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  1. 1. William Neil Brodie Tel Nos +44(0) 1563 522173 44 Sherwood Road +44(0) 7850 441 900 Hurlford e-mail: neil_brodie@hotmail.com Kilmarnock D.O.B : 10th Jan 1964 Scotland KA1 5DW Marital status : Married Higher National Diploma in MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY (Paisley College, Scotland) Higher National Certificate in AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING (Ayr College, Scotland) PROFILE: A career stretching over 30 years in aircraft industry graduating from apprentice, shop floor fitter, manufacturing engineer and design engineer. SIGNATORY STATUS to EASA.21J. CAD System Experience CATIA V5 (AIRBUS trained with certificates) 15,000 hours CATIA V4 (BAe trained with certificates) 18,000 hours CATIA V4 - E3D 3,500 hours ANVIL 4000 (BAe trained with certificates) 8,000 hours (1).CDP / PM (2).HMS CAPP-NCM (3).IMAN (4).VPM (AIRBUS) (5).PRIMES (AIRBUS) (6).Trans- national SAP (AIRBUS) (7).Windchill EPD (8) PDM Link, def specialist (AIRBUS) (9) SMARTEAM EXPERIENCE SUMMARY DISCIPLINE ATA YEARS EXP DESCRIPTION Structures 53 10+ Primary and Secondary structures of major components including 57 fuselage, wing, leading edges and flaps. Electrical 92 3.5 Wire/bundle/SAM route definition and clipping in engine and Fuselage considering separation, segregation and shielding. Satisfying the bonding and grounding requirements. 2D/3D creation of loom assembly’s. Flight Test Installation (FTI) experience. Systems 21 1 ECS distribution system of ram air ducts, pneumatic pipes. 28 1 Fuel and inerting System component design including 47 connectors, double walled floating pipes and ‘A’ brackets. 36 1 Bleed air distribution insulated ducts, expansion joints, bellows and leak detect system. 27 1 Cables, linkages and mechanisms that control aileron / rudder trim and gust lock.2D drawings using geometrical tolerancing 76 2 Engine controls from cockpit centre console including camshafts, Power levers, gears, rods and electrical interface. Interiors 25 2.5 Design and layout of cabin ceiling panels and seals. Cabinet and Galley design for McCarthy interiors CAREER HISTORY Senior Design Engineer: A350-1000 XWB Wing Flap Tracks : ATA 57 SAAB Development of complex Levers and Ribs to support the Flaps Installation. Sweden Progression from Mat B to Mat C and DFM stages. (Jan14 to Date) Exposure to Kinematics. CATIA V5, PDMLink, VPM. Senior Design Engineer: Structures and Systems : ATA 21/38/53 Airbus / Boeing aircraft Jet Aviation Bespoke design of water supply / drainage and air conditioning /venting. Switzerland Structural design of upper,side and floor attachments for cabinets and (Mar11 to Oct 11) monuments.Conceptual design of a standard seat track installation. (Aug12 to Dec13) Liaison engineer on shop providing solutions to installation and cosmetic problems with general interiors including galleys and cabinets. Achieved SIGNATORY STATUS to EASA approval EASA.21J. CATIA V5 , AUTOCAD and SMARTEAM (REFERENCE AVAILABLE)
  2. 2. Lead Designer: Mech/Sys A350-900 XWB Bleed Air ATA 36 (REFERENCE AVAILABLE) Senior Design Engineer: A350-900 XWB - Fuel and Inerting system: ATA 28/47 Airbus site Lead design responsible for a small team progressing the installation of bleed air (PFW office) system in Section 16-19.1.Tasks include checking work and interfacing with other Hamburg risk sharing partners and to hold regular design reviews monitoring progress (Feb10 – Mar 11) towards PDR and CDR. CATIA V5.R18. PDMLink, VPM (Oct 11 – Aug 12) 2D/3D design of fuel system components including “A” Brackets. Proof of Compliance statements to satisfy Verification and Validation. Senior Designer: Mech/Sys RJ146-100 On Board Inert Gas Generating System (OBIGGS) BAE SYSTEMS Conceptual design of support structure, pneumatic pipe routes, ECS ducts and Prestwick installation of the ASM (Air Separation Module) and BAPM (Bleed Air Preparation (Mar09 – Feb10) Module) as part of an inert gas fuel system. CATIA V5.R17. Senior Designer: Electrical AIRBUS A400M- Wing Electrical Systems Installation TDQN Assystem, Answering and embodying production electrical and FTI DQN,s for A400M Preston, Filton, Seville wing installations using SAP, PRIMES, Windchill EPD, and CATIA V5R16 (Oct 08 – Mar 09) Electrical Work Bench. Senior Designer: Mechanical NH90 Helicopter – Life raft Container (REFRENCE AVAILABLE) Inter-Tec Services Concept design of primary structure and boarding aid mechanism Scotland Detail design of life raft composite door. CATIA V5R17 (May 07 – Oct 08) A400M Wing Spoiler Actuator Brackets / System Brackets Actuator Brackets and systems brackets 2D, 3D. CATIA V5R14 A319 Cabinets / Galley for (McCarthy Interiors) Creation of 2D drawings for galley assembly and installation CATIA V5R16. Designer: Electrical AIRBUS A380 - Electrical Routing / Installation / SFM CDI Aerospace, Definition of 2M, 4M wire routing to/from SPDB, Avionic Racks and equipment Hamburg/Toulouse using E3D, e-tool, DVise and VPM. (Dec 04 – May 07) Part of MAP team in Toulouse FAL providing solutions to production to aid instal- lation of brackets and harnesses using Dvise, MORE, Zamiz TAKSY and SAP. Designer: Interiors AIRBUS A380 Interior Furnishings (REFERENCE AVAILABLE) EADS, Hamburg 3D design and layout of main and upper deck composite ceiling panels and attachment (June03 - Dec 04 brackets using CATIA V4 and VPM. Creation of 2D interface control drawings. Designer: Mechanical EUROFIGHTER Structures, Systems and Composites BAe Samlesbury Concessions / Liaison: Conceptual design of repair schemes using a (Feb 02 – Jun 03) combination of CATIA V4 and HMS CAPP – Non Conformance Management Involved with front / rear fuselage structures including repair to composite panels, fore planes, IFRP, ECS systems and windscreen / canopy. Designer: Mechanical EMBRAER 145XR and 170. Fuselage, Wing leading edges, Flaps GAMESA, Spain Design and detailing of complete wing box assembly, flaps and leading edges. (Aug 00 – Feb 02) Layout and design of rear fuselage floor and avionic rack support structure For Embraer 170. (CATIA V4) (REFERENCE AVAILABLE) Designer: Mechanical NIMROD MRA4 Fuselage and composites BAe Prestwick Conceptual detailing, assembly and installation of fuselage floor support (Nov 97-Aug00) structure, seat rails and composite panels. (CATIA V4) Senior Manufacturing Engineer : JETSTREAM 41: Cost Reduction Team (BAE Prestwick) Engineer responsible for small engineering team in final assembly Aug 94 – Nov 97 implementing cost reductions and man hour savings by conceptually improving methods and tooling. (ANVIL 4000) Senior Manufacturing Engineer: JETSTREAM 41: Ctr console Engine controls and throttle box (BAE Prestwick) Engineering of a mechanical system of levers, camshafts, gears, rods and Sept 91 – Aug 94 locks to regulate engine speed with a closed loop feedback control system using mechanically operated micro switch boxes and control panel readouts all contained within the cockpit centre console structure. Manufacturing Engineer: BAE125-1000: Fuel system, fuel tank structures (BAE Prestwick) Production planning of new design forward and rear ventral fuel tanks Apr 88 - Sept 91 Involved in conceptual detail, assembly and installation of structure and fuel system, simultaneously provisioning for jigs and tooling for manufacture and test. Manufacturing Engineer: JETSTREAM 31: fuselage, wing structures and systems (BAE Prestwick) Integrated into manufacturing engineering embodying design modifications Aug 86 – Apr 88 Decide and implement make or buy decisions based on quality and cost parameters. Aircraft Technician Completed 4 years apprenticeship in aircraft fitting and erecting to EITB (BAE 1980-86) requirements and 2 years time served fitter.