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Shillington Portfolio Nat W

  1. 1. Intro Page
  2. 2. vanguard – lorÉal melbourne fashIon festIval naming, handmade logo design and brochure layout
  3. 3. G GE is one of the world’s major integrated energy companies, focused on gas and nergy com oil exploration and p n production, energy retailing, power generation and utility ret ation ti network management. twor atwork As bot a p s both producer and retailer of enerenergy, GE’s strengths come from its integration G rengt ths on across the supply chain, providing acr upply ply y opportunities for gro o po growth w rowth while effectively HALF YEARLY REPORT TO SHAREHOLDERS managing risks associated with majo manag cia major January to June 2009 changes occurring in the e nges e energy industry. Our green future ure Australia’s m most reliable G GE’s commitments Our people – our future Revenues GE’s venture Ecomagination is at energy supplyly Ecomagination consists of four distinct, ma Last year in Australia we welcomed Due to the success GE has had GE has had committed to a sustainable energy le measurable behaviors: ra 62 new employees, including a w ecomagination, we are raising with we are raising raising In today’s competitive ma market, future for our customers. We offer a fu – Doubling investment in R&D. gi record 57 apprentices and 19 our annual ecomagination revenue ur ati revenue nation revenue Ecomagination’s future is in Ecom inextricably range of green energy products to meet an uc GE will invest $1.5 billion annually ves university graduates and scholars. target to $25 billion by 2010. et 2010. 2010. linked to sa satisfying our customers. to their needs, building on the leadership ir ea into cleaner technologies by 2010, tec In the next intake we will recruit 100 In 2007, revenues grew from Electricity is vital to their personal s on 7, rew from position we took as the rst energy on ne up from $700 million in 2004 mi new apprentices as we build solid quality of life or commercial prosperity, omme os $12 billion in 2006 to $14 billion, on o $14 billion, billion, lio ion, io provider t introduce a green power r to ow foundations for our company’s so Ecomagination strives for llong-term, es g- – Introducing more ecomagination ec delivering an approximate 15% mate mate 15% product. Ec Ecomagination is one of the f skill base. increase in revenue. consistent reliability. This year we ha have hav products. GE will double the ou evenue. largest buyers of greenhouse gas ers delivered an improved reliability score re Ecomagination alone has drawn apon revenue goal for products and uc Three yea into this commiitment, hree years to commitment, comm tment, abatement from sustainable generation m at of 96 minutes (102 minutes last year) the strength of 300,000 employees services that provide signicant gn GE has experienced tremendous tremendous nc tremendous sources in the worworld. average time without supply. We are worldwide. Importantly, each year our ch and measurable environmental me progress that will tr nslate to the translate to th ate the Promoting ‘green’ is n just a simple s not e committed to ongoing improvements performance advantages recruitment mix closely r ects the ment re Company’s bottom line, rewarding ine, rewarding liine, rewarding matter of selling renewable products. wab in our reliability of supply, one of the to customers, moving from valuable diversity of our community. CON CONTACT DETAILS L investors beyond expectation. pectation. pectation. We need to align everything we do ng key underlying factors in our capital $10 billion in 2004 to at Since Edison’s time at the leading edge expenditure program. of discovery, GE’s overall mission has GE’s business spans the globe. s the globe. to environmentally aware and ed energy least $20 billion in 2010 Head ofce: remained steadfast; to not only meet A number of product areas seen areas t area seen eas ea efcient outcomes. Similarly, there ere This year we faced signicant cost 570 George Street, Sydney N e ydney NSW 2000 – Reducing greenhouse gas the world’s changing needs, but to below are illustrative of out tanding of out outstanding utstan uts ding remains much work to be done with ith increases in our Network business emissions and improving anticipate them. ecomagination growth iin 2007. 2007. th n 20 0 007. Postal address: the regulations and market incentives to deliver our Duty of Care to our efciency. GE is committed to GPO Box 4009, SSydney NSW 2001 that are needed to encourage a customers, by investing in tree offering products and services sustainable energy future. A national trimming to enhance reliability and rim Hunter area: to help customers reduce their approach encompassing a carbon new wo methods to improve our work 145 Newcastle R Road, Wallsend NSW 2287 greenhouse gas emissions and emission scheme is required. safety performance. We delivered erfo decrease the intensity of the Je Jeffrey R. Immelt s Postal address: Ecomagination is committed to a better prot ou  outcome this year. company’s own emissions. Chairman of the Board and Ch e PO Box 487, Newcastle NSW 2300 seeing meaningful environmental The main driver of pro t has been T pro With Ecomagination, GE has Chief Executive Ofcer hi strategies in action based upon the our Retail business performance, o rform committed to reduce greenhouse 5 Telephone 13 15 35 essential elements of regulatory where focus on protable margin w margins gas emissions by 30-40 percent reform, community education and re from electricity and gas, and entry fr ry by 2008, an absolute emissions p GE ofces are open between 8.30am customer choice. us reduction of one percent by 2012, into new markets such as Victoria, n 5 n and 5.00pm Monday to Friday while improving energy efciency of are paying dividends. a Emergency se c are available ncy services operations by four percent annually Lorraine Bolsinger e 24 hours a day tele y telephone 13 13 88 eph Vice President, Ecomagination s – Keeping the public informed. GE pledges to publicly report its progress in meeting these progres tp Internet address http://ge.ecomagination.com ecomagination goals on an on annual basis. ge half yearly rePort design and layout
  4. 4. evolve ProPerty develoPment naming, logo design and brand collateral
  5. 5. Sydney Theatre box office (02) 9250 1999 Sydney Theatre box office (02) 9250 1999 boxoffice@civictheatrenewcastle.com.au Civic Theatre Box Office 02 4929 1977 Canberra Ticketing 02 6275 2700 The Arts Centre 1300 136 166 www.canberratheatre.org.au www.theartscentre.com.aut www.sydneytheatre.org.au www.sydneytheatre.org.au www.artsfestival.co.nz www.qtix.com.au www.bass.net.au BASS 131 246 (03) 365 2223 QTIX 136 246 4 new works : march to november 2009 booking Sid’s Waltzing Masquerade, Sid’s Waltzing Masquerade, Bonachela’s we unfold Kvarnstrom’s Mercury Season 2: Kenneth Rafael Bonachela’s Rafael Bonachela’s Rafael Bonachela’s Rafael Bonachela’s by Aszure Barton by Aszure Barton Season 1: Rafael 360 Degrees 360 Degrees 360 Degrees 360 Degrees programs Canberra Theatre Centre, Playhouse, Arts Centre, Christchurch Festival, Playhouse, QPAC, Christchurch, NZ Newcastle, NSW Playhouse, AFC, Sydney Theatre, Sydney Theatre, Melbourne, VIC Canberra, ACT Brisbane, OLD Civic Theatre, Sydney NSW Sydney NSW Adelaide, SA Playhouse, venu May 13 – May 16 Aug 21 – Aug 22 Nov 17 – Nov 28 Mar 31 – Apr 11 Apr 17 – Apr 25 May 6 – May 9 Jul 31 – Aug 2 Sep 2 – Sep 5 date production calendar The Wharf, Pier 4, Hickson Road Walsh Bay NSW 2000 Australia Telephone 61 2 9221 4811 Facsimile 61 2 9251 6904 www.sydneydancecompany.com We Unfold : Mercury : Sid’s Waltzing Masquerade : 360° : Rafael Bonachela Kenneth Kvarnstrom Aszure Barton Rafael Bonachela Bonachela’s we unfold is effectively a dual One of Europe’s most revered Aszure Barton is a New York-based, Born in Barcelona, Award winning arts premiere, with choreography set to choreographers, Kenneth Kvarnstrom, will Canadian born choreographer and the choreographer, Rafael Bonachela as the world premiere of Symphony No 1 for make his Australian debut, applying the director of her own dance troupe Aszure been described by the Sunday Times Orchestra and Solo Cello by celebrated sensibilities of this beyond-cutting-edge- & Artists, founded in 2002. At present, Magazine as “the next big thing” and by Italian composer Ezio Bosso. choreographer to the creation of a full Aszure Barton is Artist-in-Residence at ID magazine as among “the hottest of length work for the Sydney the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York, international talent.” Rafael Bonachela “When I heard this new symphony I Dance Company. where she has created commissioned describes himself as a movement junkie was completely swept away. I could work for Mr. Baryshnikov’s new performing and the exploration and experimentation immediately see my new work arising out Finnish born Kenneth Kvarnstrom’s work company Hell’s Kitchen Dance. Aszure also of pure movement is his motivation. of it”, says Rafael Bonachela. “Through is imbued with a bold and distinctive performs and tours with Mr. Baryshnikov’s his music, Ezio creates tensions that take visual stamp as a result of his frequent With an impeccable pedigree, having troupe, in works such as the acclaimed me to a very emotional place. When I hear collaborations with light and set designers been a stand-out dancer at Rambert Come In, which she choreographed. it I feel then I see. Movement for me is no of his choice; artists whose technical skills Dance Company, he later went on to longer a pure physicality but an instinctual and personalities have combined to inspire Described as the most innovative choreograph as many as seven new and emotional response to Ezio’s incredible the overall energy of his creations. choreographer of her generation, Aszure works. Rafael Bonachela emerged as a composition. This new symphony is quite Barton recently created choreography choreographer committed to innovation. For several years the director of the simply breathtaking”. for the Broadway production of The He is now director of his own Bonachela Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company Threepenny Opera. She has also made Dance Company. we unfold is Bonachela’s second full and of the esteemed Dansens Hus in works for Benjamin Milliepied and length work for the Company following the Stockholm, where he presented the finest Rafael moves seamlessly between Company, the Juilliard School, Les Ballets success of the dynamic 360° created in of international dance artists, Kvarnstrom the mainstream and the avant garde. Jazz de Montréal (where she is also 2008. It is his first work as Artist Director. has now returned to a career of creative Recent commissions include works for resident), Hubbard Street Dance and diversity, reapplying his creative energies to George Piper Dances, Dies de Dansa “His dance is like a spray of bullets that hit Transitions Dance Company in the UK. his own K. Kvarnstrom & Co and making Festival Barcelona, Candoco, Danza their target.” The Times, London. Acclaimed in Europe as well as North commissioned works for Gothenburg Contemporanea de Cuba, David Hughes America, her choreography has been Ballet, Helsinki Dance Company and Dance Company for the Edinburgh described as intensely musical, emotionally Finnish National Ballet. Festival, Dance Works Rotterdam, English moving and structurally astonishing. Chamber Orchestra and Kylie Minogue’s award-winning Fever Tour and the 2005 Showgirl Tour. sydney dance comPany brochure design and layout
  6. 6. fIlled sandwIches naming, logo design, packaging
  7. 7. Spring 2009 UK £7 / $15 AUD visionaire Words by Elly King | Styling & makeup by Augur Inc. | Photography by Lars Hansen visionaire Meet Danish fashion Danish fashion photographer Lars Hansen remembers the day he was bitten by the photography bug like it was yesterday… photographer Lars Hansen ‘I was thirteen years old and I had a Although his style is his own, Lars girlfriend living fifteen miles away. studies the way different artists go I was riding my bike to her place. I was about their craft. Subtle traces of in a special mood, ready to explore the the people he admires can be found world with my new camera strapped in his own work. Steven Klein’s stories, around my neck. After ten miles I took Paolo Roversi’s romantic flair, Anton A big breath a rest in the grass, lying there looking at Corbikn’s highly contrasted portraits Florence and the sun. There were flowers and insects and David Sims’ ability to capture the Machine so I started taking pictures of a little fly movement are inspirational to Lars and on a flower. I got carried away. The light, these things manifest themselves in an the composure, the colours, the smells, ingenious, understated manner. Can we weather everything! I went on and on for hours. Lars creates fashion photography with a the storm? I couldn’t stop. I really liked my girlfriend but because of the opening to the story. Much of his work in menswear has David Johnston photography world I was six hours late.’ the shadowy film noir feeling of the 1940s. Elegantly handsome men against dark Essay Girlfriends may have had to take a back cityscapes and rustic backdrops; seat in Lars’ life but only because his the contrast of a striking ‘signature’. The man who built work appears to be a naturally occurring The look was created working only at his own house obsession — the need to photograph night using film lighting techniques. flows and art ensues. Lars’ work Typically, when lighting a fashion shoot has a timeless quality and an aching the model is illuminated and then the moodiness, the narrative performing background. To get the essence of film on the page. He plays beautifully with noir the traditional concept was inverted. light and shadow. Shafts of light falling The room was dimly lit with spots of light onto his models with inspired precision and the model worked into the various and his use of muted, murky colours light settings. Lighting technique and the set against splashes of rich colour, use of contrast is an important aspect of creates a nostalgic glamour. Lars’ photography and one that allows him to produce emotionally moving Educated in Denmark and graduating images wherever the location. in 2000, Lars started his studio the same year with a portfolio that includes work Although having traveled the world for magazine titles like Esquire (his and worked in stunning settings like ‘playground’), Arena, Harpers and Queen the Sahara and Ireland, Lars maintains, and portraits of some big personalities, ‘most of my best pictures are still made including the late Michael Jackson, in a stinky back alley 200 metres from Depeche Mode and Will Smith. my home. It sounds like a cliché but good pictures are everywhere.’ If you have the talent of Lars, that is… erase magazIne magazine design and layout
  8. 8. T 0425 262 927 E wrightnatalie@hotmail.com