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NPTechClubATX: Engaging Communities of Color with Gabryella Desporte of Latinitas

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Slides from their August 2019 event.

We are pleased to have Gabryella Desporte, mentor and program coordinator at local nonprofit Latinitas, speak about engaging communities of color and making programming more inclusive. Gabryella is one of the prestigious NTEN and Google Fiber Digital Inclusion Fellows, a national program of emerging leaders. The fellowship program helps them hone their skills and develop new and enhanced digital literacy programs for adults.

#NPTechClubATX is part of a network of tech clubs across the nation and the world. NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network and NetSquared (a program of TechSoup), are co-sponsors. Meetings are free to all.

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NPTechClubATX: Engaging Communities of Color with Gabryella Desporte of Latinitas

  1. 1. Engaging Communities of Color Gabryella Desporte, Program Coordinator at Latinitas
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. About Me 2. About Latinitas 3. About Digital Inclusion Fellowship, NTEN 4. Why We’re Here 5. What Our Parents Need 6. Digital Parents Program 7. ¿Mande? - Communicating with Community 8. It’s Your Turn 9. Conclusion + Wrap Up
  3. 3. About Me ● Born and raised in Austin, TX ● UT Austin, Class of 2017 ● Latin American Studies + Sociology ● Frontera Digital: Understanding Biometric Border Surveillance and Transgender Migrants ● Loves being a mentor, learning new technology, and trying new things
  4. 4. About Latinitas ● Nonprofit organization founded in 2002 in Austin, Texas ● Mission: To empower girls to innovate through media and technology ● Programs in Austin, El Paso, San Francisco, Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico ● Served over 30,000 girls ● After school clubs, weekend workshops, conferences, summer camps, certification programs ● Media literacy and tech curriculum, including: ○ Digital citizenship ○ Filmmaking ○ Virtual/augmented reality ○ 3D printing ○ Drones ○ Coding
  5. 5. Why Latinitas? ● Women only comprise of 20% of the tech workforce and Latina women only hold 2% of all tech jobs. ● Move the Needle - more representation of women and Latinas in technology, media, and STEM industries ● Living in Austin: ○ #1 Place to Live in the United States ○ #2 for Entrepreneurs + Startups ○ #6 Tech Talent Market ● By investing in girls to be the next generation of courageous leaders, we help move the needle to bring better representation of women of color, especially Latinas, in the media and tech sector. Source: https://mashable.com/article/latinas-stem/
  6. 6. About NTEN + Digital Inclusion Fellowship Program ● NTEN/Nonprofit Technology Education Network ○ Digital Inclusion Fellowship Program ○ 5th cohort ○ Members from Texas, Ohio, Oregon, North Carolina, Utah from various professional backgrounds ○ Goal: to create computer and technology literacy training programs for adults to bridge the digital divide
  7. 7. Why We’re Here ● Our mission - To help empower girls to innovate using media and technology ● Where do parents fit in this equation? ● Student access to technology at home limited - that means parents don’t have access, either ● Digital Inclusion Fellowship and Parents of Latinitas - what program can we create specifically for our parents? ● Question: How can we increase access to technology for our community and help address the digital divide?
  8. 8. What Our Parents Need ● Access: Almost every parent owns a smartphone. But, just because they have phones doesn’t mean they can do the same things they could do on a laptop! ○ ~30% have desktop computers, and ~60% had laptops at home ○ Computer and technology training, but how do we go from the classroom to the home? ● Training: confidence in learning new skills, on their own terms ○ Learn about Microsoft apps, Google functionality, and most of all privacy and safety. ○ 2-gen approach: having students teach parents instead of traditional classroom setting. ○ Bilingual assistants to teach as many parents as possible.
  9. 9. Digital Parents/Padres Digitales ProgramThe Digital Parents Program is a series of workshops and an 8-week program designed to equip parents to learn essential computer literacy skills, such as using email, learning about digital citizenship, and learning how to connect to new opportunities for their career. What makes this program special is that it is a free, bilingual program that uses a 2-gen (two generations) approach to accommodate as many parents as possible. What parents will gain out of the program: ● New, applicable knowledge on how to use a computer. ● Networking to opportunities in career advancement and access to technology resources. ● A certificate of completion after finishing the program.
  10. 10. ¿Mande? - Communicating with Community ● Since our parents don’t have access to much tech aside from using their phones, communication digitally can be challenging ● Parents better reached through phone calls, flyers, and other tangible handouts - this builds rapport and retention for programming ● Talking on the phone feels more personal, and parents are more likely to answer ● Ex. Programs at HACA Sites
  11. 11. Now, it’s your turn Chat with the person next to you and ask these questions to each other: What do you do to engage your communities that you serve? How do you cater to their needs? Do you have new ideas on how to engage your community?
  12. 12. What did you learn?
  13. 13. 3 Takeaways: 1. How does your community like to communicate? 2. Does your community have language barriers? 3. Are your communities online, offline, or both? How do you stay connected?
  14. 14. Conclusion + Wrap-Up Thank you so much for attending! Follow us on social media: Facebook: National: facebook.com/LatinitasMag Local: facebook.com/LatinitasAustin Instagram: @latinitasmagazine Twitter: @Latinitas Email me: gabryella@latinitasmagazine.org