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Tourismmarketing and promotion

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Tourismmarketing and promotion

  1. 1. Travel Agency Marketing & Promotion
  2. 2. Travel Agency Marketing and Promotion • Concept of Marketing • Travel Marketing • Tour Marketing Plan • Tour Marketing Segmentation • Marketing Mix
  3. 3. Concept of Marketing
  4. 4. Marketing according to Kotler Marketing is a social and managerial process by which consumers obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging product services and values with others
  5. 5. Marketing according to the British Chartered Institute of Marketing It is the management process responsible for identification, anticipating, assessing and satisfying customer’s/client’s requirements profitability
  6. 6. Krippendorf “As the systematic and coordinated execution of business policies by the both private or public sector tourism organizations operated at local, regional, national, international level to achieve the optimal satisfaction of the needs of identifiable tourist groups, and in doing so to achieve an appropriate return.”
  7. 7. Poynter (1993) “Tour marketing is a systematic process consisting of marketing objective, strategies, schedules, marketing medias, focused on specific market segment and based on a substantial return of investment.”
  8. 8. UNWTO “A management philosophy which, in the light of tourist demand, makes it possible through research, forecasting and selection of tourism products/services from suppliers. On the line with organization’s purpose and tourist satisfaction.”
  10. 10. Tourism Marketing • Tourism marketing is a thought provoking process. • Identification and selection of target market. • Positioning and product life cycle are important. • Future tourism marketing strategies. • Innovative/proactive marketing
  11. 11. Travel Marketing
  12. 12. Unique Features of Travel Agency Marketing • The demand of tour package is highly elastic and seasonal in nature. • Tour package is a combination of various service ingredient. • Designing, developing and marketing of tour package a number of intermediaries are involved. • A tourist does not only buy the tour package in advance, because it is consumed and felt at same time at a particular destination.
  13. 13. Tour Marketing
  14. 14. Tour Market Segmentation
  15. 15. “Market segmentation is the process whereby producers organise their knowledge of customer groups and select for particular attention those whose needs and wants they are best able to meet with products.”
  16. 16. Methods • Intuition • Market research • Experience • Situational analysis
  17. 17. Tour Marketing Mix
  18. 18. Marketing Mix The marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing and by marketers
  19. 19. The marketing mix is composed of every factor that influences the marketing efforts such as:
  20. 20. The marketing mix is composed of every factor that influences the marketing efforts such as:
  21. 21. Tour Package Marketing Mix
  22. 22. Tourism Promotion It means trying to encourage actual and potential customer to travel
  23. 23. Objectives of Promotion • To make the tourist product widely known • To make it very attractive in order to encourage many people to try it • To make the message attractive without being dishonest
  24. 24. Tour Package Marketing Mix
  25. 25. Developing a Tour Marketing Plan
  26. 26. Travel Agency Marketing & Promotion