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Flash Insight: Google OnHub – the conquest of smart home data

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How Google tries to maximize its relevance by entering the consumer’s home.

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Flash Insight: Google OnHub – the conquest of smart home data

  1. 1. Shaping the Digital Future OnHub – the Conquest of Smart Home Data How Google tries to maximize its relevance by entering the consumer’s home March 2016 FLASH INSIGHT
  2. 2. 2 Copyright This document is intended for personal use only. Distribution is only permitted without any changes or omissions – publication, in whole or in parts, requires prior written consent by MÜCKE, STURM & COMPANY and correct citation of sources. All mentioned company names, logos, brands, brand symbols and other copyrighted material are the sole properties of the respective company; they are only used for illustrative purposes.
  3. 3. 3 Even without voice control OnHub already is a mature Wi-Fi router and provides numerous Smart Home features to compete with Amazon’s recently launched Echo. OnHub – Industry Comparison Source: Mücke, Sturm & Company; 1) Example 2) Amazon DRS = Dash Replenishment Services Google Amazon Use Case1 Shopping via “Alexa” voice control and Amazon DRS2 Control of Nest products via remote control Retail Price $ 179.99$ 199.99 Core Function Voice control, speaker and Smart Home integration Wi-Fi router with SH functionality Technical Details Protocols: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Operating System: Fire OS Protocols: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart Ready, Thread, Weave Operating System: Brillo Dual-band router with 13 antennas for optimal coverage User Interface Voice control “Alexa“Google On-App USP Voice control for Amazon services. Extendable for external use Fast, save and reliable Wi-Fi Strategic Rationale Developing new distribution channels for shopping  Defend e-Commerce market dominance  Ecosystem expansion  Gateway to customer Quality of personal data  Central positioning in the living space  Consumer data analysis  Establish new partnerships  Open source approach Target Group Mass market with tendency to young digital affine consumers Average technical affine Wi-Fi user
  4. 4. 4 Google OnHub – Product Description Source: Mücke, Sturm & Company; 1) The additional antenna extends the Wi-Fi range in one direction, 2) Waiving with one hand over the OnHub to prioritize a device  Google OnHub is a new SH-hub combined with a Wi-Fi router of the latest generation  OnHub is available from TP-Link with an additional antenna1 and from Asus with “Wave Control”2  Google tries to position the new device in the middle of the everyday life, in the kitchen or in the living room of modern Smart Homes as a central control station  OnHub provides an excellent Wi-Fi range, the ability to prioritize Wi-Fi devices, as well as the capability to transfer data via different frequencies Google OnHub  Google On is the corresponding smartphone app for OnHub to control every OnHub-connected device  Installation and control of the OnHub (e.g. passing on the Wi-Fi key), as well as Wi-Fi problems can be solved by using the integrated manual Google On App OnHub “Asus“OnHub “TP-Link“ Google’s OnHub is a modern designed router combined with Smart Home functionality and an easy to use control app.
  5. 5. 5 Google tries to establish an open source IoT infrastructure for brand-overarching devices and services to orchestrate and control the data at home. OnHub – Ecosystem Nest Protect Nest Dropcam Nest Learning Thermostat Smart Lock Smart Lock LED Lightbulb  Android based operating system  Open source approach  High energy efficiency  Network & communication protocol  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared alternative  Google devices such as nest  External accessibility for devices ranging from TVs to lightbulbs Source: Mücke, Sturm & Company Communication Operating System Connected Devices … …
  6. 6. 6 The launch of a Smart Home hub was a logical consequence for Google to connect existing services and products. More activities in this area will follow. Google – Activity Roadmap  Web mapping service that offers street maps, satellite imagery, real- time traffic conditions and route planning  Product launch: February 2005  Production of SH- devices: Nest Learning Thermostat & Nest Protect  Acquisition: January 2014: $ 3.2 bn  Streaming-device for the connection of cellphones/ notebooks etc. with a TV  Product launch: July 2013 Google Maps Google Chromecast 201320122005 Today  Wi-Fi router combined with a SH-hub  Market launch: August 2015 (TP-Link), October 2015 (Asus)  Android based OS for SH-devices developed on GitHub  Provides Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Weave  Market launch: 2016  IPv6 based communication protocol for SH-devices  Market launch: July 2014 Project Brillo  Producer of SH-security cameras  Acquisition: June 2014 by Nest Labs: $ 555 mn Dropcam (Acq.) OnHub ThreadNest Labs(Acq.) Source: Mücke, Sturm & Company  Intelligent voice control assistant  Product launch: October 2012 Google Now 20152014 2016 Activities … 2017 Smart Home specific
  7. 7. 7 The future OnHubs will be characterized by connecting more devices and services via voice control by assistant and artificial intelligence to improve everyday life. OnHub – Next Generations Source: Mücke, Sturm & Company 2025 2015 Google OnHub  Control via On-App  Hub controls different systems  Control across systems through standardized protocols  No data storage of personal information  Data analysis and storage of only necessary device information  Integration of a few existing Google services and software (Thread, Weave, Brillo, Nest) 2017 Google OnHub n  Control of connected home via brain waves  Automated home control via artificial intelligence, including robotic systems  Completely automated analysis and real-time implication via AI and robots  AI being able to empathize with humans through dialog reasoning, planning and natural language understanding Google OnHub 2  Microphones are Integrated  Control via Google Now  Access to and analysis of personalized, contextual data  Artificial intelligence recognizes repeated patterns and atomizes first control procedures  All Google services are connected with the OnHub  First AI connections of services  Most important changes
  8. 8. 8 Google strategy for an overarching connected living service will enable an orchestrated customized life and provide a daily companion for all requests. Google Services – Potential New Services Customer orders a car for the way home Autonomous car arrives in time. The price depends on supply and demand Fastest way home based on real-time traffic data Punctual and energy efficient ventilation as well as heating of the home When coming home, music starts playing and lights turn on based on individual preferences Alarm is set and the next day destination is provided by personal calendar Alarm clock rings dependent on sleep cycles and traffic information Car arrives automatically, measures temperature, starts to heat and takes owner to work Integrated voice control assistant in the car. Assistant gives overview about today‘s dates Desired arrival time at destination Cooking instructions through speakers and hologram integrated in the cooker hood Goingto work Coming home Cooking session Google analyzes consumer behavior to gain insights into individual preferences Google Contact Lens supports shopping by listing nearby located retail stores and the corresponding available goods with their price Recipe suggestion based on the purchases and the content of the fridge at home Recipe transfer and automated preparation of the kitchen appliances Source: Mücke, Sturm & Company
  9. 9. 9 The envisioned connected portfolio can lead to an all-in-one digital solution of Google’s existing and future services and devices. OnHub 2 Smart Home Ecosystem Framework – Vision Personalized Insurances Dynamic Energy Mgmt. Health Mgmt. … Smart Home Mgmt. Google Shopping Express Smart Oven nest Protect Google Glass nest Thermostat nest Dropcam Smart Locks Car Smart Mobility … … … Home Security Home Control Hybrid Open Platform Closed System OnHub Source: Mücke, Sturm & Company Google NowGoogle Music Google Calendar Google Alarm Google Maps Google Wallet Google Hangouts Google Translate Internally sourced capabilities Mostly external Google Contacts
  10. 10. 10 Google’s move to push OnHub into customer’s houses is part of a greater service strategy to position them as the single point of contact for all requests. The Google Service-Strategy 2025 Source: Mücke, Sturm & Company  Emphasis of the Google Smart Home/ IoT business will be placed on software development  Counteraction of search business decline to remain its leading search provider position  Expansion of services regarding artificial intelligence and interconnection among existing services  Objective to become IoT service platform provider with the corresponding network- and communication protocols for third-party providers  Cooperation in alliances to commit final product oriented producers in the long term  Google will try to unite single services to a few overarching services  In the long term, Google will economically exploit contextualized, situational and personalized data, based on a coordinated and clean data collection Strategic background OnHub market launch Google service-strategy 2025  High competition among the biggest competitors (Amazon, Samsung and Apple) leads to offensive market positioning  Fast market entry with only a few SH- functions, but the opportunity for potential future software updates  Commercialization of other existing Google services through automatic connected SH- services  Demonstration of the functionality of existing software (Thread, Weave and Brillo)  Ensuring competitive platforms for previous Google-developments like Chromecast, Nest and Nexus  Early establishment of a Google Smart Home unit to increase acceptance of future developments in the Smart Home area  Waiving of data storage to increase OnHub acceptancy
  11. 11. 11 The launch of OnHub is only the beginning of Google’s revolutionary attempt to unite all of its single solutions to one overarching connected living service. Key Take-Aways 1 Increase consumer data quality and relevance The first hardware move into the midst of home has a major impact on the general perspective towards potential future Smart Home services and devices to generate contextualized, situational and personalized consumer data. 2 Support of core business model Google launched OnHub as a gateway to customers to support its core business model as a search engine provider by introducing a device, that connects its existing solutions and therefore increases the utilization of their services, especially its top priority - keeping Google as single source of information. 3 Creation of new business models With a holistic digital strategy, complemented by connected services and devices, Google continuously pushes the boundaries of connectivity to revolutionize the everyday life of their customers. The overarching connected living service as part of a IoT-platform will enable multiple digital opportunities like autonomous mobility that increasingly rely on generated data and artificial intelligence. Source: Mücke, Sturm & Company
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