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Sparc Brand Book

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This was a group project created for our Brand & Branding class. We were given a fictitious electric car and this is what we came up with.

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Sparc Brand Book

  1. 1. Team Members: Marcelina Ward Account Planner Nisara Kittisangvara Account Planner Pei-Yun (Iris) Lai Art Director Raza Durrani Art Director Zachary Browne Copywriter
  2. 2. Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life. ~ Burton Hills
  3. 3. Our Story One of their many conversations dealt with how driving used to make them feel in their youth compared to the hassle of driving today. They were determined on Gregory Fields grew up like any other finding a way to get that feeling back, and typical boy in the 60’s. He started out then one day it dawned on them, electric. playing with Hot Wheels, then moved on Electric cars were already in the market, but to a bicycle, and finally at 16 got behind they were either extremely expensive or the wheel of his first car. He had a passion extremely inconvenient. Gregory dreamt for the road and knew it was his destiny to of an electric car that was affordable and work with cars as a career one day. gave you enough miles per charge that you wouldn’t even realize it needed to be Gregory’s dream would later come true charged. He pitched the idea to Toyota, but when he was offered a position with they felt the timing wasn’t right. Gregory Toyota. He quickly progressed in the respectfully disagreed, and wanted to jump company and worked on many successful on this idea before anyone else did. In projects, one of which was Toyota’s hybrid 2004, Gregory left Toyota. With his years series, the Prius. He was an integral part of experience, knowledge, and contacts of the team responsible for the core idea within the industry, he set out to begin behind the Prius. However, Gregory didn’t the development of this new generation stop there. He constantly came up with of automobiles. Five years later, Sparc was new ideas to improve the hybrid, knowing born. that it had the potential to change the car industry. Sparc is a progressive, affordable, stress free, environment friendly car. A car made Discussions focusing on the problems to take your mind off the stress of everyday with automotive transportation and ideas driving, and remind you of a simpler time, on how to solve them were everyday when driving wasn’t just commuting, it was occurrences with Gregory and his wife. joyriding.01 | Sparc Sparc | 02
  4. 4. The Joy of Driving Remember a time when driving was more than just going from A to B. When it was more Sparc is the only car that brings you back to that time in your life when all that mattered about experiencing life and escaping the stress of your everyday routine. Before skyrocketing was driving. Distance and destination were insignificant, it was all about the drive. With Sparc gas prices and never-ending traffic, driving was a pleasure, not a hassle. Sparc is reconnecting comes a unique nostalgic experience, in a time when you thought it had been lost. Get in you to that joyful experience. touch with your inner driver and regain the joy of driving.03 | Sparc Sparc | 04
  5. 5. Target Audience Male / Female 30-55 years old What We Know About Them: • Concerned with saving money • Family oriented • Value quality and practicality • Everyday, working people (9 to 5) • Environmentally conscious • Prefer functionality over design • Like the idea of innovation and technology, but feel it’s missing emotional value05 | Sparc Sparc | 06
  6. 6. Brand Position Sparc offers high quality, affordable, innovative automobiles. They highlight the individual driving experience, and the pleasure it brings. What sets Sparc apart from it’s competitors is the personal attachment the driver forms with the brand. Driving a Sparc car evokes a type of joy and nostalgia that no other car can. It has the reliability of a Honda, the comfort of a Lexus, and the social impact of a Prius. However, Sparc is its own one of a kind experience.07 | Sparc Sparc | 08
  7. 7. Brand Qualities Sparc’s Personality: • Thoughtful • Authentic • Optimistic • Genuine • Innovative • Sensible • Light-hearted • Free spirited09 | Sparc Sparc | 10
  8. 8. Color Palette Sparc is a very warm and comfortable brand. Therefore, our color palette must emanate those feelings.The brand colors are inviting and relaxing.This puts the consumer at ease and allows them to fully enjoy the Sparc experience.11 | Sparc Sparc | 12
  9. 9. Logo Road: connects the consumer with the road; it is specifically angled to the left to Star: signifies the spark of serve as a reminder emotions that are associated of the joy of driving with the brand and driving and to bring back past driving memories Color: the sepia tone demonstrates the sense of Shield: gives the overall nostalgia a person feels when feel of a automotive connecting with the brand company, but at the same time pronounces a simplistic, yet joyful feeling towards driving13 | Sparc Sparc | 14
  10. 10. Logo Usage15 | Sparc Sparc | 16
  11. 11. Do’s17 | Sparc Sparc | 18
  12. 12. Don’ts19 | Sparc Sparc | 20
  13. 13. Tagline Simply Joyride Changing the idea of driving from commuting to joyriding. Stress free, relaxing, fun, enjoyable driving.21 | Sparc Sparc | 22
  14. 14. Tone Conversational, Simple Attitude Optimistic, Inviting, Calm, Relaxed23 | Sparc Sparc | 24
  15. 15. Typography Zekton Sparc is about pushing boundaries and finding ways to make life better. Our ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ fonts are meant to give the feeling of abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz sophistication and innovation. They show 1234567890 that we are moving into the future, but without that typical futuristic sentiment. The fonts are simplistic, yet powerful to GreyscaleBasic illustrate the stance we take towards life and how we strive to find creative ways to ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ bring ourselves back to simpler times. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Gill Sans ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789025 | Sparc Sparc | 26
  16. 16. The Open Road A winding road surrounded by the beauty of nature, the sound of music filling your ears, the wind blowing against your face. This is what real driving is truly about. Forget the gas station, forget the traffic, and forget the stress that you used to associate with driving. Sparc appeals to all of your senses and lets you focus simply on the ride. The open road is waiting for you... The Open Road is endless, optimistic, forgiving, inspirational, patient, loyal, passionate, inviting, spiritual, romantic, motivating, deserving, comforting, and adventurous.27 | Sparc Sparc | 28
  17. 17. Car Models Mentum Mentum SE • Style: 4-door, front-wheel drive sedan • Style: 2-door, rear-wheel drive sport coupe • Seating Capacity: five • Seating Capacity: four • Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds • Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds • Top Speed: 95 mph • Top Speed: 115 mph • Range: 500 miles • Range: 500 miles • Expected Battery Life: Eight years or 150,000 miles • Expected Battery Life: Six years or 110,000 miles • Battery: Custom microprocessor-controlled lithium-ion battery • Battery: Custom microprocessor-controlled lithium-ion battery • Charge Time: 3 hours • Charge Time: 3.5 hours29 | Sparc Sparc | 30
  18. 18. The Extras Music • BOSE Speaker System • Pandora Radio • iPod Ready Safety • Plastic Dent Proof Exterior Material • 360 Airbag Coverage • Dual ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) Comfort / Functionality • Personalized Seat Position/Firmness (according to height and weight) • Auto Tinting Windows (depending on amount of sun reflecting off glass) • GPS (Global Positioning System) (with traffic monitor)31 | Sparc Sparc | 32
  19. 19. Car Colors Solar Eclipse Victory Silver Lining Maze Garden An otherwise common color made Nothing shines brighter than gold. Ride Every cloud has a silver lining, well A winding path of trees and flowers fascinatingly rare. Black from afar, but down the streets with pride and honor here’s yours. Enjoy the better parts of provides the best landscape for the when closely examined you can feel as if you have just won the big game life. perfect getaway. Lose yourself in the the warm glow of the sun trying to and are showing off your new, shiny beauty of your surroundings. shine past the dark cover of the moon. gold medal.33 | Sparc Sparc | 34
  20. 20. Car Colors (continued) Lake Whisper Pearly White Red Delicious London Fog Serene feelings of floating on a lake Who doesn’t love to show off a bright, As instantly desirable as that one shiny As mysterious and intriguing as real bring about a sense of tranquility, just white smile? Now you can dazzle other apple hanging off the branch that’s too fog, draw other drivers into a trance as like driving down an open road where drivers with your brilliant, new car. high to be picked, you too will attract they take in the charisma of your car. you can let all your worries pass you the attention of others. by.35 | Sparc Sparc | 36
  21. 21. The Dealership Sparc cars are unlike any other on the Customer Service road. Therefore, they cannot be sold The Sparc sales team is there for you, and like any other car. To give the potential you only. Because their salaries are not customer a true feeling of choosing commission based, there is no unneeded a unique vehicle, Sparc has created a pressure, or shady business transactions. unique dealership. They are there to help you with any additional questions, financing plans, and Location maybe an additional laugh or two. Sparc dealerships are located in non- traditional dealership areas where the environment is scenic and relaxing. Never will you find a Sparc Dealership within a strip of other car dealerships.37 | Sparc Sparc | 38
  22. 22. The Dealership (continued) Office Architectural Design The Vibe The last thing we want to do is make The Sparc showroom is unlike any other. the consumer feel crowded and It truly allows the consumer to examine overwhelmed. Therefore, the dealership’s and explore their potential vehicle design is very open and spacious. The without a commission hungry salesmen building is two-stories, with the garage on breathing down their neck. In fact, there the first floor and the showroom on the are no salesmen at all in our showrooms. second floor. The showroom is divided Sparc completely separates the business into two sections, the model showcase of buying a new car from the pleasure and purchasing offices. A 360-degree full of the new car experience. Everything panoramic window around the show a consumer may need from a salesman, room makes the consumer feel as though including requesting a test drive, can all be they are floating stress free among the accessed from the information computer clouds. located next to each model. We want the consumer to relax and explore this car as though they are researching it from their home computer, except here they can physically touch it. Showroom39 | Sparc Sparc | 40
  23. 23. Stationery System The Sparc Business Card is a non-traditional card, which specifically represents the attitude of The Sparc Letterhead and Envelope are the formal means of communication with consumers the company. We are not your ordinary car company, therefore, we want to show ourselves and for all other business transactions. However, it still incorporates the fun, carefree attitude differently. The business card is not a flat, generic card, but one that the consumer must open, of the car, but with more sophistication through the use of the open road watermark. to symbolize the opening of a new and better world of driving.41 | Sparc Sparc | 42
  24. 24. Stationery System (continued) The Brochure is designed specifically to evoke feelings of joy and nostalgia through the use The Sparc Postcard incorporates the nostalgic imagery and positive emotions that are of vibrant imagery. It is paired with details about Sparc and what the company is about. It associated with the experience of driving a Sparc car. It will be used as a friendly reminder incorporates simple language that invites the consumer to visit the website or dealership so to consumers that their cars are due for regular maintenance, but can also be used as an that the they can further explore Sparc and how it can change their perception of driving. informal way to simply keep in touch. Sparc wants the consumers to feel appreciated and to remember that they are part of a special community of drivers.43 | Sparc Sparc | 44
  25. 25. Sparc.com Print Sparc’s “Enjoy the Drive” campaign uses simple, yet evocative imagery paired with clever copy to emotionally connect with the viewer and remind them of the joy of the open road. The copy is made small on purpose and is not found in the forefront because the images should be the first point of contact and the focus of the ads.The selected images immediately put the viewer on the road and reminds them of how pleasing it is to joyride. After imagining themselves on the actual road, the copy is the second point of contact and works alongside the image to further put the viewer in a joyful state of mind. Copy: Let the road take you. Tagline: Simply Joyride45 | Sparc Sparc | 46
  26. 26. Sparc.com Sparc.comCopy: Copy:Ignore you inhibitions. Bliss.Tagline: Simply Joyride Tagline: Simply Joyride 47 | Sparc Sparc | 48
  27. 27. Ambient This double layered ambient ad shows commuters how much more peaceful a ride in a Sparc car is than a crowded city train. The ad is made up of two separate sections. The first contains the side mirror image, copy, logo, and tagline, which are all stickers placed on the train window. The other section is a landscape mural placed on the subway tunnel wall and is lit up by ground lights. When the train passes though the tunnel it gives the riders the impression of taking a relaxing car ride. The copy reads “Enjoy your commute”and is paired with the tagline “Simply Joyride.”49 | Sparc Sparc | 50
  28. 28. Web Banner Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 5: You drive down the road and run into Frame 6 the Sparc logo. Frame 3: As you scroll over the web banner your Frame 4: You can switch the direction of the road Frame 7: Tagline “Simply Joyride.” A link then mouse icon becomes your “car.” by moving your mouse. appears and allows you to go directly to the Sparc website.51 | Sparc Sparc | 52
  29. 29. Sparc Online The opening animation screens. Sparc online makes the experience of visiting a car website come to life. The information on the site is very clear and accessible. Bright colors and simplistic design elements make the site very inviting and user friendly. Everything is broken down into layman’s terms, which means there is no confusing car jargon. Frame 1 Everything is communicated as though you are talking to a friend. Frame 2 Frame 253 | Sparc Sparc | 54
  30. 30. And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.It’s the life in your years. ~ Abraham Lincoln
  31. 31. Thank You. Special Thanks To: Herman Francisco Delos Santos Transportation Designer Tom Matano Executive Director of Industrial Design Academy of Art University
  32. 32. The Joy of Driving