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Free technology resources for educators

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Free technology resources for educators

  1. 1. Free Technology Resources for Educators By Melissa Winfield-Corbett
  2. 2. Microsoft PowerPoint • Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool that can be utilized by both teachers and students. PowerPoint is a great way for teachers to present information during lessons and for note taking purposes. Students can create research reports, oral presentations and digitally add to their educational portfolios. Since PowerPoint enables video, audio, embedded links, animations and text this can provide for users to not be limited by their creativity in displaying their learning.
  3. 3. Microsoft Office 365 • Microsoft Office 365 provides educators and students with a enhanced security platform where they can email, instant messaging, calendar, video conferencing, and have document storage safely. Users can also use Lync to collaborate on online endeavors.
  4. 4. Kinect for Windows • Kinect for Windows is an extension of Kinect for Xbox 360. This program enables students to engage in educational games in the classroom. Students can use their whole body to learn kinesthetically. This is a great way to meet the needs of diverse learning needs while conjointly making learning a fun experience for students.
  5. 5. Microsoft Flashcards Microsoft Flashcards is a program that enables users to be able to create digital flashcards that can include text, images, and audio. Flashcards are a great way to promote independent study skills which can enhance test preparation and performance.
  6. 6. Learning Suite by Microsoft • Microsoft Learning Suite comprises over 20 Microsoft programs that can be easily accessed through one domain. It easily enables users to create, collaborate, and store information created using these products.
  7. 7. Kodu Game Lab • Kodu is a program that enables students to be able to create their own video games. Kodu is also aligned with the Xbox 360. Users can create and then play their own video games. This is a great program for students that are interested in graphic design or computer programming. Kodu helps promote problem solving and critical thinking skills.
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