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Features to look for in a web hosting

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  • Really your content is very much impressive. The way you described the features that a business person must look for while dealing with a Best ASP.NET Hosting or Web Hosting sites for High Proficiency,Security of their web sites. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
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Features to look for in a web hosting

  2. 2. Web Hosting ServiceWeb Hosting is an Important requirement for building yourwebsiteRegistera DomainNameChooseWebHostingStartyourwebsite2Net4 India Limited
  3. 3. Features To look for In a WebHostingConsider the following points : Web Space Bandwidth File Type & Size Limitations FTP Access Support? Email PHP/MYSQL Website Tools: Blogs, CMS, galleries, Forums E-commerce options Control3Net4 India Limited
  4. 4. Web Space Ask yourself: Does it meet your requirements? Does it offer scope for future expansion?50MB?500MB?4Net4 India Limited
  5. 5. BandwidthConsider the following points? Is there any cap on Bandwidth utilization? Is your website affected by a sudden spike intraffic?Remember: Many web hosts impose a limit on the amount oftraffic your website can use per day & per month.5Net4 India Limited
  6. 6. File Type & Size LimitationsWatch out!Some Web Hosts impose restriction on: Maximum Size of the Files you can upload Types of Files you can upload (to HTML &GIF/JPG Files)6Net4 India Limited
  7. 7. FTP AccessFTP, an abbreviation for File Transfer protocol, isused to transfer web pages and files from a localcomputer to a host’s server.Many Web Hosts allow you to design your websiteusing their online site builder ONLY.Remember: FTP Access is mandatory in case youwant full control of your website7Net4 India Limited
  8. 8. What does your Web HostingSupport?Does your web hosting support the following? Email PHP/MYSQL Website Tools: Blogs, CMS, galleries, Forums E-commerce options Control PanelThese are some of the most important features you will requireto build your website8Net4 India Limited
  9. 9. Net4: India’s Largest WebHosting Provider We are India’s most trustedprovider for web hostingsolutions Get attractive prices andplans suiting your needsFeatures: Unlimited Data Transfer 99.99% Up Time Hosted In India Free Usage Statistics 24/7 Email & PhoneSupportStarts @Rs. 30/-OnlyBuy Web Hosting9Net4 India Limited
  10. 10. Contact Us Net4 India Limited Address:D-25, Sector-3Noida, 201301 Email: Onlinesales@net4.in Call: 1800-108-444410Net4 India Limited