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Eight point business plan

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Simple eight point business plan. Useful for a small business

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Eight point business plan

  1. 1. Eight Point Business Plan Overview
  2. 2. 1. Presents a brief overview of the proposed plan for quick management skimming. 2. Presents relevant background data on the market, product, competition, distribution, and macro environment. 3. Identifies the main opportunities /threats /strengths /weaknesses, and issues facing the product. 4. Defines the goals the plan wants to reach in the areas of sales volume, market share, and profit. 5. Presents the broad marketing approach that will be used to achieve the plan’s objectives. 6. Answers: What will be done? Who will do it? When will it be done? How much will it cost? 7. Forecasts the expected financial outcomes from the plan. 8. Indicates how the plan will be monitored. 1. Executive summary 2. Current marketing situation 3. Opportunity and issue analysis 4. Objectives 5. Marketing Strategy 6. Action programs 7. Projected profit-and- loss statement 8. Controls Eight Point Business Plan
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