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Highlights from the TechSoup Catalog [webinar slides]

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Three program managers from TechSoup share highlights from TechSoup's GLOBAL catalog of tech offerings.

- Whittney Tom – Cybersecurity solutions, including Symantec, Bitdefender and more/
- Baily Maples – Asana project management
- Barbara Shaughnessy — Pledge1% companies

Learn more about these offers and how your nonprofit members can benefit.

See the video at https://youtu.be/IAGlDYmj150

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Highlights from the TechSoup Catalog [webinar slides]

  1. 1. Highlights from the TechSoup Catalog Asana, Endpoint Protection for Nonprofits, and Pledge 1% Baily Maples, Whittney Tom, Barbara Shaughnessy Strategic Partnerships February 2020
  2. 2. 2 Asana for Nonprofits Baily Maples, Program Manager, TechSoup bmaples@techsoup.org
  3. 3. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved3 • Asana is a work management solution • Collaboration tool that aligns communication, content, and coordination into one space Asana: What is it? Communication Content Coordination Collaboration
  4. 4. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved4 Asana Plans
  5. 5. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved5 Asana: There’s a template! $10.1B in technology products and grants employed by NGOs for the greater good 39 languages to provide education and support 79% of NGOs have improved organizational efficiency with TechSoup’s resource offering ● Planning a digital fundraiser ● In-Person fundraising event ● Grant tracking ● Board meetings ● Content calendar ● So many more!
  6. 6. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved6 Asana: Other Resources $10.1B in technology products and grants employed by NGOs for the greater good 39 languages to provide education and support 79% of NGOs have improved organizational efficiency with TechSoup’s resource offering ● Asana Advisors ● Community Events ● On-Demand and Live Webinars ● Nonprofit Forums ● Nonprofit Case Studies
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  8. 8. 8 Security for Nonprofits: Endpoint Protection NortonLifeLock Antivirus solutions for organizations needing to protect less than 20 devices Bitdefender Antivirus, internet security, and mobile device security for up to 50 devices
  9. 9. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved9 Infrastructure and Data Security Azure, AWS, Microsoft Servers, VMware, data backup and recovery (Veritas), Endpoint Protection People Security KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Assessment and Training, TechSoup Digital Security Bundle Courses, (policies and procedures, 12 steps to safer internet for nonprofits and 5 steps to cloud security articles) TechSoup Security Offers Framework Source: Johns Hopkins University End User Tools: Data Management and Use Storage and productivity software: O365, Box, DocuSign, Adobe memberships, Google Drive, DropBox
  10. 10. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved10 Web attacks on endpoints increased by 56 percent in 2018 (Internet Security Threat Report, 2019) Some of the most sophisticated data breaches occur because of simple software updates and patch maintenance. Don’t be that person... Products Norton Security Deluxe (up to 5 devices): You need to protect computers, tablets, and smartphones against the latest online threats and want tools for tuning up systems. This product does most of its work in the background while consuming few system resources and requiring little user interaction. Norton Small Business (5, 10, 20 devices): You need to protect laptops, desktops, and mobile devices) and you need the ability to centrally or remotely manage the security on these devices. NortonLifeLock
  11. 11. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved11 • 24/7 threat protection: Combines several defense and antivirus technologies based on networks, files, reputation, and behavior. • Mobile Insight: Checks apps for potential privacy risks, high battery and data use, and intrusive behavior. • Mobile device location: Remotely locates lost or stolen devices, locks them, and wipes them. • Password management: Remembers, secures, and automatically enters usernames and passwords; generates new passwords. (Windows only) • *Only Norton Small Business* - Centralized management: The Norton Management web portal allows you to view the status of all devices, invite users to install the product, and fix some security issues remotely. NortonLifeLock Product Capabilities
  12. 12. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved12 Comparing NortonLifeLock Products Check out our guide here: https://www.techsoup.org/support/articles-and-how-tos/norton-protection-which-one-is-best
  13. 13. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved13 Products • Bitdefender Antivirus (: Protection against viruses, spyware, and other online threats for 1, 3, or 5 Macs • Bitdfender Internet Security: Protection against viruses, spyware, spam, and other risks for up to 1, 3, and 5 WIndows PCs • Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security: Protection for networked laptops, desktops, servers, and virtual machines from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, rootkits, and other threats. Network protection is managed through a central console. Bitdefender for Nonprofits
  14. 14. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved14 Major Capabilities ● Management console: The console, or Control Center, is deployed as an appliance that runs in a virtualized environment. Control Center provides full visibility into the organization's overall security posture, insight into global security threats, and control over its security services. When you activate the product, you choose one of two types of console. ○ Cloud: Bitdefender hosts this console, and the administrator connects to it with a web browser. ○ On-premises: You deploy this console as an appliance that runs in a virtualized environment in your organization's own infrastructure. You should choose this type only if you have experience with virtualized environments. ● Antivirus and antispyware ● Behavior-based protection: Security for Endpoints stops emerging threats by analyzing the behavior of a given program or process in a virtual environment before it is executed. ● Desktop firewall (Windows workstations only): The firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing users' computers when roaming or working remotely using unsecured networks. ● Content control (Windows workstations only): Content control allows administrators to define traffic scan options and schedule web access while blocking or allowing certain web categories or URLs. They can also configure data protection rules and define permissions for the use of specific applications. Bitdefender GravityZone
  15. 15. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved15 Your staff are your first line of defense! 1. Train and raise awareness with your staff about cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks 2. Take inventory of what you need to protect 3. Protect what you can and manage access Remember to not stop at an antivirus solution!
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  17. 17. 17 Pledge 1% Barb Shaughnessy Director, Strategic Partnerships bshaughnessy@techsoup.org
  18. 18. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved18 Pledge 1% Building a Movement of Corporate Philanthropy 1% 1%1% Product People Profit/ Equity
  19. 19. Who Takes the Pledge?
  20. 20. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved20 Corporations, Social Enterprises, NGO’s • Culture of Giving Back • Crosses Multiple Industries • Many are Early Stage Startups (Disruptors) • Funded by Salesforce or Founders with Salesforce Background • Dedicated to Local Community Engagement • Employee Recruitment and Retention • Strong Diversity & Inclusion Programs • Millennial Workforce • Impact vs Responsibility • Are You Ready?! https://pledge1percent.org/
  21. 21. T TechSoup Pledge 1% Partners
  22. 22. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved22 TechSoup.org Product Catalog
  23. 23. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved23 NetSquared Engagement Opportunities with Pledge 1% Companies ● Event Space & Sponsorship ● Product Demos ● Product Discounts/Donations ● Schwag! ● Conference Passes ● Employee Volunteers/Pro Bono Support ● Customer/Employee Events ● Employment ● Social Impact Best Practices ● Pledge 1% Program Overviews
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