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Role of hr in change

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Role of hr in change

  2. 2. Management of change in an organization requires that the,  Managers develop a future vision,  Communicate the vision to employees,  Set clear expectation of performance,  Development organizational capabilities by reorganizing people,  Reallocating assets.
  3. 3. Change management depends on the,  Acceptance  Participation &  Commitment. of all employees in the change process. HR managers, have an important role in facilitating the process of change.
  4. 4. ROLE OF HR A major strategic rule of a successful HR manager is to develop and implement strategies of the organization by:  Analyzing and diagnosing the present state of the organization  Communicating business needs and objectives to employees to ensure that employees welcome change.  Highlighting the people issues or implications that will affect the success of the organizational transformation strategy such as lowered employee morale due to job in security during organizational restructuring.
  5. 5. ROLE OF HR  Planning and implementing is an important aspects such as training, reward, communication and other HR practices.  Hiring, developing and retaining people who can deal with change.  Anticipating people problems, such as downsizing humanely and with minimum disruption to people lives.
  6. 6. ROLE OF HR Managing employee resistance to change as well as the concerns of employees resulting from proposed changes. Encouraging organization wide participation in managing change efforts. Creating and supporting a culture that can assist the organization to survive in an uncertain and rapidly changing environment.
  7. 7. So, From above discussion it’s being clear that changing in management strongly depends on the role of HR because HR combines all the affairs that can make a different dimension of management effective to attain organizational goal.