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Open Source Tools for Libraries

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As presented at Computers in Libraries 2012

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Open Source Tools for Libraries

  1. 1. Free & Open Source Tools Nicole C. Engard Vice President of Education @ ByWater Solutions http://web2learning.net @nengardLinks: http://www.delicious.com/nengard/cildctools
  2. 2. Tweet Questions with hash tag #CILDCTools We will monitor that feed andanswer questions at the end and during the talk!
  3. 3. What is Open Source● Open source software is software that users have the freedom to run, distribute, study and modify for any purpose.● Open source is a collaborative software development method that harnesses the power of peer review and transparency of process to develop code that is freely accessible.● Open source draws on an ecosystem of thousands of developers and customers all over the world to drive innovation.● Open Source software is often free of cost, but not always. When talking about Free and Open Source were talking about about Free as in Freedom.● Open Source is about more than the software its about those who work with, on, and for the software!
  4. 4. Tools You Probably Know Of● FireFox ○ www.firefox.com● LibreOffice ○ www.libreoffice.org● Linux / Ubuntu ○ www.ubuntu.org
  5. 5. Tools You Probably Know Ofwords● Koha ILS koha-community.org ○● Evergreen ILS ○open-ils.org
  6. 6. Tools You Should Know!
  7. 7. LimeSurvey – Web Surveyswww.limesurvey.org● Free Surveys● Hosted on your servers● Unlimited surveys● Data is all yours● Surveys in multiple languages● Printable surveys
  8. 8. Scribus –Desktop Publishingwww.scribus.net● Create: ○ Newsletters ○ Signs ○ Flyers ○ Promotional Material
  9. 9. Camstudio - Screencastswww.camstudio.com● Share: ○Tutorials ○Book Discussions ○Library Tours ○Interviews
  10. 10. LibKi – Public PC Mgmentwww.libki.org● Designed by and for librarians● Web-based admin area● Manage library computer users● Manage library patron’s time on computers
  11. 11. Zotero – Citation Mgmentwww.zotero.org● Citations stored in Firefox & online● Shared libraries● Online groups for sharing of resources● Generate bibliographies with a couple clicks Online PDF storage for full text● Awesome Guide: research.library.gsu. edu/zotero
  12. 12. Pidgin – Instant Messagingwww.pidgin.im● Login to multiple IM Accounts● Custom away messages● Typing notification
  13. 13. Spark – Enterprise Instant Msgwww.igniterealtime.org/projects/spark/ ● IM client optimized for businesses and organizations ● Built-in support for group chat, telephony integration, and strong security Features like inline spell checking, group ● chat room bookmarks, and tabbed conversations.
  14. 14. LibStats – Reference Statscode.google.com/p/libstats/● Track reference questions● Build a knowledgebase● Data stored on your servers
  15. 15. Omeka – Online Exhibitswww.omeka.org● Professional-looking online exhibits for your digital collections● Tagging and RSS feeds● Multiple themes
  16. 16. VuFind - OPACwww.vufind.org
  17. 17. Blacklight - OPACwww.projectblacklight.org
  18. 18. SOPAC - OPACwww.thesocialopac.net
  19. 19. Scriblio - OPACscriblio.net
  20. 20. Reserves Direct – Course Reserves www.reservesdirect.org Instructors & librarians can ● manage course reserves Integrates into library catalog ●
  21. 21. Subject Guide – Subjects Plus www.subjectsplus.com ● Subject or Course Guides ● A-Z List of Databases ● FAQs ● Suggestion Box
  22. 22. LibX – Browser Toolbar http://libx.org Browser toolbar ● Instant access to library ● resources Easy to configure by browsing ● the work of others
  23. 23. Portable Apps –Bring Apps w/ Youwww.portableapps.com Allows for the install of many open ● source applications on a USB drive Take your applications and settings ● with you Play with new software without ● commitment
  24. 24. Find more!● foss4lib.org● opensource.web2learning.net● delicious.com/nengard/opensource
  25. 25. Thank You! Nicole C. Engard Vice President of Education @ ByWater Solutions http://web2learning.net @nengardLinks: http://www.delicious.com/nengard/cildctools