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Magazine proposal

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  • the content of the magazine sounds good and the price is reasonable for a magazine aimed at students.
    the masthead is a bit difficult to read.
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Magazine proposal

  1. 1. Proposal for music magazine:The name of my magazine will be “Muzik Manic”. For the genre of my music magazine I have chosento do Pop/R&B. The magazine will include interviews with artists from the genre I have chosen (eg.Bruno Mars, Rihanna, One Direction etc). Each weekly issue will include regulars such as reviews ofthe latest songs/albums and competitions to win signed CDs or concerts tickets. The cover star willbe the artist who is no.1 in that week’s music chart, if it stays the same then the cover will be of adifferent artist. It will also include features on new comers and artists that are gaining popularity.The magazine will also have a fashion section of the latest trends and how you can get the look theartists have for a cheaper price. As for the design of the magazine, it will follow the standard designsof magazines; the masthead will be in big bold letters on the top of the page so that it catches theattention and is easy to read, the featured artists image will be a medium shot.The target audience for my magazine will be for 16 to mid 20 year olds and will mainly be for thefemale audience. Since the magazine will be aimed at students and working people it will not be tooexpensive. Colour scheme
  2. 2. This font gives of a more disco, club music feel which does not match the concept of my Artistica magazine. Euro Time Burner I’ve chosen to use this font for my masthead. Although it is a bit hard to read it is eye catching. The font would draw the audienceEuro Illuminate in and if they cannot figure out what it says, it is likely that they will pick it up and have closer look - meaning more chances of looking through the content as well. Slant This font leans more towards the rock genre. adobe
  3. 3. o.1 uenIss Image of Contents October 2012 featured £1.50 artist Coverline Featured artist pull quote Image Medium shot Coverline + teaser Splash Muzikmanic.co.uk
  4. 4. TITLE TITLE e i it t r e ppccuur Interview Q&AImage ppccuu i i t t re re Muzikmanic.co.uk