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ปฏิวัติธุรกิจโลกออนไลน์เข้าสู่ยุค SoLoMo

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ปฏิวัติธุรกิจโลกออนไลน์เข้าสู่ยุค SoLoMo

  1. 1. By: Banyapon {@daydev} Poolsawas
  2. 2. TVA lot is happening in Mobile space and we earlier shared the mobile trends for 2011
  3. 3. The Mobile Internet business iswitnessing innovation in terms of•  Content•  Advertising format•  Apps•  Locations•  Chat!
  4. 4. Mobile & Internet Trends in 2011Rapid Growth•  Mobile Platforms•  Social Network (Website & Mobile)•  Time Shifting to Mobile Usage•  Mobile Advertising (Ad mob)•  Geo-Location, Location Service•  M-Commerce•  Social Commerce•  App Region•  Augmented Reality (Awareness)•  Summary Trends to Watch in Next Years•  Behaviors
  5. 5. SO LO MOsocial local mobile Explain by: @daydev
  6. 6. Great 3 Trends in Digital MediaSOCIAL – LOCAL - MOBILEEverybody is talking and writing about•  Social features.•  Local business. (i.e. coupons)•  Mobile applications.
  7. 7. when everything already is social How can you create social
  8. 8. Time Shifting to Mobile Usage Social Networking Accelerating growth of Mobile
  9. 9. Real-Time Social Features Accelerating Mobile UsageGrowth - Sharing + Location + Friending...
  10. 10. SoLoMo And The Future Of Mobile Technology What were seeing today in the arenas of local commerce, deals, and productivity is only the beginning.
  11. 11. Location SharingExpand the Check In•  Location-based check-ins•  Content check-in application•  Brand/Product Conversation Check in Application
  12. 12. Friending Decision63 % of people are using mobile before purchasing offline or via a catalog.59 % of people use their mobile phone to share content while shopping.Rating Recommended
  13. 13. Friending Decision Influencer+ ++1 +3
  14. 14. Loyalty + Proximity = Currency
  15. 15. SoloMo: Behavior Life in Real-world. (Serious)Life in Mobile and Social Network. (Happy) Why so serious!59% - Check Point!
  16. 16. Share with Decision by DiscussionSoLoMo Augmented Reality for User Experience iPhoneography
  17. 17. Photo share = success.People upload photos of themselves eatingthe ice cream and post them to Flickr.
  18. 18. Mobile and Augmented Reality not so far from here!
  19. 19. SoLoMo: Content Behavior + User Awareness + Internet Thing + Social Network + Mobile3 SoLoMo concepts:•  Point of Engagement (POE)•  Point of Sale (POS)•  Convergent MetricsIf you think of social, local and mobile as three separate things, they make upthe conversion funnel in different ways. Social is awareness and familiarity.Mobile is opinion, consideration and model intention. Local is the shoppingand purchase.  SoLoMo helps you build that conversion funnel in a cohesiveway.
  20. 20. SO LO MOsocial local mobile Convergent Analytics •  Engagement Rate •  Sentiment •  Conversion Funnel •  Events/Conversions What are some advocacy metrics •  Loyal customers spend more •  Better connections with core customers •  SEO implications •  Intangibles, press and awards
  21. 21. Marketing in SoLoMo :)•  SoLoMo is not magic.•  Make it easy to share•  X-sell with your competitors.•  Open your mind to breaking SEO rules.•  Know your audience
  22. 22. Thank You for your AttentionSO LO MOsocial local mobile