. 2. storyful NEWS from NOISE storyful.
  3. 3. Static Search Twitter, Facebook, YouTube storyful.
  4. 4. “Wayne Rooney” -RT near:Greenwich within:1km London AND bus AND YouTube storyful. • Learn Twitter advanced search • Search operators to help you get closer to the source of a story
  5. 5. storyful. Native Facebook Search is limited. Unless you set search going very early, a limited number of results are returned. Click Public Posts to see these. In Settings, change language settings to English (US) to use Graph Search which returns more results
  6. 6. Use Date Filters This allows you to identify the earliest and original version of a video and exclude ‘scrapes’. storyful.
  7. 7. storyful. TIP: Unique video code Every piece of content on the web has a unique code. Search Twitter and Facebook using this to see how the video or picture has passed through social media. Trace origins, find affiliated social profiles.
  8. 8. Search Tools storyful.
  9. 9. Storyful MultiSearch Search for images, videos & people from one panel Get it at the Chrome Web Store http://bit.ly/15lCZgV storyful.
  10. 10. GeoFeedia - Find content and tweets tagged by location - Good for identifying local search terms, hashtags - Some limitations (not everything has location info)
  11. 11. TOPSY – advanced/historical search - Multiple search terms - Date & time range - Tweets - Other information - Topsy Free & Pro
  12. 12. storyful. Wolfram Alpha ‘Knowledge Engine’ Find weather and other info on specific dates in specific locations - good for corroborating details Other useful tools: - spokeo.com - ifttt.com
  13. 13. News from Noise Social Media Monitoring storyful.
  14. 14. storyful. 700,000 items shared per minute 100 hours added per minute Why are lists so important? They help us cope with volume, filter social media into subsets and allow early discovery of stories 40,000 tweets per minute
  15. 15. Organise pages into lists Subscribe to priority accounts 1,000 lists per account storyful.
  16. 16. storyful. Twitter Lists Targeted, well-maintained Twitter lists are among the most powerful tool in your social media newsgathering armory. - Generate story ideas - Read-in for your chosen beat - Track your competitors’ habits - Keep abreast of a breaking story - Promote your entire team’s work
  17. 17. Monitor/Manage in TweetDeck or Twitter storyful.
  18. 18. storyful. Facebook Interest Lists Monitor Pages without polluting your news feed. - Create your own interest lists - Follow lists created by others - Favourite lists for easy access Click here to open out interest lists
  19. 19. storyful. 1 2 3 1 This is where your subscriptions live 2 Group your subscriptions into thematic collections 3 ‘Doorstep’ priority accounts so their uploads email you YouTube Collections
  20. 20. storyful. YouTube Alerts – Doorstep accounts Subscribe for email alerts to your inbox
  21. 21. Case Study: Mitt Romney April Fools’ Joke Sources on our US Politics Twitter list say a prank was pulled on Mitt Romney during his campaign An empty room? Who would possibly have video? Romney’s bagman has a YouTube account, let’s subscribe to that for email alerts Storyful is alerted via email to the video as soon as it is uploaded. Storyful alerts the video to news clients 30 minutes before Mitt Romney’s Twitter account mentions it.
  22. 22. Storyful Tech Alertbot, Heatmap, Trending storyful.
  23. 23. Alertbot – software that monitors hundreds of Storyful lists Alertbot signals that the behaviour of a list has changed and our journalists should investigate it. Above: Our Greece list sends alerts that a well-known left-wing musician was stabbed to death, an event that sparked violent protests Above: As news of the pope’s resignation exploded across the world
  24. 24. Alertbot example Assassination of significant opposition politician in Tunisia Storyful’s Alertbot picked up the conversation around this event from our lists Alerted our newsroom over one hour before mainstream wires alerted it
  25. 25. HeatMap – monitors info shared by 1000’s of sources Examples • US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage; • Retirement of Microsoft CEO announced; • Death of author Elmore Leonard. Subject to vetting, this information gives Storyful newsroom a lead on “traditional” wires
  26. 26. Trending Content - what the list is sharing Storyful technology extracts the links, videos an pictures trending on our lists in a 60 minute, 24 hour or 7 day period. Example: Trending content from our Syria list in the last 60 minutes surfaced early video of UN inspectors in Damascus
  27. 27. Case Study Fallowfield, Canada Train-Bus crash storyful.
  28. 28. Get closer to the story 1. Open Storyful’s pre-curated Canada list to see what reputable sources are saying 2. Open a Twitter search using the “near:Ottowa” filter to find search terms and exact location 3. Narrow the Twitter search for exact placeneme, “Farrowfield” 4. Find geo-located photos and tweets via Twitter search 5. Open Facebook search Alertbot reports an event on our Canada list
  29. 29. storyful. Get closer to the story Use GeoFeedia to find geo-located photos and tweets via GeoFeedia or Twitter search
  30. 30. Get closer to the story Using the right search terms, usually it’s possible to find eyewitnesses from the earliest tweets and Facebook posts.
  31. 31. storyful. Breaking News Wire Storyful alerts news clients to verified updates and content with guidance on usage rights
  32. 32. storyful.com @malachybrowne malachy@storyful.com