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R912123 engineer

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R912123 engineer

  1. 1. R912123 ENGINEER.III.TEST ENGINEERING. CISCO (If you are interested in this opportunity please contact the hiring manager by email immediately.) Design, implement and validate advanced large-scale network systems and services to be used by Service Provider and Enterprise customers in the coming decades. Scope of responsibility and your contribution may include research of design, implementation and architectural details, functional validation of concepts and end-to-end architectures, large scale deployment simulation including system performance and high availability, development of test strategies, creation and execution of test cases, documentation of test results and authoring design guides. In addition to these primary responsibilities you will have the opportunity to influence system architecture and product development to improve systems offerings through collaboration with architects and solution managers. Ideal candidates have or aligned with developing deep and broad, and theoretical and practical knowledge of networking. Technologies and experience desired for this position include: - Cisco Unified Communication products - Data Center products and networking - VoIP technology including SIP & H.323 protocols - Strong Expert in switching, routing and networking technology (IP, MPLS/VPN, and other routing protocols) - Hands on experience with Cisco products and ability to configure products using Cisco IOS - Working knowledge of voice network management is a plus - Excellent knowledge of testing and ability to develop test plan and design test cases - Excellent knowledge and ability to debug problems in a large networking environment - Experience with scale and performance testing and call generation test tools is desirable - This individual should able to work independently with minimum supervision but also cooperate in a team environment - Ability to learn new technology very quickly and change areas of focus within scope of the solution under test Here is the link for this position: http://www.cisco.apply2jobs.com/ProfExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mExternal.showJob&RID=912123&CurrentPage=1