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Soil experiment

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Soil experiment

  1. 1. T H A T T H E S O I L F R O M M I D D L E O F H A N G I N G R O C KH O L D S T H E M O S T WA T E RHYPOTHESISBy :Kat, Asha-Mae, Amber, Annie, Campbell
  2. 2. PROCEDURE• Get enough plastic cups so there is one for each sample.• Label each cup with one type of soil.• Photograph each soil sample and write dot points on what it lookslike, feels like and its colour.• Fill each cup with its matching sample.• Fill each cup with 150ml of cold water.• Leave next to each other in a cupboard for an hour.• When the hour is up take them out of the cupboard at the same time.• Place one cloth over each up.• Prepare the measuring cup.• Turn over first cup and drain water into the measuring cups.• Measure and write down data.• Rinse measuring cup and repeat step for remaining three cups.• Once they’re all measured and data has been collected figure out thecup that drained the least amount of water.• The cup which drained the least water is the one that is most absorbent.
  3. 3. OBSERVATIONSRed Dirt - dark , rough ,earthy smell, particles,cake mixtureThe top of Hanging Rock soil - smooth, dry, very fine, light, light brownSand - rough, light,fluffy, prickly, dry,crumbled cookies,white colourMiddle of Hanging Rock soil - soft, cold, damp,moist, dark brown
  4. 4. DATARed Dirt – Absorbed 20ml,left 30mlMiddle of Hanging Rock – Absorbed 35ml, left 15mlTop of Hanging Rock – Didn’t absorb any, the dirtwas dry, 50ml leftSand – Absorbed 35ml, left 15ml
  5. 5. CONCLUSIONThe soil from the middle of Hanging Rock and thesand from Newham P.S absorbed the most water inan hour and a half.Both samples managed to absorb 35ml.