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Business value realization of cloud content collaboration

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Moving Content to the Cloud? How do you sell it to organizational stakeholders?

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Business value realization of cloud content collaboration

  1. 1. Business Value Realization of Enterprise Cloud Storage & Collaboration From Vision to Roadmap © Copyright 2015 Value Realization Inc.
  2. 2. P. 2 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. 1. Associate the Problem 3. Paint the Vision 4. Present Business Value Realized – How? 5. Present Vision Execution, Rollout Strategy & Estimated Milestones. 6. Q & A Session Roadmap to Business Buy-in And Adoption
  3. 3. P. 3 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. Associate the Problem….. Content redundantly scattered across various applications/systems, both inside and outside Organizational purview.
  4. 4. P. 4 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. Paint the Vision…. Single Content Storage Repository
  5. 5. P. 5 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. Business Value Realized – How? Scattered Content and Chaos in Access to Relevant Content Single Location for Global Organization Redundancy minimized by estimated. 95% Today Single Content Storage Repository Business Value+ High Risk to Global IP Visibility, Consolidation 99% Risk factors eliminated by relocating to Corp Standardized plarform. Costly and Slow turnaround Cheaper & on-demand 80% Reduction in Storage Costs. From IT bottle neck  Business Agility Location Constraints Cloud accessibility Faster Customer Responsiveness Hardware Dependent Multiple Device Accessibility Reduced cost + Business Agility Constrained to emails. Multiple channels 2X increase in people Productivity & Efficiency. Practical “Lean & Agile” Culture in Play Lack of automation automation 2X increase in people Productivity & Efficiency
  6. 6. P. 6 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. Business Value Realization Inability to trackback versions and collaborate effectively Versioning and Locking 2X increase in people Productivity & Efficiency Lack of Adequate Security Controls Advanced User Controls Increased Compliance and promoting Responsible User Behavior. Fragmented OpEx Integrated 85% Reduction in integrated costs (Security, infrastructure, cost of compliance etc.) Business Latency by virtue of Overburdened IT Business governed Content Seamless collaboration 2X Business agility , competitive advantage in Customer responsiveness. Today Single Content Storage Repository Business Value+
  7. 7. P. 7 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. Box as a Single Content Repository This figure is for illustrative purpose only. It is not intended to represent any architecture. Enterprise Global Security Policy Enforcement External users access Box Via Box Security Layer Internal users with Corporate Network access to all apps per Access policies. SAM
  8. 8. P. 8 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. Roadmap : a 3-pronged approach to Global Adoption. 1. Individual User Onboarding  Individual users on boarded giving access to application  Focus: < your own>.  Challenges: <What are key challenges> 2. Business (Process) Group Onboarding  Business groups on boarded in controlled fashion  Focus: Lean & Agile methodology to enable business needs for new content creation and collaboration.  Challenges : <> 3. Content Migration  Migrate Share Drives to Box.  Focus : Make legacy and operational content available on platform for users.  Challenges : Paradigm shift in moving to cloud, and effective introduction agile and lean culture across organization. An area only real experts can deal with, not for those who “go by the book”. Global Adoption Business
  9. 9. P. 9 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. Rollout Strategy. Q4 20XX Q1 20XX Q2 20XX Q3 20XX Q4 20XX Q1 20XX Business Groups Period Users Shared Drives* Approx. 200 2180 ongoing On going 100% of employees 100% of employees Business Development (NAMR,UK, Madrid) Legal (Phase1) D&E Asia -PAC Government Affairs Others Others All major groups Not started Legal (Phase1) Estimated 6 servers / Qrtr 19 Servers Content on Box * Estimated and critically dependent on business engagement, initiative funding. IT will lead in facilitating and coordinate efforts.
  10. 10. P. 10 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. Questions Contact info@ValueRealizationInc.com www.ValueRealizationInc.com 408.337.2633 Your Partner in Digital Transformation™.
  11. 11. P. 11 |Copyright :Value Realization Inc. IT researchers are all in agreement: Unstructured data accounts for at least 80 percent of all enterprise data; this is according to IDC, Forrester and Gartner. Furthermore, the unrelenting growth of data and files outside databases is accelerating. - Jul 3, 2013 http://www.eweek.com/storage/slideshows/managing-massive-unstructured-data-troves- 10-best-practices 95% of our functions are around documents / email notes . As opposed to logging into ‘a business system’ and filling out forms/ fields (My guestimate) Documents and Emails - #1 Productivity & #1 Information Security Risk Candidates. Yet invite relatively less priority and applications offer very minimal capabilities that offer Business-friendly controls to increase Productivity and promote Safety related Behavior in our use of documents / email notes in comparison to platform security. Backup Slide: Some Facts