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Digital diary

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JAVA based desktop application Digital diary to save your personal data

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Digital diary

  1. 1. Project Members: Farwa Abbas (f-43035) Ramsha Anwar (f-43103) M.Bilal (f-43051) M.Qamar Abbas (f-43065)
  2. 2. This project consists of a digital diary which is actually multi functional and can be used to save anything ranging from your memories, your contacts, your personal notes, your events and even remind you of those events through alarm.
  3. 3. It’s detailed features are described as follows:  The diary opens with a login page first where the user is prompted to give his name and password which will be remembered by the diary for the future reference.  The login page also contains new user button by clicking it creates a user by filling the new user form.
  4. 4.  The login page also contains forget password button which ask user name and security question answer and then prompt for a new password.  After login the user can write a note and save an alarm too.  Or else user can search an old note too and edit it (if wishes).
  5. 5.  User friendly interface  Used by any age group  Saves paper work  Minimum cost  Less space/confine/cramped