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Is the rape of the lock” a mock heroic poem

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what is epic & mock heroic poem.

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Is the rape of the lock” a mock heroic poem

  1. 1. State University of Bangladesh
  2. 2. Is the “Rape of the lock” a mock heroic poem ?
  3. 3. Homer :Ancient Greek poet is best known as the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey. He was the inventor of Epic poetry & believed by the ancient Greeks that he was the first and greatest of the western epic poets. Master Storyteller in the Age of Myth
  4. 4. Alexander Pope was an 18th- century English poet best known for his epic poem, “The Rape of the Lock”, and his translation of Homer's “Iliad”. 21 May 1688 – 30 May 1744 He was born in 21 May 1688 – 30 May 1744) . He is best known for his satirical verse & Famous for his use of the heroic couplet.
  5. 5. Epic Epic Poetry Epic poetry is from of the human age of expansion. It sings the tales from our distant past of heroism and ferocity, where the roots of civilization were sewn.
  6. 6. Epic Characteristics or Conventions
  7. 7. What is Mock Heroic? A mock epic, or mock heroic, poem imitates the elaborate form and ceremonious style of the epic genre, and applies it to a common place or trivial subject matter, for which this style is not appropriate & this leads to the comic effect of the poem Imitating the style of heroic poetry in order to satirize an unheroic subject, as in Pope's The Rape of the Lock
  8. 8. The mock heroic style is related to the mock-epic, in which the style of a poem emulates the formal properties of epic poetry to a comic purpose. In the mock-epic form. The poem tends to be long, and divided into cantos, like classical epics. The conventions of the epic, such as formal invocations, epic similes, and detailed description of battles, are ridiculed.
  9. 9. A mock-epic poem uses the elevated form and style of the epic genre to deal with a trivial subject. In "The Rape of the Lock" (1714), Alexander Pope satirizes the seriousness with which friends in his circle treated a breach of manners at a social gathering. The crime (the illicit cutting of a lock of hair) is recounted in epic style; conventions such as the arming of the hero, deeds of battle, and the intervention of the gods are applied to the heroine putting on makeup, winning at cards, and having her beauty guarded by very serious sylphs.
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