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MUCUGL October 2013 - Everything About Lync Room System

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Adam Jacobs showcases the new Lync Room System

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MUCUGL October 2013 - Everything About Lync Room System

  1. 1. Everything about Lync Room System Adam Jacobs Lync MVP Global UC Architect, Polycom @adamjacobs http://imucblog.com adam@imaucblog.com
  2. 2. Introducing Lync Room System Full and familiar Lync experience optimized for immersive meeting experience Easy for users to schedule, join and manage meetings Simple to deploy for IT Admins, does not require 3rd party infrastructure Native Lync software delivered in a comprehensive partner hardware solution
  3. 3. Lync Room System Hardware • Appliance • Quad Core Intel Ivy Bridge • Video Capture Card with VGA and HDMI for content sharing • Camera • Wide Field of View HD front-of-room Camera • Next generation HD RoundTable • Displays • 1080p Single 55”-84” Touch for smaller rooms • 1080p Dual 55”-70” Touch for larger rooms • 720p 10” Touch console for all rooms • Audio • Wideband audio • Stereo / monaural array capture
  4. 4. Lync Room System Edition Software Operating System Windows Embedded 7 Standard AppLocker, Write Filters, Firewall Lync Room System Edition software Customized Lync Client for the Meeting Room Optimized for Lync Server 2013 Console UX to manage and facilitate meeting One or two display experience for video and collaboration Manageability Remote Admin Portal Update and Monitoring SCOM management pack
  5. 5. LRS Differentiators? Controller SMART SMART 8000 (70" or 84") w/sophisticated touch capability SMART 109° Lync only Integrated sound bar, two tabletop mics 11" (non-intelligent with without structured cabling support) Security Boot-time Microsoft reference design 5secs Manageability Updates delivered via WSUS (manufacturer specific updates delivered independently) Samsung 65" Logitech 930e (90°) Lync or HDMI/VGA Sound bar supplied and optional single table top mic 10" (incl. in-room controls and structured cabling support) JIDC certified and extended OEM control set 2.5secs Updates delivered via USB, WSUS and custom provisioning server (includes manufacturer specific updates) Support Global support Global support Displays Cameras Content Sound Crestron LifeSize, exited LRS program. Polycom details coming soon! 08/11/2013 Microsoft Unified Communications User Group London (MUCUGL) 5
  6. 6. Scheduling
  7. 7. Meeting Invite Add room as resource to meeting invite Make Lync Meeting Send!
  8. 8. Custom meeting types • Private meeting – Does not show subject in LRS calendar • Custom meeting – Requires authentication from LRS to join meeting * * Join private meeting from LRS applies to Lync 2013-hosted meetings only. LRS can be admitted via lobby for Lync 2010/OCS hosted private meetings.
  9. 9. Custom meeting types Remote participant Lync Client (Alice Tom) Console Screen
  10. 10. Deployment
  11. 11. Provisioning LRS accounts Exchange: Configure Resource mailbox for LRS New-Mailbox –Name ‘cf2212’ –Alias ‘cf2212’ –UserPrincipalName ‘cf2212@contoso.com’ –SamAccountName ‘cf2212’ –FirstName ‘cf2212’ –Initials ‘’ – LastName ‘’ –Room Lync: Enable Resource account in Lync 2013 pool AD: Enable account for login Set-ADAccountPassword –Identity ‘cf2212’ Enable-ADAccount –Identity cf2212 Enable-CsMeetingRoom* -SipAddress "sip:cf2212@contoso.com" -RegistrarPool pool2.contoso.com -Identity cf2212 * CsMeetingRoom cmdlet is new for Lync 2013 Backward compatibility LRS can attend public meetings on Lync 2010/OCS 2007 R2 server No multi-view experience, no 1080p video resolution LRS cannot attend private/restricted meetings on Lync 2010/OCS 2007 R2 server
  12. 12. “MeetingRoom” cmdlet • Speaker/mic mute prompt when joining LRS meeting (to avoid in-room echo) • Meeting join authentication • Population of LRS systems within the admin portal
  13. 13. Supported deployment topologies Lync Server Lync Hybrid Lync Online Lync Server Private cloud / dedicated Single domain & directory Users split – server / online Office 365, Lync Online Partner-hosted multi-tenant
  14. 14. LRS online deployment topologies LRS HTTPS/SSL SIP/TLS LRS
  15. 15. Supported topologies – Lync and Exchange Lync Hybrid License On-premise On-premise On-premise Plus On-premise - Enterprise Online Online - P3 Online O365 Voice On-premise On-premise Exchange Online - P2 On-premise Online On-premise Plus Online Online - P2
  16. 16. Manageability
  17. 17. Remote Admin Portal Solution • Administer LRS settings via web portal • Shows configuration, health info, current state of all rooms • Detailed view: • • • • hardware info version info network settings last maintenance time • Change settings remotely: • • • • Credentials Volume (Speaker, Mic, Ringer) Trigger update process Restart console and appliance PCs
  18. 18. Summary Page
  19. 19. Details page Shows health of room devices at a glance
  20. 20. Health / logging pages Shows health of room devices at a glance Restart LRS console, or PC Save logs to a UNC share
  21. 21. Remote Admin Portal - Architecture LRS admin service publishes config data as custom presence categories Admin Portal subscribes to custom categories Portal sends commands to LRS using page mode IM over SIP Architecture enables HA, on-premises, and online deployments Admin
  22. 22. System Center Operations Manager • • • • Lync Room System Management Pack Tracking event logs generated by LRS Notifies to SCOM server SCOM server can provide further notification mechanism, dashboard, etc. • Custom reports can also be provided by SCOM
  23. 23. SCOM Console summary view
  24. 24. SCOM Console room view
  25. 25. Questions?