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MSLGROUP Reputation Impact Indicator Study 2015

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MSLGROUP has chosen to take a somewhat atypical approach to the study of reputation. Moving beyond simple rankings, or analyses of ‘drivers’ of reputation alone, we take a more holistic look at how a company must act to build a strong reputation that can facilitate success over time. The result of our research is this, the Reputation Impact Indicator study, part of MSLGROUP’s ongoing efforts to create better knowledge and tools for corporations to better understand how they can influence their reputation.

In the study, we have chosen to look at corporate reputation among a global general public. General public, because how they, as consumers and citizens, view corporations has a substantial and increasingly important impact on how other audiences view them. Global, because we live in an ‘always on’ and ‘on-demand’ world, where different audiences are constantly connected to each other. Today, more than ever, a multistakeholder perspective is necessary.

We hope you enjoy reading it and invite you to share your feedback and tips with us on Twitter @msl_group.

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