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GitHub Actions: your free CI engine (and much more)

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GitHub Actions is now the second most popular Build Platform on GitHub.

But it is also much more than than a CI system: it is a very powerful automation engine.

Let's take a look at how we can do CI with Actions, and how we can automate operations on our GitHub projects.

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GitHub Actions: your free CI engine (and much more)

  1. 1. GitHub Actions Your free CI engine (and much more) Davide Benvegnu
  2. 2. Davide Benvegnu DevOps Architect youtube.com/CoderDave @DavideBenvegnu github.com/n3wt0n linkedin.com/in/davidebenvegnu
  3. 3. Welcome new contributors Close stale issues Pull latest changes into forks Request more information Draft release notes Create todos from Issue comments Create pools in Issues Manage your dependencies Lint commits and set checks Set reminders on Issues and Pull Requests Share weekly digests Unfurl links in comments Manage dependencies Triage new issues Delete reaction comments And many more…. Managing a project is complex
  4. 4. GitHub Actions
  5. 5. Fully integrated with GitHub Respond to any GitHub event (90+) Community-powered workflows Any platform, any language, any cloud
  6. 6. Linux, macOS, Windows, and containers Matrix builds Streaming, searchable, linkable logs Built-in secret store Easy to write, easy to share
  7. 7. Demo github.com/n3wt0n/HKOSCon2020
  8. 8. Deploy to any cloud, create tickets in Jira, publish a package to npm, and more Use the millions of open source libraries available on GitHub to create your own actions. Write Actions in JavaScript or create a container Action—both can interact with the full GitHub API & any other public API. Automate any workflow
  9. 9. Provide rich feedback into the progress of your builds as they run. Your logs are formatted for easy reading, including emojis. 🎉 Deep-link to any line in any log file with a clean and simple permalink. Live logs
  10. 10. Free for public repositories Free minutes in each plan to get started
  11. 11. THANK YOU! youtube.com/CoderDave @DavideBenvegnu github.com/n3wt0n linkedin.com/in/davidebenvegnu