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Agency & brand - factors that influence wheter DOOH is incorporated into a campaign

  1. Privatelyowned
  2. DOOH and DS projects
  3. Mall, airport and retail
  4. Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain
  5. The DOOH revolution takes more time
  6. Small in size but big in growth
  7. What is the reach?
  8. Are location qualitative?
  9. Do people watch the screens?
  10. What impact?
  11. What are the creative possibilities of DOOH?
  12. DOOH gathers too many different locations and formats.
  13. DOOH lacks of currency, proof of play and metrics.
  14. Do not understand how to position it compared to other media
  15. DOOH is the last mass media
  16. DOOH offers great engagement opportunities
  17. Provide accountability and audience metrics
  18. Provide effectiveness and efficiency
  19. Generate engagement
  20. Define the qualitative and quantitative reach
  21. Define advertising pressure & impact
  22. Pitch media vendors
  23. Discuss budget with brand
  24. Adapt plan
  25. Is a relevant complement to in-home media (TV, print, …)
  26. Allows to follow customer all along the day, from home to POS
  27. Interactivity
  28. Attention to something that emotionally impacts you
  29. Art or science?
  30. DOOH is OOH +
  31. DOOH transform shoppers into buyers
  32. Brands and agencies are ready to embrace DOOH