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“Visual Web” Marketing + Instagram Power Tips by Adam Japko


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“Visual Web” Marketing + Instagram Power Tips by Adam Japko

  1. 1. Marketing & TheVisual Web Mobile’s Impact on Social Engagement
  2. 2. “Visual Web”?
  3. 3. Visual Context Predates Mobile Technology • The roots of interpreting objects lie in Susan Sontag’s 1960’s essay Notes on "Camp” “objects are not interesting in themselves but rather in the way they are represented...[and their] manifestation and realization are in the eyes of the beholder” “whatever excess of understanding is suggested in a given image,a caption will eventually ‘be needed’ to help read the image”
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing Turns Powerful Through Context • How does your share shape or fit into the context of your brand? • What filters are applied to content curation, creation, and sharing? • What is your take on any one “share” and how do you caption articles, images, videos, etc? • Why is your share distinctive from others sharing the same or similar content?
  5. 5. I challenge myself to capture daily happenings in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way.And sometimes I also try to make photos based on cheesy puns.
  6. 6. What is Visual Marketing And Why Is it so Powerful? • Visual marketing is a discipline involving the relationship between an object and defining context….relying on composition and caption • Visual marketing relies on a link between laws of visual perception & cognitive psychology • Visual marketing received unprecedented boost from mobile, video,and social media technology • Visual marketing, logically speaking, applies to businesses like Apartment Marketing as much as any other
  7. 7. Science of Visual • When your eyes are open about two-thirds of the electrical impulses firing in your brainare related to the visual information cascading in • Your brainfires up to 2 billion times per second just to compute, integrate, and remember all of the visual information it is taking in • If you hear a piece of information, then a few days later you will only remember 10%. But if you add a picture to that information, recall goes up to 65% • We are visual animals…established at birth
  8. 8. National Center for Biotechnology Information determined the average attention span of a human being fell over the last fifteen years, from 12 seconds to a mere 8 Your brain can process images 60,000 times faster than it can process words In an instant, an image can convey an idea or an emotion which will stick with you much longer than the words on a page
  9. 9. Content Marketing Metamorphosis 1. Bloggers were early first movers in social networking where content creation involved hours each day in order to get discovered on the Web and build a brand over time 2. The world joined Facebook where short posts turned accepted habit while commenting (engagement) increased but shifted from blogs to social platforms 3. Micro-blogs like Twitter built user bases encouraging even shorter 140 character shares 4. Mobile explosion and accompanying apps allow for real time authenticity and reporting using pictures and images 5. Practically throwing words to the wind, the web turned visual overnight with hyper adoption of social-sharing sites and apps like Instagram,Pinterest,SnapChat, YouTube, Meerkat,Periscope and more
  10. 10. Metrics for Content Success ENGAGEMENT!
  11. 11. Visual = Engagement
  12. 12. All too perfect lighting, and happy people ring less than true. Perfect images are not representative of real experience Consumers want to see real images, of real things, taken by real people
  13. 13. Top Traffic Apt Blogs Are Visual
  14. 14. Instagram is Easier and More Engaging
  15. 15. Brand & Integrate W/Instagram
  16. 16. • L2 has gathered 850 data points across 5,000 brands’ digital footprint. They predict Instagram will become the world’s most powerful social platform because of its visual and mobile roots. • Authentic and believable imagery from daily life trump staged and perfect imagery for engagement • The resonance of visuals manifests itself in Instagram’s growth.The fastest growing platform has 200 million users and an engagement of 1.5%, which is 15x Facebook’s 0.01 engagement rate. • An algorithm based on community size and engagement would show Instagram to be the most powerful social platform NOW!
  17. 17. Posts>Followers>Engagement
  18. 18. Traditional Non-Visual Social Platforms Prove Point
  19. 19. Pinterest Is “Socially” Powerful
  20. 20. Facebook Images
  21. 21. Zuckerberg Taking FB to Video
  22. 22. Video Explosion • Video perceived as challenging,expensive, and highly produced • Mobile devices, YouTube,Vine, Periscope,Meerkat Instagram, and FaceBook changes game
  23. 23. • YouTube has more than 1 billion users • Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours onYouTube and generate billions of views • The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute • Half ofYouTube views are on mobile devices
  24. 24. Beauty Maven: Michelle Phan
  25. 25. Geek Baker: Roseanna Pansino
  26. 26. Fashion Aficionado:Bethany Mota
  27. 27. But Can AnyoneWin With Video & Images? • Video success is not exclusive to YouTube nor a monopoly of new media mega stars • Image success is not exclusive to professional photographers nor celebrities • Niche creators on any conceivable subject– small space living, exercise,city guides, local restaurants,decorating– are creative beacons of content creation capable of growing engaged follow bases
  28. 28. Why Video Marketing On YouTube • Content: Address your audience’s needs. If you can blog about it, you can create a video about it. Frequently asked questions, expert series, holiday series, resident highlights, amenities, restaurants, local happenings…. • SEO:Your videos should be findable on and off YouTube.Videos often appear on the first page of search engines, and are a proven method of leap-frogging your competition to the top of the search results page.The fact that Google owns YouTube can’t be overlooked. • Branding: Brand your Channel • Followers: Regular content posting will keep attracting and retaining followers • Calls to Action: Create engagement like subscriptions, site visits, requests for portfolio through annotations enabled onYouTube page • Leverage other social media platforms: Share videos from YouTube on FB, Twitter, and Instagram • Review YouTube Insights: See what works and do more of that!
  29. 29. Apt Marketers AdoptYouTube: Still Time For Early Mover Advantage
  30. 30. Manchester Lakes Apartments Alexandria,VA
  31. 31. IntegratingYouTube & Instagram
  32. 32. Visual>Context>Impression ThankYou