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Networking with computer network cables

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A variety of computer network cables are available for different kind of networking. Communication of your computer and printer or scanner is possible only through these cables.

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Networking with computer network cables

  1. 1. Networking with Computer Network CablesA variety of computer network cables are available for different kind of networking. Communication ofyour computer and printer or scanner is possible only through these cables. On the basis of the size anddemand of your particular network you will require a connector solution to match it. For instance, largesystems such as those used in the industries using large networks need a cable to handle a large amountof traffic so a Belden cat6 cable is one solution to it. Each cable is different from the other in terms ofreduction of crosstalk, speed of data transmission and modes of installation. So here are a few of thecable examples and their uses:1. TWISTED PAIR CABLES:These are one of the most commonly used cables. In this type of wiring two conductors of a singlecircuit are twisted together for the purpose of cancelling out electromagnet interference (EMI). Theresulting cable is used for both voice and data transmission and helps in reducing cross talk and noise. Ithas two different categories, unshielded and shielded twisted pair cables.SHIELDED TWISTED PAIR CABLES (STP):In Shielded Twisted Pair Cables, Two copper wires are twisted together and are coated with aninsulating material that functions as a ground for the wires. They are generally not used for Ethernet butthere are ways by which it can be used with 100Base TX, 10Base- T and 100Base-T2 Ethernet networks.An example would be the 10ft Cat6a Patch cable enables 10 gigabit data transmission allowingconnection up to 100 meters. It supports IEEE 802.3af, DTE power.UNSHIELDED TWISTED PAIR CABLES (UTP):The Unshielded Twisted Pair cables are cost effective and very easy to use. They are used with Ethernetnetworks and are used for local area networks. These are of a few types:Cat1- It is not only used for networking but also for the traditional telephone and ISDN modem. Datarate is up to 1Mbps.Cat2- It Has data rate up to 4 Mbps and is used as a token ring.Cat 3- This type is basically used for voice cabling and has up to 10 Mbps of data speed.Cat 5- This is Used for fast 10/100 Mbps networks and token ring (16Mbps)Cat 5e- It is an advanced version of Cat5 cables and is used for Ethernet cables and supports gigabitinternet. One example is the Cat 5e Molded patch cable, 100ft.Cat 6- It was originally designed to support gigabit Ethernet although standards allow gigabittransmission over CAT 5 wire.Cat7- Is known as class F cables and supports frequencies up to 600MegaHertz.2. COAXIAL CABLES:Coaxial cables are difficult to install as they are highly resistance to single interference. It has a solocopper conductor wire at its center, while, the plastic layer provides padding between the conductor
  2. 2. wire and the braided metal guard. They are of two types, thin and thick bulk coaxial cables. It is ideal forvoice and video transmissions due to wide bandwidth of these cables.World of cables is a leading brand in manufacturing and marketing of Computer Network Cables. Cat5EMolded Patch Cable 100ft with Ethernet properties can be purchased at an attractive price from thewebsite.