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101117 M Vno Congress Business Innovation Session V2

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101117 M Vno Congress Business Innovation Session V2

  1. 1. Business Innovation Session: Developing new mVNO businesses<br />Miguel Ángel Suárez<br />mVNO Networking Congress<br />November 2010<br />
  2. 2. Netherlands<br /> Belgium<br /> Germany<br /><ul><li>KPN traditional and Telfort alternative
  3. 3. 50% Market Share
  4. 4. BASE is the 3rd operator in Belgium
  5. 5. 15% Market Share
  6. 6. e-plus is the 3rd operator, faster growing in a penetrated market
  7. 7. 13% Market Share
  8. 8. The multibrand strategy allows KPN to address more efficiently targeted market sgments with a brand and offer tailored to their needs
  9. 9. This strategy implies the launch of own brands and/or the partnership with third party brands, reckoned in their markets, through “branded reseller” or “joint venture” partnerships
  10. 10. A relevant number of these brands has been finally acquired by KPN, demonstrating the validity of the multi-brand case</li></ul>Multi Brand mVNOs<br />Partner Brands<br />Strategy<br />Own Brands<br />Own MNOs<br />Either as incumbent or as challenger, KPN has bet on the wholesale market to consolidate or develop its market position…<br />AN EXAMPLE OF A “BELIEVER” MNO<br />2<br />
  11. 11. …so they decided to expand that strategy into new markets by putting in place an mVNOstrategy ( “asset light”)…<br />AN EXAMPLE OF A “BELIEVER” MNO<br />KPN I strategy<br />Spain & France as first implementations<br /><ul><li>Asset-light strategy:
  12. 12. Only mVNO proposals
  13. 13. Resources shared, lean organizations and outsourced operations
  14. 14. Multi-country approach using a common platform:
  15. 15. Central: network, IT systems
  16. 16. Local: Mkt, Sales, Logs, CuCa
  17. 17. Multi-brand diversification:
  18. 18. Top target segments: no-frills, ethnic, distribution
  19. 19. Own brands & champion partner brands</li></ul>3<br />
  20. 20. …with quite positive results already one year after launch.<br />AN EXAMPLE OF A “BELIEVER” MNO<br />Total active subscribers in Spain of KPN/e-plus brands (000)<br />2007<br />2008<br />2009<br />4<br />
  21. 21. Agenda<br />The “mVNOmovement” aroundtheglobe<br />AnmVNO Case Study: the US<br />Business InnovationWorkshop<br />
  22. 22. Across the world, the “mVNO-meter” is high: the “mVNO-movement” is growing and demonstrating it is here to stay.<br />THE MVNO MOVEMENT AROUND THE GLOBE<br />Europe<br />~74% mVNOs<br />Established environment: fluid mVNO dynamics<br />North Am.<br />~12%mVNOs<br />2nd wave US, driven by nofrills/retail<br />Asia<br />~5% mVNOs<br />Cons. in several countries. New success stories<br />Middle East<br />~<1% mVNOs<br />First mVNOs up & running in Oman & Jordan<br />LatAm.<br />~<1% mVNOs<br />First mVNOs in Col, Arg, CR. Brazil to come in 2011<br />Africa<br />Presence in South Africa & ongoing discussions in several cos.<br />Australia<br />~7% mVNOs<br />Consolidated in Australia & New Zealand<br />
  23. 23. Most of the international groups have already developed mVNO propositions in their home & key markets.<br />ORIENTATIVE!!<br />THE MVNO MOVEMENT AROUND THE GLOBE<br />Source: Total Telecom mVNO database<br />
  24. 24. Agenda<br />The “mVNOmovement” aroundtheglobe<br />AnmVNO Case Study: the US mVNOmarkettoday<br />Business InnovationWorkshop<br />
  25. 25. The US has gone through all the mVNO phases but, at the end of the day, it has consolidated a strong mVNO business<br />AN MVNO CASE STUDY: US<br />We all know about failed mVNOventures such as Helio, Amp´d Mobile, ESPN or Disney Mobile…. but what is the situation right now? <br />*<br />*<br />23.986<br />22.383<br />21.440<br />19.907<br />*Virgin & Boost not included. Source: companies financial statements & own elaboration<br />7%-13% of mVNO customers** in wholesale (~20% Sprint w/Virgin & Boost), <br />10-25% of Gross Adds **<br />24 Mio Subs in mVNOs: 9,2% of total market**<br />20,49% growth in mVNONet Adds vs. 1,24% in own brands** <br />**Excluding connected devices<br />
  26. 26. This growth is distributed among a number of different mVNOs, addressing different segments…<br />AN MVNO CASE STUDY: US<br />Not exhaustive<br />Source: own analysis<br />
  27. 27. …but a significantpart of thegrowth has beencapturedbyTracfone, thelargestmVNOworldwide, part of América Móvil…<br />AN MVNO CASE STUDY: US<br />TracfoneEOPs `(‘000)<br />26,2%<br /><ul><li>TracfoneisthelargestmVNOworldwide
  28. 28. And furthermore, itsbusiness has hadsignificantaccelerationin thelastyear
  29. 29. Around 50-70% of those new clientscould come fromStraightTalk, brandlaunchedtogetherwithWalmart…
  30. 30. … so Walmartcouldhavemade ~1,7-2,4 Miosubscribers in 1 year…
  31. 31. … and withARPU of 30USD, itsyearlyrevenuecouldbe ~620-870 MUSD. </li></ul>ARPU (USD)<br />37,6%<br />Quarterlyrevenues (MUSD)<br />73,6%<br />
  32. 32. …thankstoanincrediblesuccess of WalmartStraightTalklaunch, thatiscurrentlybeingexpandedinto new markets<br />AN MVNO CASE STUDY: US<br />July/august 2010<br />¿?<br />September2010<br />October2009<br />October2010<br />Agreement w/ ATT&T-Mobile<br />Potentialevolution<br />LaunchWalmartFamily<br />Launch<br />Introduct. of smartphones<br />Wider portfolio of devices at signficantlowercost<br />Bettergrossmargins<br />More smartphones and high-enddevices?<br />Data mVNOlikeBestBuy?<br />Expansion of operationsacrossLatAm?<br />New segmentaddressed: 50%US market<br />Ownbrandused<br />Firstpostpaidservice<br />New brand, notWalmart´s<br />CDMA OnlywithVerizon<br />Offerupgradetomeetthe Christmas campaign<br />ProgressivelyaliningWalmartofferwiththat of theMNOs.<br />
  33. 33. Agenda<br />The “mVNOmovement” aroundtheglobe<br />AnmVNO Case Study: the US mVNOmarkettoday<br />Business InnovationWorkshop<br />
  34. 34. The mVNO models are diverse and -still- open to imagination, yet they need clear vision and action to become success stories.<br />MVNO MODELS<br />“Traditional” models<br />“New” models<br />Retail<br /> Banking<br /> M2M<br /> Charity<br /> Children<br />Ethnic<br />SMS only<br /> Elderly<br /> Community/clubs<br />Discount/no frills<br /> Travelers/VoIP<br /> Data-only<br /> SMEs<br />Telco<br /> Media<br /> VoIP/Innov P&S<br /> Etc.<br />
  35. 35. Now imagine you are an mVNO entrepreneur… how would you reshape the mVNO Business?<br />WORKSHOP DYNAMICS<br />Think of an mVNO for the new wireless world:<br />New connected devices: ebooks, house appliances, cars, laptops, cameras, photo frames…<br />New wireless device manufacturers: Apple, Lenovo, Google, Dell, Amazon ... <br />New online communities and sticky services: Facebook, Tuenti, Youtube...<br />New telco services and over the top plays: roaming, VoIP, SMSoIP …<br />New geographies, withnew models: Asia, Latin America, Africa …<br />Break into groups. Each member should propose an innovative value proposition and a market. Choose one and develop it together.<br />Examples:<br />The mVNO of the car manufacturers<br />The mVNO of the people with income below 100USD<br />The mVNO of Facebook, Google or YouTube<br />The mVNO of Apple or HP<br />The mVNO of Mediamarkt or Radio Shack<br />The mVNO of the evangelic community<br />The mVNO over IP<br />You have 30 minutes to prepare a presentation. At the end, one or two of the group members should do the presentation to the public.<br />
  36. 36. Example of questions to answer<br />Market proposition: what is the target segment, the positioning and the market proposition and what makes it different?<br />Opportunity assessment: why do you think the opportunity will be successful?<br />Entry strategy: how will you develop that opportunity?. <br />Branding/positioning.<br />Offer: portfolio, products & services, pricing, promotions, customer service, etc.<br />Channel: direct or indirect, traditional or new<br />Communication strategy<br />Key success factors: what aspects will be critical to succeed?<br />Remember: prepare a small presentation and select two people to present.<br />
  37. 37. THANK YOU<br />Miguel Ángel Suárez<br />+34 644 100 002<br />miguel.suarez@gmail.com<br />
  38. 38. Update on market evolution and insights<br />Competitive landscape: information update<br /><ul><li>Launched in Q4/09
  39. 39. SIM-only play over TMUS
  40. 40. Low –cost unlimited: $40 T+T unlimited, $60 All Unlimited
  41. 41. Estimated 350k active subs
  42. 42. 30% data plans
  43. 43. Main distribution is independent retailers
  44. 44. Very low-cost platform (200k$)
  45. 45. MVNO w/ Verizon
  46. 46. Estimated customer base >1mn
  47. 47. Large bundles & unlimited: $30 1200 T+T, $45 All Unlimited
  48. 48. Independent retailersand POS-driven approach
  49. 49. Launched in Q4/09
  50. 50. Walmart low-cost offer
  51. 51. Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile
  52. 52. Large Bundles & Unlimited: $30 1000 T+T, $45 All Unlimited
  53. 53. Estimated gross adds Q210 ca 400K
  54. 54. Positive impact on Verizon wholesale Gas…
  55. 55. …led to new ATT contract
  56. 56. MVNO w/ Sprint
  57. 57. Ready Wireless & Trumpet
  58. 58. 30k retail locations,10kmBB
  59. 59. ZERO cost CPGA
  60. 60. Low-cost bundles & unl,; $20 20 T+T, $30 1000
  61. 61. Get ready roll-out expected Q4/10 as replica to Straight
  62. 62. Deals with Dollar General, CVS and Radio Shack
  63. 63. Gaining significant market awareness and share
  64. 64. Lowest T+T+D Unlimited at 40$, best market deal
  65. 65. 40$, not 40$-ish
  66. 66. Charge for remaining VAS and features
  67. 67. Independent dealers and some key chains
  68. 68. Best market performer</li></ul>OTHERS<br />new<br /><ul><li>Fixed in Round-Down message and best-in-market offer of 6c/min…
  69. 69. …yet, no signs of a better-than-market performance in the last quarters
  70. 70. Online and chains as main channels
  71. 71. Revamped operations with wide portfolio of plans, from pay-per-use @ 5c to Unlimited to $50 T+T`W
  72. 72. Introduction of some smartphones in portfolio
  73. 73. Launched new payLo sub-brand to mid-market: 400 min for 20$.
  74. 74. Plus competitive 1200 bundle at 40$....
  75. 75. …yet, unlimited at 60 is turning not competive
  76. 76. Growth- separate of Straight Talk not that clear…
  77. 77. …but consolidated brand, market and differentiation in prepaid….
  78. 78. …i.e. highly accepted by low-usage 55+ white americans
  79. 79. Net10 brand widely present but seems also limited impact
  80. 80. Cricket signed national mvNO deal with Sprint
  81. 81. Verizon launched low-cost prepaid and prepaid smartphones
  82. 82. AT&T tiered data plans</li></ul>Market growth driven by mid usage (high bundles or low-cost unlimited)<br />18<br />
  83. 83. 19<br />Over-the-top virtual MVNO<br />Benchmark: pinger’stextfree<br /><ul><li>Value proposition:
  84. 84. Free text messaging with second mobile number
  85. 85. Company history
  86. 86. Launched in August 2006 as Voicemail service
  87. 87. Launched textfree in March 2009
  88. 88. Feb 2010:
  89. 89. Reached profitability
  90. 90. 1bn text sent during last 9 month
  91. 91. 15mn downloads across all apps (14 apps, all Top100)
  92. 92. September 2010:
  93. 93. 3.5bn texts sent since launch (18mth)
  94. 94. 1.4bn ad impressions per month
  95. 95. Application downloaded 7mio times
  96. 96. Users open on avg. 10 times per day
  97. 97. 70% are on ipod touch
  98. 98. Advertising model (eCPM est. $1)
  99. 99. $6 per year ad free (premium version)
  100. 100. Next steps
  101. 101. Plans to expand into mVoIP</li></li></ul><li>En Octubre del 2009, Walmart apuesta en EE.UU por el mercado de OMV lanzando el servicio Straight Talk.<br />CASO WALMART US > JUSTIFICACIÓN Y LANZAMIENTO<br />Factores clave en el lanzamiento<br /><ul><li>Walmart lanza en Octubre de 2009 su apuesta por el negocio móvil tras los “fracasos” de otros OMVs en EE.UU. como Disney Mobile, ESPN o Helio, pero con referencias de éxito en OMVs de distribución en Europa como Aldi en Alemania o Tesco en Reino Unido.
  102. 102. En vez de desarrollar un acuerdo propio, se apalanca en los servicios de un enabler, Tracfone, del grupo América Móvil, con experiencia contrastada en el negocio móvil y economías que le permiten competir en precio.
  103. 103. Lanza una marca nueva separada y diferenciada –StraightTalk- pero a medida que ésta tiene éxito crecientemente la asocia de forma visual a su propia marca Walmart.
  104. 104. Oferta en sus 3000 tiendas permitiendo que la marca conviva con su oferta previa de todos los operadores, pero asegurando un producto competitivo.</li></li></ul><li>Walmart dirige Straight Talk al mercado masivo (excepto el familiar) con una oferta competitiva y un posicionamiento fuerte.<br />CASO WALMART US > POSICIONAMIENTO GENERAL<br />Posicionamiento<br /><ul><li>Oferta dirigida al público masivo
  105. 105. Venta sólo de producto “prepago” que simplifica el proceso de venta en tienda al hacerlo desasistido
  106. 106. Posicionamiento y comunicación de “ahorro” en línea con su estrategia general “save money, leave better” y transmitiendo siempre un beneficio relevante al cliente.
  107. 107. Oferta tanto de SIM-only como de terminales -en línea con la demanda del mercado-. Diez a quince referencias de terminales, no más para mantener el foco. Opción innovadora de terminales de segunda mano “puestos a nuevos”.
  108. 108. Sencillez en la contratación y en el servicio –100% externalizado a Tracfone- para permitir el enfoque de Walmart en marketing y ventas.</li></li></ul><li>El principal atractivo es un nivel de precios muy competitivo en el mercado, para lo que precisa las economías de Tracfone.<br />CASO WALMART US > COMPETITIVIDAD DEL PLAN DE PRECIOS FRENTE A LA OFERTA DEL MERCADO<br />Principales planes de precios en EE.UU<br />Oferta StraighTalk<br /><ul><li>Sencillez en la propuesta: dos planes de precios pero atractivos para una parte relevante del mercado.
  109. 109. Posicionamiento en línea con el mercado: no el más barato pero sí muy competitivo.
  110. 110. Apalancamiento en la marca Walmart para transmitir fiabilidad y calidad.
  111. 111. Posicionamiento en lineal similar a las otras marcas, permitiendo comparación.
  112. 112. Comunicación en medios propios: PDV, folletos, web.</li></li></ul><li>An attractive shop online…<br />23<br />…and a comprehensive online tool<br />Simyo Spain<br />A full online proposition, with an attractive shop and a comprehensive customer care tool online <br />