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What have you learned from your audience feedback

  2. Audience feedback is very important before creating the product and after creating the product due to the fact that the product has to meet their needs and expectations in order to conduct a successful product overall. It is a type of interaction associated with the use of audience response systems, which creates interactivity between the creator and their audience. It is very important for a successful media product, you need to establish an audience. Huge amount of research goes into any potential new media product before it is made, and the feedback gathered after helps with the improvements. The main questions that we asked for our potential audience were their age and gender in every survey we conducted where we would analyse these results; so we know who our target audience is and to create an audience profile. One of the most significant things that I learnt from my audience feedback is things they would expect to find in my product.
  3. 1ST PRE-PRODUCTION SURVEY The first survey that I created was the pre-production survey on survey monkey and I created some paper questionnaire. The survey was based on our initial ideas for our music video and two of the questions were based on age and gender. From the results, the average age was young adults aged16- 20 and predominantly female, this information is important due to the fact that I needed to base my media product on these audiences and enabled me to create an audience profile. Moreover, we are also in this age range, which conveniently allowed us to be more representative of their musical and visual preferences. This is also reflective of Coldplay’s own target audience, and the fact that my group and I belong to this group of people made us more able to reflect this target audience in our music video. Furthermore, this survey was also based on what they prefer where we gave them options on what band or artists they would prefer such as Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Katy Perry, etc. From the results, the most popular choices were Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys. So, we decided to choose Coldplay as it is one of the popular choices and as a group we thought we would be more reflective of their audience and that it would fit into our chosen genre better. We also chose to do further research into Coldplay to consolidate the fact that they were our
  4. 2ND PRE-PRODUCTION SURVEY In the second pre-production survey was based on finding out our audiences demographic profile (occupation and education) , dress sense, psychographic, ethnicity, and music video style. Collecting all this audience feedback which enabled my group and I to create an audience feedback specific to our media product. For the demographic profile, given the age of our target audience, this group of people will not have a completely disposable income. They tend to stay in education, or if in part time, they will also have a part time job which will provide them with a small amount of money. Furthermore, for race our survey consisted of alternative ethnicities too, which my and I group still represented within our music video, by changing some of the actors as in the beginning we had mostly White/British so we included African/Caribbean . We also captured a busy scene within Central London (such as Piccadilly Circus) to capture the essence of a diverse and varied nation, which London is. This location is also fitting with the psychographic profile for our music video. In terms of the geo-demographic profile, our audience are from an urban environment, this is because of the fact that 100% of our respondents replied by saying that they would normally live in an ‘urban environment’. Overall, by having this audience feedback we managed to reflect these ideas in our own music video which was very effective and professional. In addition, without the pre- production survey we wouldn’t of been able to include all these ideas of representations and certain groups, due to the fact that in our music video we represented were the youth culture and how females are objectified in the media.
  5. POST PRODUCTION SURVEY It is very important to gain feedback after conducting the media product, due to the fact that we needed to know how our audience are able to identify the ideas and representations that we created within our music video. From the results, the majority of the respondents were able to successfully identify the genre of our music video and explained that the costumes, editing techniques especially in the use of the overlay effect which contributed to the identification of the pop-rock genre, showing that we have been successful in following the conventions. Moreover, the use of props such as instruments in the music video noted that it is a common convention of rock music videos since our music genre is a hybrid of rock as well as pop. In terms of the locations Ladbroke Grove and Portobello which felt they conformed to the pop-rock genre. Moreover, some of the respondents noted that we have used a combination of conceptual, performance, and narrative elements in our music video and liked how there was a diversity in our band, reflecting contemporary rock. Moving on to the scene where the band was busking, so shows the performance element of the music video and conforms to the pop-rock genre as it is a typical convention. Some of the respondents also suggested that we focused too much on the negative representations and missed out the positive representations of the youth culture, which we could of improved on. Furthermore, some of the respondents went into detail about the strengths of our media language and found the double-exposure at the end successful. However, one major negative piece of feedback is that the quality is a bit poor and that this can be overcome by using better quality equipment in the future. Also, some of the respondents felt that there was an overuse of overlays, but regardless still feels that it is still effective if repetitive. This is due to the lack of
  6. FOCUS GROUP FEEDBACK For our focus group feedback, it involved 4 people which gave spoken feedback after watching our music video. The questions asked were the same as the post- production survey, however it was better to receive the feedback this way. This is due to the fact that we were able to gather more feedback as the respondents were able to elaborate and expand on their feedback and the way Chloe was asking in more detail and in an understandable way. For the question, ‘are the negative representations of young people accurate or inaccurate ?’ one of the respondents believed that the representations were accurate and that they support the idea of young people not being emotionally stable, and also the fact they have ups and downs in their teenage life. This is exactly the mood that we were going for, and the concept of young people as often ‘troubled’ as stated by the theorist Dick Hebdige who suggested that representations of young people as being ‘fun’ and ‘trouble’. Also, one of the respondents stated that the use of editing was very effective and she likes the use of fade in and fade our which shows that it is a narrative based music video. Also, the use of mise-en-scene was also very effective especially the part with the mirror as there was a good use of media language by showing the negative representations and the feelings in the atmosphere. We also received some feedbacks on what improvements could be made were things like some shots are unstable and too shaky which made them unclear, and this is due to them being handheld shots. Another improvement that was suggested was based on the technical aspects such as
  7. SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDBACK - FACEBOOK I also posted the music video on Facebook to gain extra feedback from a variety of different people. I gained some positive feedback such as the music video is professional due to the editing skills used.
  9. PRE-PRODUCTION SURVEY This survey was also important to have due to the fact it gave me an insight of what they would expect to see on a pop-rock digipak and magazine advertisement, in terms of colours, layouts, features, type of image and what the most prominent features they see on these two products. From the results, I found out that the use of bright colours and that they preferred Coldplay’s digipaks layout which allowed me to consolidate my ideas and choices. Moreover, the fact that I was hugely inspired by Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams digipak and the magazine advertisement made me more sure about how I should layout my own products. Overall, by gaining this audience feedback it allowed me to research and plan my digipak and magazine advertisement by finding out what features and colours would capture their attention more and would make both products successful.
  10. POST-PRODUCTION SURVEY Post-production feedback on my digipak and magazine advertisement after constructing my products. This survey enabled me to find out if my product falls under the pop-rock genre and this was successful because all the respondents agreed that it fits to this specific genre. I also wanted to make sure that there is a clear link between the digipak and magazine advertisement because it is a code and convention to have a link between the two products. From the results, it is clear that I have a link between them due to the fact that all the respondents said that there is a link and the main link was the use of image, logo, colour scheme, fonts/typography used and the way the image is manipulated. This shows that my products conforms to the conventions as it is very important as it makes it easier for the audience to make the link between the two products. Overall, I think that I successfully created a digipak and magazine advertisement that would fall under my chosen genre and is professional.
  11. CONCLUSION To conclude, I used different ways to gain audience feedback such as paper questionnaires, online surveys, social media, and focus group. I was able to gain detailed feedback especially from the focus group as the respondents were able to expand and elaborate on their answers compared to other ways. Overall, the audience feedback enabled me to make it more personal to my target audience and make sure that it fits to my chosen genre.